More than 800 detained in Sudan protests: government

KHARTOUM ( ) – Sudan said on ,上海品茶419论坛Gabe,Monday it had detained more than 800 people since protests began nearly three weeks ago in the most persistent challenge to President Omar al-Bashir’s three-decade rule.

The figure, the first given by authorities since the unrest erupted, was,上海品茶工作室Daisy, far below th上海品茶QQe assessment of a leading human rights activist who said about 2,000 people were detained.

In a report to parliament, Interior,上海品茶微信Gabriel, Minister Ahmed Bilal Othman added that 381 demonstrations had taken place and 127 police officers were injured during the demonstrations triggered by price rises and shortages of cash. He said 14 police bases and more than 100 police cars had been burned around Sudan.

Authorities say 19 people, including two security officials, have died, while global rights group Amnesty International said on Dec. 24 it had credible reports 37 protesters had been killed by bullets from security forces.

Officers have been using live ammunition, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters, witnesses say.

Activist Barraq al-Nathir al-Warraq said on Friday that security forces had detained around 2,000 people, including political activists, journalists and civil society members.

Authorities have called for restraint in response to the protests, which they blame on unnamed infiltrators.

Sudan’s economy has struggled from the loss of three quarters of its oil output – its main source of foreign currency – since South Sudan seceded in 2011, keeping most oilfields.

Guatemala to shut down U.N. anti-corruption body early

UNITED NATIONS ( ) – Guatemala notified the United Nations it was terminating a U.N.-backed anti-graft commission on Tuesday, months ahead of schedule, accusing the body of abuses of power, and prompting a swift rebuke from the U.N. secretary-general.

The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, or CICIG, was set up over a decade ago with the authority to conduct independent investigations and work with the country’s prosecutors, bringing down the last president in 2015.

The CICIG also went after President Jimmy Morales, who said in August he would n上海品茶QQot renew the organization’s mandate, which was due to expire in September 2019. Days later, he banned CICIG head Ivan Velasquez, a hard-charging Colombian prosecutor, from re-entering the country.

Working with the then-attorney general, CICIG tried to prosecute Morales, a former comedian, in 2017 over alleged campaign finance violations. That move followed separate CICIG corruption probes into members of the president’s family.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel met with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York on Monday and handed him a letter informing him of the government’s intention to end the agreement that had established CICIG.

“It is regrettable that the Secretary-General, in a bid to maintain one person in the position, sacrificed the legitimacy of the commi,专门哟啪的微信群Hadrian,ssion,” Jovel told a news conference after the meeting, referring to Guterres’ decision to stand by Velasquez.

“Therefore we reported to the Secretary-General that within 24 hours the agreement (that was struck to create CICIG) will be terminated by the Guatemalan government,” she said.

Guterres “strongly rejects” the content of the letter, a spokesman for the secretary-general said in an emailed statement, adding that the United Nations expected Guatemala’s government to “fulfill its legal obligations under the agreement” until the CICIG mandate ends in September.

“The Secretary-General recalls the important contribution of CICIG to the fight against impunity in Guatemala,” it said.

Accompanied by prominent Guatemalans accused of ,上海外卖品茶群Caden,wrongdoing by the CICIG, Morales told a news conference in Guatemala City he had ordered prosecutors to start investigating allegations that the commission had acted outside the law and abused its power.

The foreign-led CICIG is unusual among U.N. bodies for its powers to bring cases to prosecutors, and many politicians in Guatemala consider,上海品茶419论坛Dahlia, it to be a violation of national sovereignty. Anti-corruption activists credit it with cleaning up government.

Last month, Guatemala’s government revoked visas and immunity for 11 CICIG investigators and two relatives.

France says it must use fewer U.S. parts in its weapons systems

PARIS ( ) – France must cut its dependence on U.S. components in its weapons systems to minimize 上海品茶QQWashington’s ability to block its arms exports, its defense minister said on Thursday.

U.S. export control laws can be used to limit European weapons sales if even small components come from U.S. suppliers. That legislation was in place prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, but the industry has grown increasingly worried that his administration is acting to halt exports that might have been permitted in the past.

Washington has this year blocked the sale to Egypt of French-made SCALP cr,上海品茶会所Hal,uise missiles, which contain a U.S. part.

Without giving specific examples, Defence Minister Florence Parly said France needed to “gradually wean ourselves off our reliance on a certain number of American parts.”

“We have had trade difficulties linked to the prospects for exports. And we know that these difficulties are linked to strategic questions and often to problems of commercial rivalry,” she told a small group of journalists.

She was quizzed on the subject in July by parliament’s defense committee.

Asked at that time by one lawmaker about the blocked SC,上海品茶交友群Barbara,ALP sale, Parly said: “We are at the mercy of the Americans.”

Parly said Washington’s actions underlined the need to minimize dependence on U.S. parts in the Future Combat Air System (SCAF) project – Europe’s next-generation combat jet which France and Germany are taking the lead in developing.

France’s Dassault Aviation and European planemaker Airbus have signed a deal to work together on the jet, which is expected to be at the center of a broader weapons system capable of commanding a squadron of drones. ,上海品茶水磨Kade,

France’s air force uses Reaper drones, built by U.S. firm General Atomics, in its counter-terrorism operations against Islamist militants. Parly said France had needed U.S. congressional approval to arm the drones.

“Is that satisfactory? No. But we don’t have any choice,” she said.

Love Island’s Molly caught ‘CRINGING’ at Tommy’s touch as new ‘fake’ row erupts

With their cutesy declarations and constant PDA, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague are the firm favourites to win Love Island 2019.

But eagled-eyed fans are convinced that not everything is as it seems, with some spotting what they believe to be a telling sign last night.

“Who saw Molly-Mae ‘cringe’ when Tommy put his arm around her in bed,” asked one viewer.

“I was shocked as I love their relationship.”

And another tweeted, “Tommy is seeing £££££££ – winning a competition, promoting his career, being famous and oh yes he found a way to win it – Molly.”

Eagle-eyed viewers saw Molly ‘cringe’ from Tommy’s cuddle
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Body language expert Judi James certainly spotted the ‘flinch’ and as well as a few othe,上海品茶会所Harris,r big clues she says suggest their romance might not be the real deal…

“It’s pretty clear that Tommy and Molly-Mae must see themselves of probable winners of what is – after all – a competition to win money and fame, but is their ‘love story’ genuine or part of a strategy to be this year’s Jack and Dani?

“Their rituals of love do very much fit the Love Island culture, with all its unlikely ,上海品茶工作室James,group announcements about ‘dropping the L bomb’ that bear no resemblance to real life.

Body language Judi James tells Mirror the truth behind their movements

“And 爱上海now we do seem to be treated to some rather questionable bodily language to go with it.

“There was her odd flinch when Tommy went to hug her in bed, plus her diversionary technique of discussing how you should say ‘I love you’ after his declaration.

“Looking at Molly’s squeezed-eyed sobbing when Amy quit there didn’t seem to be wet tears and I wonder how much Tommy and she are acting and how real their feelings for one another are.

Judi questions Molly’s lack of actual tears (Image: ITV2)
Her eyes remained dry (Image: ITV2)

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Love Island 2019

“He seems happy to share his joy with the world via some very juvenile rituals of hugging, slapping and dancing with the other guys.

“She seems happy to be part of an ideal Love Island couple but to maybe have natural reservations that she might be suppressing to compete.

“Their subtler cues would suggest they might do better working their ‘relationship’ out at a normal rate but who can blame them for going for gold on the series?”

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