Mozambique indicts 18 people in connection with $2 billion loan scheme

MAPUTO ( ) – Mozambique has indicted 18 citizens for their involvement in fraud involving $2 billion in loans to state-owned companies, the attorney general’s office (AGO) said on Monday, in a scandal that has ensnared two major international banks.

“Mozambique AGO is indicting 18 defendants, (ranging) from public workers and other citizens, on charges of abuse of power, abuse of trust, swindling and money laundering,” it said in a statement.

The indictment came days after three ex-Credit Suisse bankers were charged in the United States with frau,上海品尝嫩茶Cade,d over their role in Mozambique’s deal in 2013 in borrowing money from international investors to fund projects that included a state tuna fishery.

Former Mozambique finance minister Manuel Chang, 63, is one of the 18 indictees. He was arrested in neighboring South Africa last week as part of the same case, and has denied wrongdoing.

The attorney general’s office also said it would seek to have those charged in the United States and elsewhere to face charges in Mozambique, one of the most indebted countries in上海品茶QQ the world.

Apart,上海品茶论坛Radcliff, from Credit Suisse, the Russian lender VTB also arranged financing for Mozambique’s state-owned companies.

The southern African state admitted in 2016 to undisclosed lending, prompting the International Monetary Fund and foreign donors to cut off support, triggering a currency collapse and a default on Mozambique’s sovereig,上海品茶会所Eden,n debt. It is still struggling to overcome the resultant debt crisis.

U.S. to blame if any South China Sea clash: Chinese researcher

BEIJING ( ) – U.S. naval operations in the South China Sea could spark conflict and the United States would be to blame if a clash occurred, a Chinese military researcher said on Wednesday.

The warning came as Chinese and U.S. trade teams ended talks in Beijing that ,上海品茶会所Quay,have raised hopes an all-out trade war could be avoided, but fears remain that strategic tension between two countries are growing.

“Both countries warships definitely have to come into close proximity and it’s easy for there to be a misunderstanding or an error of judgment, even a collision,” Zhang Junshe, a researcher at China’s PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute, told reporters.

“If there is a collision, the root cause is the United States.”

On Monday a U.S. guided-missile destroyer sailed near disputed island上海品茶QQs the South China Sea in what China called a “provocation”, just as the trade talks began.

Zhang said whenever U.S. warships entered waters that China claimed, China had no option but to send warships to deal with them.

Since Trump took office, there have been 14 incidents of U.S. Navy vessel entering waters that China claims to carry out what the U.S. military calls freedom of navigation operations, Zhang said.

China claims almost all of the South China Sea and denounces the United States and its allies over naval operations near Chinese-occupied islands.

Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan have competing claims in the region.

He Lei, former vice president of China’s Academy of Military Sciences, said “foreign forces” that attempted to prevent the unification of China and Taiwan could compel Beijing to use force to bring the self-ruled island under its control.

“Foreig,上海品茶群二维码Octavien,n forces that pose as world police to interfere in China’s affairs, to obstruct and damage China’s unification, are the main culprits that could force the mainland to use force to resolve the Taiwan issue,” he told reporters.

U.S. President Donald Trump last week signed into law the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act, which reaffirms the U.S. commitment to Taiwan, including arms sales.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Jan. 2 said nobody could change the fact Taiwan was part of China. ,上海品茶论坛Mace,

Unibet ambassador Jamie Spencer talks through the King George and runs through his Saturday rides


THEY are calling it the English Arc – so it couldn’t be more apt than if the winner of the real thing for the last two yea,上海品茶会所Ramsey,rs doe,上海品茶微信Eliana,s the business at Ascot.

I’m at York this afternoon, but even most of the punters there will be watching when Enable goes for the King George VI over 200 miles away. I can see why John Gosden says it’s not a gimme, because with Crystal Ocean and Anthony Van Dyck in there, it certainly isn’t.

But she has won her last ten, she’s the best horse in training and it’s hard to find a chink in her armour.

She’s tactically very versatile, you can sit her wherever you like in a race and I’m sure she is a dream to ride. The only slight thing against her might be rattling fast ground.

This is really the first real test of a three-year-old against the best older horses, because Telecaster didn’t run his race in the Eclipse, and she has to give Anthony Van Dyck 8lbs.

But even though that one is a Derby winner, and Crystal Ocean has improved again from last year, you just can’t tip against Enable.

I’ve only ridden against her once – last time in the Eclipse – when Danceteria ran a cracker to finish fourth. Funnily enough I’m on him again this weekend, when he goes for a Group 1 in Munich tomorrow, and he should have a good chance.

It’s a busy weekend for me, because before that I’ve got four at York, and they should all give me a good spin. I’m on Tommy Taylor in the Get Knotted handicap, and he loves it here.

He’s been a bit disappointing this season, but because of that he’s rated 9lbs lower than when I rode him to finish fifth here last year. If he’s in the same mood, he’d go close.

Then I am on Savalas in the Skybet Dash, and it’s a similar story of a horse who has come down the ratings.

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He looked to be coming back to form last time, ran second in the big three-year-old handicap here a year ago, and seems to be on track for a decent run.

I rode Abstemious (3.45) in his one run so far and he’s a lovely big horse. He got a bit tired on his debut and I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t win today.

Then I finish with Mixboy (4.20) and this is a lot more realistic than the Ascot Stakes last time out.

He pulled up there, but everything is tickety boo again, he looks back on track and is the class horse in the race.

British Muslim Student Khadijah Mellah ready to race at Glorious Goodwood

‘I’ve only 2 months to live after doctors missed my cancer’

A woman who claims doctors told her that back pain was just a slipped disc, has been given two months to live after it emerged she has spinal cancer which has spread to her brain.

Linda Hind, 63, from Edrom in Duns, in the Scottish Borders, said she was speaking to The Scotsman about her ordeal to expose what she said was ten months of being misdiagnosed,上海品茶工作室Finley, at Borders General Hospital.

She said she wanted to make sure no-one else “suffered in the same爱上海 way”.

“When I was told I had only two months left it broke my heart. I know I won’t see my grandchildren grow up and I’ll miss all their milestones.”

Mrs Hind also said a neurosurgeon at the Western General in Edinburgh which she said she “begged” to be referred to, told her in the past few weeks that “had you got here six months earlier I could have done something.”

NHS Borders said it was attempting to contact Mrs Hind to discuss her case and review the care provided.

Mrs Hind said those responsible for her lack of treatment need to be held accountable.

“What I want is for them to tell the truth, do their job properly and diagnose patients as they are meant to do. I just don’t want them to have the opportunity to do this to someone else. Had I treated my dog like that I’d be in prison.”

Mrs Hind, a former telephonist, said she was admitted to Borders General Hospital on around two or three occasions after hurting her back in mid- September 2018 and experiencing excruciating and continuous pain. She was given a scan and diagnosed with a slipped disc in November last year.

She said she was given painkillers and TENS pain relief and sent home but that the pain got much worse.

“The pain got worse and worse and. I live by myself so there was no way I could cope. One time they discharged me at lunch time and I was back in that early that evening.

“Another time, someone, perhaps a neighbour, made a 999 call and got me back into the hospital.

“I’ve always been a tough person. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t complain. If I need to go to the doctor I need to go, it’s not a social thing.”

“At one stage it was so bad they had to tie me to the bed.

“A few months ago I go,上海品茶会所Ojai,t a letter from the hospital saying that they’d X-rayed me before Christmas but had forgotten to follow it up.

“If they’re idiot enough to admit they’ve done wrong then I’m sensible enough to do something about it while what’s left of my mind is still working.”

“Then in June I was seen by a consultant at Borders General who actually had a brain. He said to me ‘Linda, I’m not happy with these notes, there’s something wrong here. Please give me five-ten minutes to read them.’

“He had definitely clocked something was very wrong.”

Mrs Hind added that she and her family were now considering legal action against NHS Borders.

In a statement NHS Borders said: “The care and treatment of all our patients is a priority for NHS Borders.

“Whilst we cannot comment in public on individual cases because of patient confidentiality we are sincerely sorry to hear about Ms Hind’s illness and the concerns she has raised.

“We are trying to contact Ms Hind to offer a meeting to review the care she received and give her the opportunity to discuss her experience with us.”

Senior MPs tell police to drop their threats to journalists over leaking memos after US ambassador scandal

THE powerful boss of Parliament’s media committee has demanded the Met formally withdraws the chilling threat to prosecute journalists for reporting the contest of secret memos.

Speaking to The Sun, Damian Collins also called for Scotland Yard to issue a fresh statement to reassure newspapers that they are free to report leaked documents.

And the chairman of the influential Commons Foreign Affairs committee Tom Tugendhat declared: “Police threats to media freedom have no place in the UK.”

It follows the furious backlash against the Met’s Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, who warned editors may face court if they failed to hand over official papers.

His extraordinary warning to the media came as he launched the Met’s hunt for the by Britain’s US ambassador Sir Kim Darroch about Donald Trump – and drafted in GCHQ spies to help find the leaker.

Calling for the Met to retract the statement Mr Collins, a Tory MP, told The Sun: “The Metropolitan Police should withdraw the statement and make it clear that there is no legal risk for newspapers freely reporting on the leaked documents.

It was clearly a threat aimed at newspaper editors

“Neil Basu’s statement was clearly a threat aimed at newspaper editors encouraging them not to report on a story, in which there is clear public interest.

“This was wrong. If an offence has been committed it is by the leaker and the police investigation should focus on that.”

Mr Tugenhadt’s committee has already launched an inquiry into the leaked documents.

Mr Tugendhat, also a senior Tory MP, told The Sun: “I wish he hadn’t said it but it’s not up to him to change the law. The Official

Secrets Act doesn’t give a media exemption so its not in his power to offer one. He shouldn’t have said it because it’s a power no CPS lawye上海419论坛r would accept but he can’t say the media are free to report leaks because they aren’t – not in all circumstances.”

Police threats to media have no place in UK

Even Labour joined the condemnation of Mr Basu’s chilling threat to media freedom.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said the leaks of the withering verdicts of Mr Trump by Sir Kim were “newsworthy” and said “any journalist” who came by them should be free to publish.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt signalled Britain’s next ambassador to the US should be a career diplomat from within the ranks of the Foreign Office.

Following Sir Kim’s departure there had been speculation Boris Johnson would seek to appoint a political figure who could get close to the Trump adm,上海,上海品茶工作室Abra,品茶微信Radcliff,inistration if he succeeds in becoming prime minister.

However Mr Hunt, his rival for the Tory crown, said there were some “outstanding candidates” from within the Diplomatic Service for the plum Washington posting.

By Mike Sullivan

SATELLITE technology is being used by Big Brother police to hunt the Ambassadorgate mole.

Phones belonging to journalists are being analysed to nail the source who leaked bombshell memos from Britain’s US envoy.

Scotland Yard counter-terror police are checking calls made by journalists who exposed Sir Kim Darroch’s messages criticising President Donald Trump.

Information supplied by phone companies includes a breakdown of reporters’ movements.

By tracing phone locations, police hope to find evidence placing journalists and sources together.

Media lawyer Mark Stephens, of law firm Howard Kennedy, said the tactics could have a “chilling effect” on press freedoms.

Retired Met chief inspector Mick Neville said: “We expect the media to be controlled and reporters to be arrested in dreadful regimes like North Korea and China. We do not want that here.”

“I think that one of the best things about our diplomatic service are the skills acquired over very many years by career diplomats and Sir Kim Darroch exemplified that,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House.

“We have some outstanding candidates who do have that experience, and we we’ll obviously look at them.”

Sir Kim resigned last week saying his position had become “impossible” following the leak of diplomatic cables in which he described Donald Trump’s White House as “inept” and “dysfunctional”.

Cop happy to act like official of a police state

By Mick Hume, Editor-at-Large of Spiked

AS Britain’s top counter-terrorism cop, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu is said to have “the toughest job in UK policing”.

Yet somehow Asst Comm Basu has found time to take on an extra job — as the self-appointed editor of our national news, deciding what facts are fit for us to hear.

On Friday, he threatened to prosecute news media for publishing leaked cables written by then- ambassador Sir Kim Darroch. They revealed how Sir Kim called US president Donald Trump “inept”, “insecure” and “incompetent”.

If anybody looked inept and insecure on this side of the Atlantic, it was Asst Comm Basu of the Met, acting like the ban-happy functionary of a minor police state.

After protests over the weekend, Asst Comm Basu doubled down on his threat to the Press. Anybody publishing those leaked documents, he now said, would be committing a criminal offence “and one that carries no public interest defence”.

He added: “We have a duty to prevent as well as detect crime.”

So there it is. In Britain in 2019, our top cops consider it a potential crime for the media to report the truth about what those in power say and do. And they see it as their job to “prevent crime” by stopping the truth being published.

Yet his attack on press freedom isn’t out of the blue. In March he issued an “open letter” to the media instructing how not to report on terrorism — basically warning against “radicalising” Islamophobes by airing “far-right messages”.

And Basu is far from alone. Press freedom is also seriously out of fashion in liberal and left-wing circles. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the weekend chorus of disapproval. Yet a police chief such as Basu is really on the same side as the Corbynista left. Labour dislikes the free press more than Trump and has plans for new laws and a Leveson II inquiry.

Maybe the idiotic Basu has done us a favour by reminding us potential threats to press freedom and editorial independence do not exist only in Turkey or Saudi Arabia. We do not need top cops trying to edit the news. They would surely be better employed catching the leaker than shooting the messenger.

Irony alert: in the week when Basu was waving his censor’s taser at the UK media, the British government hosted the first Global Conference for Media Freedom.

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt boasted his celebrity “special envoy”, Amal Clooney, has “convened a panel of experts to advise countries on how to strengthen the legal protection of journalists”.

Perhaps Ms Clooney could start by leading a designer-heeled demo to New Scotland Yard?

Sir Kim Darroch claimed that Donald Trump wanted to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal to spite Barrack Obama, fresh leak reveals

‘Evil killer’ babysitter ‘battered toddler, 2, so badly his eyes changed colour’

A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy’s eyes changed colour after he was allegedly beaten to death by his babysitter.

Little Matthew was dropped off by his mum at alleged killer Hunter Jones,上海品茶QQLauralei,’s home in March before she went to work.

But the next time mum Katherine Bolinski, of Kenosha in Wisconsin, saw her son was when he was dead in a morgue, reported Fox6.

The heartbroken mum recalled: “His eyes went from a deep blue to really, really light blue.

“Bruises all over his face. I lost it. I just couldn’t hold it back.”

Jones, 23, was charged with Matthew’s first-degree murder last week, and is due in court Friday morning.

Katherine, who was a single mum, said she is so devastated by her son’s death she still pretends “like he’s sleeping in the other room” to help her cope with the tragedy.

His eyes went from a deep ,上海品茶微信Carly,blue to really, really light blue. Bruises all over his face. I lost it. I just couldn’t hold it back

Kath爱上海419erine Bolinski, Matthew’s mum

She told Fox6: “Now it’s just like an ongoing nightmare of waking up and there are moments where I just wish he could be with me still.”

The grieving mum has since filled a bedroom in her apartment with a toy fire engine, trains and dinosaurs that belonged to little Matthew – next to an urn containing the toddler’s ashes.

Recalling her final memory of her son, Katherine said: “That day I dropped him off, he threw a fit like no other fit and I obviously regret having to do that now because of the outcome, but that’s my last memory of him alive.”

According to court documents, Matthew had injuries to his neck and head after being murdered.

Those injuries were not present when his mum dropped him off at the unlicensed day care earlier that day, which was run by Jones and his wife.

She added: “I’m confused. I’m hurt. I’m angry…That was my life. My son was my life.

“My life didn’t start until I had my son and now I feel like I don’t even know what’s going on.

“How this is even happening and how this is even my reality.”

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