Cardinal’s trial puts French Church in glare of Catholic abuse scandal

LYON, France ( ) – The Roman Catholic archbishop of Lyon goes on trial on Monday charged with failing to act on his上海品茶微信torical allegations of sexual abuse of boy scouts by a priest in his diocese.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin is the highest-profile cleric to be caught up in the pedophile scandal inside the Catholic Church in France, and will stand trial alongside five others from his diocese.

While most of the recent focus in the Church’s global abuse crisis has been on Australia and Chile, Barbarin’s trial puts the spotlight on Europe’s senior clergy again, just as Pope Francis prepares to host a meeting of senior bishops from around the world in Rome next month to discuss the protection of minors.

Barbarin is accused of failing to report allegations of sexual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s by Father Bernard Preynat – a priest who has admitted sexual abuse, according to his lawyer, and is due to go on trial later this year.

The charges carry a potential three-year prison sentence and fines of up to about $50,000.

Barbarin told the newspaper Le Monde in August 2017 that he had never concealed allegations against Preynat, but acknowledged shortcomings in his handling of them.

“I myself realize that my response at the time was inadequate,” he said.

Barbarin’s lawyer, Jean-Felix Luciani, said he expected Barbarin to be acquitted.

“He’s accused of covering up for Preynat, whereas in fact it was Barbarin who triggered this whole process,” Luciani said. “You don’t repair one injustice with another.”


Barbarin told Le Monde in 2017 that he had previously opened an investigation of Preynat under church or canon law because a judicial investigation was moving so slowly.

Barbarin, who moved to the Lyon diocese in 2002, has said he became aware of Preynat’s activities in 2007. He eventually removed the priest from his post in 2015.

Barbarin told Le Monde that he had suspended two other priests and called in the judiciary “when I learned of allegations of recent abuses, in 2006 and 2014”. But faced with allegations of abuses said to have taken place 15 or 20 years earlier, he said he “knocked on doors” for advice, but received no satisfac,上海品茶论坛Kailani,tory answer.

Lyon prosecutors had previously investigated Barbarin but dropped the probe in the summer of 2016 without a detailed explanation. However, an association of alleged victims called Parole Liberee (“Freed Word”) used a provision of French law to compel the cardinal to stand trial.

Pope Francis has come under fire over the Church’s handling of the spreading sexual abuse crisis.

In September, researchers said they had found indications of sexual abuse in Germany by 1,670 Catholic clerics over the course of seven decades. On Friday, the Vatican said an Argentine bishop working in a top Vatican financial department was under preliminary investigation for sexual abuse.

Pope Francis himself met Barbarin in early 2016, and later told the Catholic newspaper La Croix that it would make no sense,上海外卖品茶群Hadleigh, for the cardinal to resign before any eventual trial.

“According to the information at my disposal, Cardinal Barbarin took the appropriate measures, he took things in hand. He is brave, creative, a missionar,上海品茶微信Radcliff,y,” Francis was quoted as saying.

Profit-hungry tiger breeders behind push to lift China’s trading ban

HONG KONG/HARBIN, China ( ) – At the Siberia Tiger Park in the frigid Chinese city of Harbin, visitors can learn about the facility’s successful breeding programme and buy chicken carcasses to toss to around 20 tigers pacing the snow flecked ground of their enclosure.

At the park gates, a shop sells liquor soaked with tiger bones for up to $1,000 a bottle.

China has made significant strides in wildlife protection in recent years, including a total ban on ivory and plans to open one of the world’s largest reserves for wild tigers in northeast China in 2020.

But it also has formidable, profit-driven wildlife business interests that risk undermining progress on protecting the endangered big cats, conservationists say.

“The industry occupies a strategic position which concentrates in the country’s less developed regions where poverty reduction remains a top priority of the local authorities,” said Houston-based Peter Li, a China Policy Specialist at Humane Society International.

Operators of tiger breeding farms have told state media that without the ability to sell bones, skins and meat they are not be able to cover the high costs of running their parks and carry out key conservation plans endorsed by the national government.

After pressure from some breeders, China’s State Council said in October it would replace a 1993 ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn, opening up exceptions under “special circumstances”, including medical research.

But in November, Beijing postponed the move following widespread protests from conservation groups who worry any resumption in the legal trade of tiger parts will b上海品茶会所e a death knell for the species by enabling the laundering of wild animal parts,上海品茶群二维码Earl, into farmed supplies.

Conservationists also argue that no captive Chinese bred tigers have been released into the wild and there is no scientific or medical need to use rhino horn and tiger bone in traditional Chinese medicine.

Still, lifting the ban is backed by China’s powerful State Forestry and Grassland Administration.

“If rhino horns and tiger bones can be used for medicinal purposes, and their use causes zero harm to the two endangered species in the wild, why should we oppose it?” Tang Xiaoping, an executive at the administration was quoted in the state-run China Daily newspaper.

The Forestry and Grasslands administration did not respond to multiple requests for comment.


At the Siberia Tiger Park, tiger bone wine is sold ope,上海品茶网,上海品茶微信Idaline,Dahlia,nly and is recognized by the Forestry Bureau and Commerce Ministry, according to a sales representative in the store. However, the park is not allowed to publicly promote it due to the sensitivity of the situation, the sales rep said. Officials at the park declined to comment on the record.

The wine, which ranges in price from 280 yuan-6,888 yuan, ($40-$1,003) is displayed in large glass cabinets and also sold on China’s Twitter-like WeChat.

Park executives, officials and conservation experts say tiger parks have been accumulating stocks of animal skin and bone in freezers, with the aim of selling it for medicinal use in the future.

Conservation groups estimate there are now over 6,500 farmed tigers at some 200 facilities in China and around 40 farmed rhinos. Chinese media say tiger bone can fetch 5,000-9,000 yuan ($727-$1,308) per kg – tens of thousands of dollars per animal.

The World Wildlife Fund believes there are only around 40-50 wild tigers left in China out of around 3,900 globally.

Debate over lifting the ban on tiger trade comes as China seeks to develop its traditional medicine industry, worth some $50 billion annually, and position it as a key pillar of its ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy.

The World Health Organization is set to recognize traditional Chinese medicine for the first time next year in its global medical compendium according to Nature International Journal of Science, citing the governing body.


The Siberian Tiger Park has more than 1,300 tigers spread across three locations. Selling tiger bone wine is a way to subsidize the daily expenses of the park, said one of the park’s tour guides.

Currently, visitor fees are the parks’ main source of income, along with government subsidies. Ticket prices are 100 yuan and visitors can pay extra to feed the tigers. A menu of meat displays prices for a live chicken at 120 yuan while a raw cutlet is 10 yuan.

In a CCTV documentary shown in November, Liu Dan, the chief engineer of the Northeast Tiger Forest park, near China’s border with Russia, says his 1,000-plus tigers each eat around 3,000 yuan ($435) worth of chicken per month.

Liu, who has raised tigers for over 30 years and has repeatedly called for the ban on trading tiger parts to be lifted, told state media that government tax breaks are not enough for the park to be financially viable. Currently, parks make most of their money from visitors.

Liu and the park declined to comment for this article.

Chinese medicine experts say there is no need to use tiger bone and rhino horn in treatments as substitutes are readily available.

Tiger bone, for example, is often used to treat arthritis and joint pain, but there are dozens of other herbs with similar properties, said Eric Karchmer, chief medicine officer at Dao Labs.

Lixin Huang, the president of the American College of Traditional medicine, said a reversal of the ban would create a huge challenge for the Chinese medicine community.

“We stopped using it 25 years ago. We don’t understand. I don’t think the Chinese medicine community and medical professionals would understand.”

Farmer Focus: Tweaking next year’s cropping plans

Harvest kicked off on 16 July with some contract combining in winter barley and, apart from a couple of fir上海419论坛st-day teething issues, everything went smoothly and at the time of writing we are now parked up waiting for oilseed rape to be ready.

This year I have fitted an RDS weigh system to the trailers to, ho,上海品茶微信Mackay,pefully, get a better indication of what is in the store, and to calibrate the yield monitor on the combine more accurately. I have heard good reports about the system, so fingers crossed it lives up to them.

In between harvest we have a number of projects on the go around the farm to increase productivity and improve the yard.

See also:How a grower uses cultivations and precision tech to kill slugs

As part of my mid-tier stewardship I’m building a bunded and covered sprayer filling area with a biofilter system, and alongside it will be my liquid fertiliser tanks and chemical store to create a single sprayer filling area in the corner of the yard.

We are also removing an old hardcore track that extends out into a field and currently has to be worked around – removing it will save a lot of time with machinery in the field and provide some useful material for the work in the yard, so it is a win-win job.

Cropping plans for next year are still as undecided as they have be,上海品茶QQPatrice,en all year. Oilseed rape hasn’t been dropped just yet: I’m planning on waiting to see what the conditions are as fields become clear.

If conditions are good I will plant some in with a mixture of clover and vetch, but only about half the usual area. The rest will be winter beans, or potentially some winter linseed.

Wheat variety wise, I am sticking with Skyfall but dropping Zyatt and Barrel and moving to Skyscraper and Gravity with a small amount of Extase.

The mid-tier stewardship plots that have been drilled in the past couple of months have started growing fast and some are starting to flower. I am looking forward to seeing what the various different mixes look like once established, and what different wildlife they attract.

The next phase of the mid-tier scheme is to get the pollen and nectar and grass margins established before the end of August – once these are going they will really transform the look of the farm, and complete the wildlife pathways across it as the scheme was planned to do.


Love Island’s Lucie forced to discuss Tommy Fury with ex Joe as they reunite for first time

LOVE Island’s Lucie Donlan is forced to discuss her feelings for Tommy Fury as she meets up with Joe Garratt for the first time.

In a sneak peek from tonight’s Aftersun, the surfer, who was booted out the villa this week, and sandwich maker had a rather awkward reunion about her antics after he left the show.

As they sit to chat on a bench, Lucie asks him: “Was it weird watching me stay on there?”

He replies: “Yeah because I forgot I was even in there.”

Lucie continues: “I was with you for two weeks and it was amazing and there was nothing the same as what we had in there but then I did tell Tommy I liked him.”

Joe says: “Yeah that definitely took me by surprise.”

Lucie was torn between Joe and boxer Tommy Fury during the first week of the ITV2 dating show, ultimately choosing to couple up with Joe before Tommy found love with Instagram i爱上海nfluencer Molly-Mae Hague.

Before Joe was brutally dumped from the villa he came under fire for expressing concern about Lucie’s friendship with Tommy, admitting that he felt she still had feelings for him.

When Lucie confessed that she had a crush on Tommy weeks later, the 22-year-old hunk wasted no time in issuing a savage response on his social media page.

He tweeted: “Always trust your gu,上海品茶工作室Felix,t instincts.”

Joe Garratt is more bothered about eating his takeaway than his ex Lucie Donlan declaring her love for Tommy Fury at Love Island screening

Lucie then attempted to crack on with Tommy again following their time apart ,上海品茶QQLarson,during the Casa Amor twist, and this time a fan caught Joe focusing on his noodles as he tucked into a snack at a special Love Island screening.

The reality star couldn’t have looked less interested in his former flame’s antics, and later brushed off his apparent snub by tweeting: “That Pad Thai was sensational to be fair

Lucie was kicked out of the show earlier this week after enraging fans when she broke down in tears as Tommy asked Molly to be his girlfriend.

She then raised eyebrows when she refused to give up on a romance with the hunk during her exit interview – insisting that they might stand a chance in the outside world.

Meanwhile Lucie’s meet up with Joe seems to get better because other images Lucie beams as she cuddles up to the 22-year-old sandwich maker while they stroll through a park – but his body language appears to be slightly more closed off.

The two also seem to loosen up when they lark about on some adult tricycles, with Lucie pulling funny faces at the hunk as things get competitive.

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