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Malaysia’s king abdicates after two years on throne

KUALA LUMPUR ( ) – Malaysia’s King Muhammad V abdicated on Sunday, the palace said, after two years on the throne, the first time a monarch has stepped down before completing their five-year tenure.

The king’s resignation took effect immediately, the National Palace said in a statement. No reason was given and palace officials did not respond to requests for comment.

A week ago, the king, 49, had resumed duties after spending two months on medical leave. Im,上海品茶水磨Cain,ages purporting to show him getting married in Russia appeared on social media in December. The palace did not respond t,上海外卖品茶群Lake,o requests for comment on the photos or reports of a marriage.

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and the king assumes a largely ceremonial role, including as the custodian of Islam in the Muslim-majority country. However, the king’s assent is needed before the appointment of a prime minister or senior public officials.

Malaysia has nine royal households, who typically take turns to sit on the throne, and the selection of the next king is decided by a vote in the Council of Rulers, made up of all nine royal households.

The palace statement said the king, who took the throne in December 2016, was grateful for the opportunity given to him by the Counc,上海品茶交友群Caitlin,il of Rulers and thanked the prime minister and government for their cooperation during his rule.

“His Highness has worked towards fulfilling his responsibilities entrusted to him as the head of state, serving as a pillar of stability, source of justice, the core of unity … for the people,” the palace statement said.

The New Straits Times reported there had been tensions between the palace and the government of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who led the opposition to an election win in 上海品茶QQMay.

Mahathir, known for challenging royalty during his past 22-year tenure as prime minister, said in a blog post last week that everyone “from the Rulers to the Prime Minister and Ministers, to the civil servants and ordinary citizens” are subject to the law. He did not elaborate.

In June, the government and palace faced a near two-week impasse over a plan to appoint a non-Malay as attorney-general. The king eventually approved the appointment, though the incident had stoked racial tensions.

Trump’s tariff plan could boomerang, spark trade wars with China,…

WASHINGTON ( ) – Donald Trump’s threats to slap steep tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports may have won him votes in Republican primaries but they would likely backfire, severely disrupting U.S. manufacturers that increasingly depend on global supply chains.

The Republican presidential front-runner’s campaign pledges to impose 45 percent tariffs on all imports from China and 35 percent on many goods from Mexico would spark financial market turmoil and possibly even a recession, former trade negotiators, trade lawyers, economists and business executives told .

“I don’t mind trade wars when we’re losing $58 billion a year,” Trump said in a Feb. 25 debate, referring to the 2015 U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico. Economists dispute the idea the United States is “losing” money as the trade deficit is simply the difference between what the United States imports and what it exports to a country.

“Imposing tariffs or putting up trade barriers may sound good, but it will hurt our economy and credibility,” said Wendy Cutler, the former acting deputy U.S. Trade Representative who helped lead U.S. negotiations in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal last year.

Among those hardest hit would be the U.S. auto industry, which has fully integrated Mexico into ,上海品茶交友群Paisley,its production network. Some $118 billion worth of vehicles and parts flowed north and south across the border tariff-free last year, according to U.S. Commerce Department data.

A 35 percent tariff would raise costs for Ford Motor Co’s U.S.-assembled F-series and medium-duty pickup trucks that use Mexican-made diesel engines, one of its most profitable vehicle lines. (Graphic on U.S.-Mexico auto and parts trade: tmsnrt.rs/1UN3wun)

Ford CEO Mark Fields on Wednesday defended the company’s investment strategy, which includes $9 billion for U.S. plants over the next four years, saying, “We will do what makes sense for the business.”

Buyers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s popular Ram 1500 pickup trucks assembled in Saltillo, Mexico, could see their $26,000 base price pushed up by $9,000 if the tariff is fully passed on to consumers. A Chrysler spokesman declined to comment on Trump’s statements.

Trump’s campaign said in a statement that U.S. trade policy constitutes “unilateral economic surrender” and needs complete change because it allows foreign competitors to shut out U.S imports, devalue their currencies and unfairly target U.S. industries.

“I don’t think he does our issue any favors by making it so incredibly jingoistic and bombastic,” said Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a group that allies domestic steelmakers and other manufacturers with the United Steelworkers union.

“But I believe there’s widespread agreement … that there is something amiss with our economic relationship with China and it’s past time that our government pushes back a little more forcefully.”


It would take years for U.S. industry to rebuild supply chains devastated by sudden tariff hikes on Chinese and Mexican goods and any retaliatory measures, said Peter Petri, a Brandeis University professor who has co-authored an influential study on the effects of the TPP trade deal on national income.

Even if U.S. firms were ab上海品茶QQle to make such a transition, Petri said this would likely result in a permanent annual reduction in U.S. national income of more than $100 billion, or 0.8 percent.

Trump’s tariff plans would effectively violate NAFTA and revoke U.S. commitments to the World Trade Organization, say trade lawyers.

Beijing and Mexico City “are just going to retaliate on the things that are likely to hurt us most,” said Susan Schwab, the U.S. Trade Representative from 2006 to 2009 in the George W. Bush administration. Schwab negotiated major portions of free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

In 2009, Mexico slapped duties up to 25 percent on more than 90 different U.S. farm goods, from pork to frozen potatoes due to foot-dragging by U.S. lawmakers on allowing Mexican truckers on to U.S. roads, as specified under NAFTA. The National Potato Council estimates that U.S. growers lost about $70 million in revenue over 31 months, a 50 percent cut from their third-largest export market.

Mexico’s economy minister, Ildefonso Guajardo said last week that big tariffs on Mexico would return the United States to “an isolationist, xenophobic and protectionist vision.”

And a full-scale tariff war with China would likely expose the largest U.S. export sectors to steep duties, including aircraft, semiconductors, corn and soybeans, trade lawyers said.

Retaliatory tariffs would also hurt growing U.S. vehicle exports to China – at 300,000 a year now equivalent to the annual output of a large assembly plant. General Motors Co is now planning to import a Buick sport-utility vehicle from a Chinese joint venture plant.

A GM spokesman declined to comment.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper called Trump “big-mouthed, anti traditional and abusively forthright” in an editorial, but did not directly address his tariff proposals.


A long-running U.S.-China trade dispute over solar panels illustrates how tariffs can sometimes cause unanticipated damage.

In 2012, the U.S. Commerce Department slapped anti-dumping duties of up to 78 percent on Chinese solar panels after German-owned SolarWorld AG complained that below-cost Chinese imports were hurting its U.S. production.

China responded with its own 57 percent duties against U.S. producers of polycrystalline silicon, the raw material for photovoltaic cells. This put the brakes on an industry that was fast expanding to meet demand from Chinese solar panel makers.

Hemlock Semiconductor, controlled by Dow Corning, abandoned construction of a $1.5 billion new polysilicon plant in 2014. Dow Corning spokesman Jarrod Erpelding said Hemlock “serves as a strong example of how trade disputes often have unintended consequences.”

“This is really stupid,” said Francine Sullivan, chief legal officer of REC Silicon in Moses Lake, Washington, which halted production this year. “The necessity and value in putting on tariffs to protect solar panels in the U.S. was just not thought through. We’ve suffered enormous financial damage as a result of this.”

The Trump campaign said measures like tariffs would level the playing field and help bring “millions of manufacturing jobs back to the United States.”

But Durwin “Oodie” Royal, a furnace operator at U.S. Steel Corp’s Lone Star Tubular Operations in Texas, knows first-hand that such relief can be temporary.

Workers at the plant cheered when the United States imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese drilling pipe in 2009 and 2011. But the company announced on Friday that it would temporarily idle the tube mill, laying off 450 workers as it battles a slump in U.S. oil and gas drilling, a continued global steel glut and “unfairly traded imports.”

“When they slap tariffs on one country, the imports just come in from another country,” said Royal, who expects to be among those workers who are idled.

Af,上海品茶工作室Babette,ter the tariffs were imposed on China, South Korean imports surged, he said. “Right now, we’re just limping along like everybody else.”

Trump in unexpected meeting with Republican Party chairman

WASHINGTON ( ) – U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump took a detour from the campaign trail on Thursday and held an unexpected meeting in Washington with Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee.

It was not immediat,上海品茶网Falkner,ely clear what the two men discussed but the meeting came after months of tension between Trump and the party he seeks to represent in the Nov. 8 election.

Trump this week abandoned a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee if it is not him. He has also complained about the party’s delegate allocation process as he seeks to win the 1,237 delegates necessary for the nomination.

“Just had a very nice meeting with @Reince Priebus and the @GOP. Looking forward to bringing the Party together —- and it will h,上海品茶会所Faith,appen!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Barry Bennett, an adviser to the Trump campaign, said on MSNBC that the meeting was about Trump helping the RNC raise money. “The meeting is to help the RNC,” he said.

Trump also met with his foreign policy team in the capital on Thursday after a series of statements by the billionaire businessman,上海品尝嫩茶Octavien, on national security issues that have drawn c上海品茶会所riticism.

In recent interviews, Trump has declared the NATO alliance obsolete, described Saudi Arabia as too dependent on the United States and said Japan and South Korea may need to develop their own nuclear programs because the U.S. security umbrella is too costly to maintain.

In an MSNBC town hall on Wednesday night, Trump did not rule out the potential use of nuclear weapons in Europe or the Middle East to combat Islamic State militants. “I would never take any of my cards off the table,” he said.

Max Boot, a conservative national security expert and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote in Commentary Magazine this week that Trump is “singularly unqualified to be commander-in-chief.”

“With Trump in command, our enemies would have a field day — Moscow and Beijing must be licking their chops at his desire to abandon U.S. allies in Europe and Asia — and our friends would face mortal threats. If that isn’t the single biggest threat to U.S. security, I don’t know what is,” Boot wrote.

Clinton, Sanders audition for role as anti-Trump candidate

MILWAUKEE ( ) – Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tussling in Wisconsin over who would best represent the Democratic Party against Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

The competition was in full force on Saturday night at the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s “Founders Day Gala,” a chance for both Cliinton and Sanders to make their closing arguments before the state’s primary vote on Tuesday.

Clinton, as the Democratic front-runner, is more and more taking aim at both Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the top Trump rival who is leading Wisconsin polls of Republican voters.

Trump, in response to the threat of Islamic militants, has proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States and Cruz has called for police patrols of,专门哟啪的微信群Easton, Muslim neighborhoods. Clinton said these ideas are offensive.

“That does not make Trump and Cruz sound strong,” said Clinton to the crowd of 1,400. “It makes them sound in over their heads… You know loose cannons tend to misfire, and in a dangerous world that is a gamble we cannot afford.”

Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont who has been a surprisingly strong challenger to Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, told the crowd he would be a better opponent against Tru上海品茶工作室mp than Clinton.

Sanders noted national poll numbers showing he leads Trump by a larger margin than Clinton leads the New York billionaire. Sande,上海品茶419论坛Gabriella,rs said this makes him “the strongest candidate” on the Democratic side to go up against Trump.

“It’s not just polling,” Sanders said. “There is one campaign which has created an enormous ,上海品茶水磨Cade,amount of excitement and enthusiasm and that is our campaign.”

For the Democratic Party to succeed in the Nov. 8 election, Sanders said, “we need a vibrancy” and energy that brings in young people who have flocked to his campaign.

Trump administration snubs European diplomats in U.S.: officials

BRUSSELS ( ) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has lowered the status of the European Union’s diplomats in Washington without notifying Brussels, EU officials said on Tuesday.

The change in protocol for a close U.S. ally means the bloc’s Washington-based diplomats are less like,上海品茶群二维码Mace,ly to be invited to high-profile events and have a lower importance than under former President Barack Obama.

The snub, first reported by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was illustrated at the Dec. 5 funeral of another former U.S. president, George H.W. Bush, when Europe’s envoy was among the last diplomats to be called to pay respects, one EU official said.

“We understand that there was a recent change in the way the diplomatic precedence list is implemented by the United States’ protocol,” a Commission spokeswoman told a briefing, declining to give more details.

“We are currently discussing with the relevant services in the administration possible implications for the EU delegation ,上海品茶QQSabrina,in Washington.”

Two other EU diplomats confirmed the downgrade, with one saying it was unlikely the bloc would retaliate given its desire for good relations.


U.S. diplomats in Brussels were not immediately available for comment.

Trump has often shown his disdain for the EU and has backed Britain’s planned departure from the bloc.

But the United States and EU have the world’s biggest bilateral trade ties, and U.S. investment in the bloc is three times higher than in Asia, according to EU data.

While the shift does not stop senior EU officials from meeting U.S. counterparts, it follows a tumultuous year for transatlantic ties. Trump withdrew from several international agreements backed by the EU and vowed to reform “the liberal international 上海品茶QQorder” he says the bloc helps underpin.

In a speech in Brussels in December, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump’s “America First” policy was reshaping the post-World War Two system on the basis of sovereign states, not multilateral institutions.

He also took aim at “bureaucrats” responsible for upholding multilateralism “as an end in itself” and cast doubt on the EU’s commitment to its citizens, drawing a rare rebuke from the European Commission, the bloc’s executive.

Irish Deputy PM optimistic over Northern Irish devolution, Brexit…

BELFAST ( ) – Ireland’s deputy prime minister said he was “very optimistic” that Northern Ireland’s feuding parties could agree to revive the province’s power-sharing government this year, provided a Brexit deal is agreed by the end of March.

The British province has been without a devolved executive for two years, since Irish nationalists Sinn Fein withdrew from the compulsory power-sharing government with their arch-rivals the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The executive is central to a 1998 peace deal that ended three decades of violence.

Britain’s exit from the European Union and how it im,上海,上海妹子品茶微信Fabi,品茶工作室Tabitha,pacts the province has complicated attempts to break the deadlock, with the last set of talks ending early last year in failure.

With less than three months to go until Britain is due to quit the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May is pressing ahead with a vote on her departure deal next week that she looks set to lose after failing to win over the DUP, whose lawmakers support her minority government in London.

“I would be very optimistic,” Simon Coveney, who is also Ireland’s foreign minister, told an event at Belfast’s Queen’s University, referring to the chance of reviving the assembly. That elicited a ripple of initial laughter from the audience.

“I would be very optimistic that we can get a functioning executive this year but I think we need to be realistic,” Coveney added. “The time and the strain that is being caused by the ongoing uncertainties around Brexit mean that it is very difficult to see an executive, despite what I said earlier.”

“I do believe that between now and the end of March we have to find a way 上海品茶QQof achieving certainty on Brexit, at least getting to the next stage where we’re into a transition period of between somewhere between two and four years. If we can do that, there is no excuse for parties not to work together.”

Coveney said he was also optimistic that Britain would not crash ou,上海品茶群二维码Barney,t of the EU without a deal but reiterated that the idea it could renegotiate the draft agreement struck with the EU was not a realistic one.

“Once you start unpicking legal text, it creates problems.”

U.S., Israel air concerns over China telecom companies: U.S. official

WASHINGTON ( ) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton raised U.S. concerns about the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in sensitive sectors during a weekend meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.

“We are all concerned about theft of intellectual property and Chinese telecoms companies that are being used by China for intelligence-gathering purposes,” said a senior administration official who was briefed on the talks.

The Trump administration has taken a series of steps aimed at curbing market penetration by Huawei Technologies Cos Ltd [HWT.UL] and ZTE Corp, two of China’s biggest network equipment makers. Both companies have denied that their products are used to spy.

The administration does not want any obstacles to being able to share sensitive information with the Israelis, the senior official told reporters ahead of the meeting, referring to the concerns about Chinese technology and investment at the port of Haifa.

“We specifically put it on the agenda,” the official said.

The Netanyahu government, frustrated by labor disputes that had disrupted Israel’s trade arteries, gave the green light in 2013 for China’s Shanghai International Port Group to operate a private port in Haifa – a major berth for the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

In a possible si,上海品茶群二维码Babette,gn of U.S. displeasure at the Chinese involvement in Haifa, one of the Sixth Fleet’s warships in October docked in Israel’s second-tier Mediterranean port of Ashdod, the fleet’s first such visit in almost 20 years.

In December 2016 Huawei acquired Israel’s HexaTier, whose technology secures databases in the cloud, for $42 m,上海喝茶资源群Talon,illion. This followed a visit to Israel by the Chinese technology giant’s CEO. That same month it also acquired IT research firm Toga Networks for an undisclosed amount.

According to Israeli media, ZTE has shown interest in Israel’s tech sector since sending a senior delegation to the country in 201上海品茶QQ3.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported in 2016 that Israel has an und,上海品茶水磨Barrett,eclared policy of not using Huwaei or ZTE technologies, out of concern about possible security breaches.

Former U.S. Marine held for spying had Russian contacts with…

MOSCOW ( ) – Paul Whelan, the former U.S. Marine held in Moscow on spying charges, had online contact with more than 20 Russians with military backgrounds, an analysis of social media shows.

Russian men with military education or a history of military service make up nearly half of 上海品茶微信Whelan’s more than 50 friends on VK, a popular Russian social network that resembles Facebook, the analysis by shows.

At least 12 of his friends received military education in Russia, according to open source information, and at least another 11 appear to have completed national service.

In addition, about a fifth of those on Whelan’s list have backgrounds in IT, engineering or civil aviation, a quarter are not connected to the military or technical sectors, and there is no information about the rest.

Whelan’s family says he is innocent and was in Moscow for a wedding when he was arrested last month. The “Free Paul Whelan” Twitter page managed by the family has used the hashtag #JustATourist in one of its posts.


Russian authorities have not given details of his alleged spying, and the FSB security service did not respond immediately to questions on whether Whelan’s online activity was linked to his detention.

Analysis of Whe,上海品茶论坛Balthazar,lan’s online activity – including exchanges with Russian friends and content on their own accounts – provides a fuller picture of his contacts than has so far been revealed.

contacted 38 people on Whelan’s VK friend list, almost all men in their 20s.

Whelan, 48, contacted them years ago through pen-pal websites or VK, corresponding occasionally online over the years, five of his contacts told .

Whelan’s military contacts in Russia are low-level, come from various regions and have served in the army, airborne forces and navy, according to information and pictures posted online.

In Russia, men aged between 18 and 27 are conscripted into the military for a ye,上海品茶会所Kaiden,ar. Enrolment at military academies, which is not mandatory, can lead to a career in the services.

Asked if he was aware of Whelan’s Russian military contacts online, his brother David said: “I didn’t know he had a VK account before last week. But I’m not surprised that he had friends on social media, both Facebook and VK, that had military backgrounds just as he had a military background.”

Whelan’s lawyer, Vladimir Zherebenkov, was not available for comment.

The arrest of Whelan, who also holds British citizenship, further strains relations between Moscow and Washington, which have soured over Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, economic sanctions and accusations of election meddling.


The “Free Paul Whelan” Twitter page shows postcards Whelan sent to his sister from Russia in 2015 and 2018.

Whelan first posted on his VK page in November 2010 and has since published congratulations on Russian public holidays, military celebrations and other events.

In February 2015, he posted: “In Moscow …” along with a Russian mobile phone number. Calls to it this week went unanswered.

One of Whelan’s friends lists his employer as the Russian Defence Ministry and writes that he studied at the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, a military academy.

A picture posted in 2012 shows the friend in a Russian serviceman’s striped vest under a green camouflage jacket.

Another 26-year-old Russian posted pictures of himself and classmates at the Naval Cadet Corps, which trains naval officers in St Petersburg.

A man apparently in his 20s posted pictures of himself in a paratrooper’s blue beret and army fatigues bearing the inscription: “Nizhegorodsky Cadet Corps”.

Vadim Izotov said he first interacted with Whelan in 2008 while at the defense ministry’s Military University. He was surprised Whelan had been charged with espionage.

“I understood he had a positive attitude towards Russia, towards our culture. That’s why he traveled here,” he said.

“He communicated with Russian military here because he himself had been a serviceman.”

Lenar Azmukhanov, a 30-year-old from Kazan who attended the Ulyanovsk Higher Military Technical College, said he and Whelan congratulated each other on holidays but their interaction did not go beyond that.

Another friend of Whelan’s, who did not want to be named, said he first had contact with him in 2005 or 2006 on a pen-pal website. They met once in person in 2008.

“As far as I know his trips to Russia were for tourism,” he said. “He had friends in the military, but I, for example, am not one of them.”

Greek prosecutor orders probe into alleged threats over Macedonia…

ATHENS ( ) – A Greek prosecutor on Saturday ordered an investigation into alleged threats to lawmakers over a name deal with Greece’s neighbor Macedonia, a judicial source said.

Macedonia’s parliament on Friday passed an amendment to the constitution to rename the country Republic of North Macedonia, in line with an agreement with Greece to put an end to a 27-year-old dispute.

Many Greeks are irked that their Balkan neighbor is assuming a name linked to G,上海品茶论坛Hallie,reek heritage and identical to a northern region of Greece.

The countries struck the deal in June, but Macedonia will start using the new name only after the parli上海品茶QQament in Athens also ratifies the agreement. A vote is expected later this month.

The or,上海品茶工作室Pablo,der for a preliminary investigation came after two Greek news websites reported that lawmakers had received threatening text messages to vote against the deal, the source said.

The probe will seek to determine whether there has been a violation of personal data and inducement to commit a crime, the source added.

The Macedonia accord has strained relations between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos.

Kammenos, defense minister and head of the right-wing Independent Greeks (ANEL) has vowed to reject the deal but at least one of his deputies has said publicly he will support it. It is unclear how other ANEL lawmakers w,上海品茶交友群Queena,ill vote.

The left-right governing coalition has a razor-thin majority with 153 seats in the 300 member parliament. Seven of those seats belong to ANEL.

The main opposition New Democracy party has said it will block the deal. The government hopes the deal will pass with the support of center-left and independent lawmakers.

Facebook fly-tipper who offered to dump people’s rubbish ordered to pay out hundreds

A Facebook fly-tipper couldn’t give council officers his paperwork because he left it in a truck that was crushed by the DVLA, a court heard.

Ex-prisoner Lee Lamb’s attempt to “go straight” saw him tout for trade by offering to dump people,上海品茶QQTamra,’s junk for as little as £40 a pop via social media.

But he was hauled back to court after a customer blew the whistle on his scheme.

The 29-year-old admitted to charges of depositing controlled waste on Harebell Road without a permit, transporting controlled waste and failing to produce the authority to do so when asked by a Gateshead Council officer and failing to secure on the transfer of waste that the transfer was to an authorised person.

Representing the council, solicitor Jill Brown told 爱上海Gateshead Law Court that he was brought to justice after a “significant” amount of waste had been found dumped on land off Harebell Road.

Letters found in the waste meant the authority could track down a customer who told council officers that Lamb’s services were recommended on social media.

Ms Brown said: “On 15th of May in part of a significant fly tip on land off Harebell Road we found documents.

“She said she had posted on Facebook and ‘Lee Lambull’ was recommended, she paid him £40.”

Later someone else told the council that they paid Lamb’s company, L and J Removals, £630 to remove junk from a property.

Lamb didn’t provide “waste transfer notes” intended to give a paper-trail showing where rubbish gets disposed of.

Defence solicitor Mr McPhaul told magistrates on Monday that Lamb can’t drive and wasn’t “physically” involved in dumping the waste and that others were involved.

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He said: “He served five years for violence. On his release he wanted to go straight and him and two others decided to put together a waste removal company.

“He came out of prison and set this up. He applied for a ‘tier 1’ license, which only covers you for certain types of goods, the reason he a,上海品茶微信Laura,pplied for that is a ‘tier 2’ license costs money and he didn’t have money at the time.”

Mr McPhaul also said that Lamb, of West Street, Grange Villa, Chester le Street, couldn’t produce any records because he left them in a truck which was crushed by the DVLA for not being taxed.

He continued: “He (Lamb) cannot drive and did not physically fly-tip, other people were involved here.

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“He applied on three or four occasions for permits to tip in Blaydon and Springwell, he was doing a lot right, he failed in the other parts.

“He had nothing to do with it physically, but he accepts responsibility and accepts that he broke the law.”

The solicitor added that Lamb is no longer in the waste removals business and is currently on job seekers’ allowance.

Magistrates ordered him to pay £1,068, this is made up of a £80 fine, £30 victim surcharge and £958 prosecution costs.

The chairman of the bench said: “We accept that you have been stuffed by this and it wasn’t you that caused the issue.”

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Lord’s pitch substandard for Test match: Joe Root

London [UK], July 27 (ANI): After winning the one-off Test match against Ireland, skipper Joe Root labelled the Lord’s wicket “substandard”, saying the match did not offer a fair contest between bat and ball.

“I don’t like saying this but the wicket was substandard for a Test match. I thought it wasn’t… not even close to a fair contest between bat and ball throughout the whole game,” ESPN Cricinfo quoted Root as saying.

England were bundled out for 85 in the first innings as Tim Murtagh scalped five wickets.

Ireland went on to score 207 runs, gaining a 122-run lead, but England managed to score 303 runs in their second innings, giving Ireland a target of 182 runs.

Ireland clearly showed inexperience as they were dismissed for 38 (seventh-lowest total in the history of Test cricket), handing England a win by 143 runs. Chris Woakes scalped six wickets in the second innings whereas Stuart Broad dismissed four batsmen.

Despite the win, Root said that the team was not at their best in the match.

“We weren’t at our best by any stretch. We managed certain periods very well. We were put under pressure by Ireland. They exploited the conditions on that f,上海品茶微信Maclean,irst morning in particular extremely well,” Root said.

“But we found a way to win a game. First innings, last innings, when you are getting scores like that, that tells a story in itself when the scores are as low as that on a surface that you play on,” he added.

England will next take on Australia in the Ashes and the team is expected to announce their squad later today.

Root said the team would be ready for the Ashes challenge.

“Yeah, pretty confident. We’ll have a final meeting today at some point and make sure that we’re all very clear but it’s an exciting time for everyone. It’s nice to go into it with this win and to have managed some pressure situations, come out,上海品茶工作室Barry, the other side,” Root said.

“But you know Ashes cricket is very special and the guys will be getting very much their mind爱上海419s around that now, the next few days off and then when we turn to practice it will be all go,” he added.

The Ashes is slated to begin on August 1. (ANI)

Rangers have the talent to blow teams away but there’s still one missing ingredient – Barry Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous squeaky bum time phrase referred to the end of the season when the pressure was really on.

But I can tell from the reaction of some Rangers fans to Thursday’s game against Progres Niederkorn they’re already getting twitchy.

We aren’t even out of July and the Premiership season is still a week away from kicking off but people seem to be getting their knickers in a twist.

It comes from the fact Rangers weren’t clinical enough in the 2-0 first-leg win at Ibrox against the Luxembourg side who haunted them in 2017.

Steven Gerrard admitted they need to do more to kill teams off and in terms of this tie I don’t have any concerns as it will be a totally different game in the return when Progres will have to open up.

But what we witnessed on Thursday at times was a repeat of last season when Rangers struggled to break teams down who came with the intention of sitting back and frustrating.

That’s probably why a section of the support were thinking, ‘Here we go,上海品茶QQCarina, again’.

But it’s not like the game ended 0-0 when I could have understood a few moans and groans. A lot of,上海品茶会所Hayley, my mates were telling me they expected 4-0 or 5-0 and if James Tavernier had stuck away his penalty then that might have been the case.

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People have to realise it’s difficult against a team with 10 men behind the ball.

The cause for concern would be if they weren’t creating chances and we have to remember we aren’t even out of July so they’re still getting themselves up to proper speed.

That’s why I don’t have any concerns about the return to Luxembourg and I’m equally optimistic ahead of the big Premiership kick-off where I believe they’ll have enough against Kilmarnock, despite Rugby Park always being a difficult venue to get a result.

Fans want you to go out and win games easily but it’s tough when teams sit back. They might not be the best but they are well organised.

The problem Rangers are going to have is the vast majority of teams who come to Ibrox are going approach the game in the same was Progres did the other night.

Rangers need to find ways of getting through teams who sit deep and try to frustrate and in time they will. It’s just guys getting to know each other.

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If teams open up at Ibrox they’ll get thumped so Rangers have to find a way and while it’s frustrating to watch at times that’s just 爱上海419the nature of the beast.

I also believe Rangers have the creative players in midfield to unlock these defences.

Steve Davis can run a midfield, Sheyi Ojo and Joe Aribo scored the other night and you’ve got Alfredo Morelos and Jermain Defoe who can grab goals. Scott Arfield is another who can score but there is no doubt there is one key ingredient they are missing from last season – and that’s Ryan Kent.

He was a fabulous player and could open defences and travel with the ball up to 60 yards and you’re just hoping the door is still open for him to come in on loan from Liverpool,

Jurgen Klopp took him to America and I’m not surprised because the boy has so much ability and he’s good enough so if he doesn’t pitch up at Ibrox then other guys need to step up.

If Kent isn’t going to be there next season then there will be a Plan B and C and I noticed Stewart Robertson said during an interview during the week there is money available so the scouting department will have other options.

I don’t doubt Gerrard will be desperate to get Kent back in to his squad – he said he’d wait until the last second of the transfer window – but he’ll have back-ups in mind.

If it’s not Kent then I’d imagine they’re looking at that type of player who can excite the fans.

Jordan Jones will take time to get used to playing at such a massive club although he’s got the ability.

I’m sure in the long run he will come good but Kent gets fans on the edge of their seat and was the difference in a lot of games and it would be great to get him back on loan for another year.

But while Kent isn’t there it’s a chance for others to fill the void.

Jones, who won the penalty against Progres after he came on, impressed me throughout his spell at Kilmarnock as did Greg Stewart during his time at Rugby Park before he went to Aberdeen where it didn’t really happen.

You’ve got to have a bit of patience with eight new players coming in.

It’s going to take a bit of time but they’ll be up to speed by the time the Killie game comes and they’ve got a week to work on the training ground as well as a competitive European game.

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Land opportunities in a quiet Welsh market

Uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit and future subsidy reform has led to vendors and buyers sitting on their hands, says David,上海品茶微信Dalton, Powell of property agent Powells, which is based in Monmouth and covers mid and south Wales.

Compared with this time last year, fewer farms and less land have come to the market, he says.

Good commercial farms are selling well, especially where limited investment post purchase is required.

See also: What ‘hidden’ elements of farm ownership can hold up sales?

“Agricultural buyers with rollover relief money are often the key buyers, after seeing successful outcomes on land being sold to a developer,” says Mr Powell.

Good grassland with fodder cropping potential has been selling at about £6,000/acre, with arable ground reaching about £7,500/acre.

However, stronger sales have been experienced where multiple prospective buyers on neighb,上海品茶工作室Edward,ouri上海龙凤419ng land have been competing, he says.

What’s on the market?

Livestock offering

© Powells

Powells is marketing 79-acre Upper Tal-y-fan Farm near Monmouth.

The livestock farm includes a Grade II listed farmhouse, three further residential dwellings, and farm buildings.

It is for sale with a guide price of £1.7m.

Upland farm

© Carter Jonas

In north Wales, Carter Jonas is selling Gwastadfryn Farm, near Tywyn, on the southern slopes of Cadair Idris.

The upland farm is available as a whole for £2m or in two lots.

Lot 1 includes a Grade II listed five-bedroom house with about 1,370 acres of pasture grazing and mountain land.

Lot 2 has about 60 acres of pasture grazing and steeper hill ground.

Nearly 300 people attend discussions about plans to extend southern boundary of Lake District

A SERIES of drop-in events to discuss a proposal to extend the southern boundary of the Lake District National Park was attended by nearly 300 people.

The Friends of the Lake District submitted a formal request to Natural England in June to extend the park to incorporate an area of outstanding landscape in the south of Cumbria. It includes the area between Silecroft and Grange-over-Sands, the Millom Without, Furness and Cartmel peninsulas and the estuaries of the Duddon, Leven and Kent r,上海品茶工作室Sam,ivers.

The “community conversation” drop-in sessions were organised by the Southern Boundary Partnership (SBP) – a community led group of parish councillors, allowing the public the opportunity to discover more about the proposal and to have their questions answered.

Mapping illustrating the proposed route of the new southern boundary dominated much of the conversation and prompted many of the questions at the community events.

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive, Friends of the Lake District, said: “Our research and submission has been based on the landscape quality. Although we believe that these amazing landscapes should be incorporated into the park, I have to stress that a large part of our research is independent and all of it is to the highest standard.”

David Savage, of the Southern Boundary Partnership (SBP), said: “We have been pleased that so many people came along to our ‘community conversations’, where residents took the opportunity to express their view,上海品茶微信Darius,s both in support of the proposal and the impacts that designation may bring to our communities.

“Any proposal of this scale, altering boundaries and impacting on so many people needs the support of our residents and our businesses and their confidence that we are pursuing this proposal on their behalf.

“Our ‘community conversation’ events have been just that; conversations. We’ve had discussion on the proposed boundary, on planning, tourism, transport, farming and housing pol上海419论坛icy. It is vital that we are there to listen and represent people at every stage of a process that is likely to be measured in years and not months“.

Natural England has now responded to the proposal in a letter to Friends of the Lake District. It has indicated that it is currently aware of 18 requests for AONB or National Park designations or variations. A bigger factor in the speed of its decision making will be the imminent publication of the Glover Review findings on the future of designated landscapes. This is likely to shape Natural England’s future designation work, its decision making, future priorities and ultimately its designation priorities.

The final decision for any extension to the southern boundary of the Lake District will rest with Natural England and the Secretary of State for the Environment and the process could be a protracted one.

Letters – July 27. 2019

Time for Boris Johnson to deliver on adult social care

In his campaign, Boris Johnson pledged that nobody should sell their home to pay for care and made adult social care a high priority – well now it is time for him to deliver.

I say to him, be true to your word. Social care is as important as any other issue – alongside Brexit – and it is time to take action.

Over the years too many politicians have promised to tackle social care and then failed – here is an opportunity for Boris Johnson to be different and show us that he is.

The Green Paper has been delayed and delayed to the point where its moment has passed.

We need urgent action now, even if the Government then publishes more long-term proposals further down the line.

It is a bit like working on a house – the long-term plan might be to completely refurbish it, but if the roof is leaking now, you have to tackle that straight away.

The independent sector is ready, willing and able to offer help and advice to the Government on how we can all work together to tackle the crisis in adult social care and are eager to meet with Mr Johnson and the Secretary of Health and Social Care.

Here is an opportunity for a new Government to make a fresh start and solve the problem of social care once and for all.

Mike Padgham

via email


Sexually explicit sweets disgusting

I visited Blackpool for the first time last week and was outraged by some of the sexually explicit examples sweets that were on very low shelves for toddlers to adults to see, pick up and buy.

Why do the shops even do this?

Do shop owners and councillors not agree that children should not be exposed to sexual items?

Why are they not protecting children?

Please get them banned from family shops. They should only be in sex shops, which are strictly for over 18s only. Why aren’t they already? What is wrong with the law in this country? Would the Royals like their children to view such items?

Mrs K Cox

via email


We must rebuild our armed forces

I was so pleased to hear that a military option to the Iran crisis is not been considered. We’ve learned nothing from the Falklands and have continually used our Armed Forces as an easy option to cut expenditure.

I hope our new Prime Minster has the strength to cut genuine waste and use the savings to rebuild our Armed Forces.

It is well known that weakness can take us into a serious conflict.

Christopher Clapham

Address supplied


Dangers of drowning durin,上海品茶微信Jaden,g school break

With the start of the school summer ho爱上海419lidays, I am writing to request your readers’ help in saving young people’s lives.

In 2018, 263 people accidently drowned in open water across the UK. Sharing information about some of the common factors associated with these deaths may help avoid further tragedies this summer.

In many accidental drownings, water temperature was a significant factor.

‘Cold water shock’ is an involuntary gasp when one is suddenly plunged into cold water, this can result in the inhalation of water and drowning. Immersion in cold water also increases the heart rate, makes breathing more difficult and causes muscles to tire, dramatically impacting on one’s ability to swim.

After a long period of hot weather, many people assume that open water will be relatively warm. In reality, the water temperature of quarry lakes and reservoirs can be well below 15 degrees.

These lakes and reservoirs can also be extremely deep, have sudden changes in water depth, be difficult to exit and conceal a range of hazards.

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) is supporting the water safety campaigns being run by the RNLI an,上海品茶工作室Falkner,d other organisations such as the RLSS and the Fire and Rescue Services.

Collectively, we do not want to discourage members of the public from enjoying the water but would like people to be aware of the risks and choose to swim in areas that are safe.

Sadly, eight people drowned in quarry lakes in 2018, the majority of these were young males in disused quarries. Please help to raise awareness of these safety messages, particularly if you have children or teenagers who may be visiting or swimming in a former quarry.

Visit www.respectthewater.com. The RNLI’s ‘Float to Live’ campaign highlights how this simple technique can be life-saving if one is in difficulty in water.

Elizabeth Clements

Mineral Products


Plane evacuated after prankster sends suicide vest picture to every iPhone onboard

A plane had to be evacuated after someone AirDropped a picture of a suicide vest to passengers and flight attendants on board.

Every iPhone in the vicinity received the picture, sparking a security threat and forcing the pilots to turn ,上海品茶QQGerald,the aircraft back to the gate.

The ,上海品茶会所Pearl,JetBlue flight 573 from New上海龙凤419 Jersey to Florida was just about to take off at 7.45am on Saturday morning when one of the cabin crew alerted the captain.

It is still not known who used Apple’s AirDrop feature, which allows users to anonymously transfer files to other iOS devices.

The 150 passengers were then deplaned on the tarmac and re-screened.

Luggage was also taken off the plane so police bomb-sniffing K-9 dogs could carry out their vital checks.



Thomas Desmond, who was on the flight, told NBC News: ‘We pull up to the gate and then we pull away and the captain comes on and says there’s been a security threat.

‘It was nervous when you see Port Authority police officers coming onto your plane and you just have no idea what’s going on.’

The flight was deemed to be safe and eventually took off at 11.27am.

In a statement, JetBlue said the flight was delayed for further security screenings out of an ‘abundance of caution.’

Love Island fans convinced Belle’s dad Tamer Hassan will jet into the villa to sort Anton out

LOVE Island fans convinced Belle’s dad Tamer Hassan will jet into the villa to sort Anton Danyluk out after they sensationally split up tonight.

It comes after he kissed Anna on the lips saying she was the best kisser in the villa during a snog, marry and pie challenge.

Belle was dealt a double blow as earlier in the episode when he confessed to giving his number to a shopping assistant.

Fans flocked to Twitter with their memes after they were convinced that her Hollywood hardman dad would swoop in to the rescue.

One wrote: “Belle’s dad landing in the villa tonight.

A second wrote: “Currently waiting to see Belle’s dad swoop in and kidnap Anton like.”

Anton gonna wake up in a car boot when Belle’s dad catches him #loveisland

— YT: Beauty ByDee (@DYS_Beauty) July 14, 2019

It comes after The Sun Online exclusively revealed hardman Tamer Hassan joked Anton will need to call the emergency services after giving out his number behind daughter Belle’s back.

Last week viewers watched the cheeky Scot share his number with a Spanish shop assistant during a task – and Tamer is furious.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, he joked: “If Anton gives his number out anymore, the only number he will need is 999 emergency services.”

It’s not just Tamer who Anton will need to watch out for, after Tommy Fury snitched on his pal to girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

The beauty swiftly shared the news with a shocked Anna Vakili, and it appears only a matter of time before it filters back to Belle.

Football Factory star Tamer, 51, is watch上海419论坛ing Love Island like a hawk to make sure nothing bad happens to his beloved daughter.

Just days ago he revealed he has a chopper on standby ,上海品茶会所Rebel,to land inside the Majorcan compound and take out Anton if he dares upset her.

The toughgeezer was so incensed when the bum-shaving Scot got excited at the prospect of new bombshell Francesca, he said he was prepare,上海品茶微信Daryl,d to “do a Rambo”.

The Sun Online revealed he started plotting his mission to Majorca after seeing 24-year-old Anton seemingly wavering over his relationship with Belle.

A source close to Tamer said: “He’s absolutely furious – all he could say was ‘I’m going to do a Rambo.’

“He’s said the chopper is on standby and he means it… it really is. He’s determined to enter the villa – and he’s vowing to take Belle’s dog Lacey with him too!”

Love Island recap – Catch up on all the action from episode 35 of 2019 series

The prospect of a tooled-up movie star commando-rolling through the long grass in the Love Island garden came one chilling step closer when new girl Francesca Allen walked in.

Anton was seen getting very excited and blasting breath-freshener into his mouth.

That less-than-stealthy move caught the attention of Michael Griffiths, who asked: “Why is Anton getting so gassed? Should Belle be worried?”

And it certainly didn’t escape Tamer’s attention either – insisting to pals that it’s Anton who should be worried.

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk is terrified as Belle Hassan FINALLY reveals her dad is movie hardman Tamer Hassan

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What Wilfried Zaha told Aaron Wan-Bissaka after Manchester United transfer was confirmed

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has revealed the advice he received from Wilfried Zaha ahead of his move to Manchester United in the summer transfer window.

E,上海品茶QQCarl,ngland youth International Wan-Bissaka became Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s second signing as United manager when he moved from Crystal Palace last month.

Wan-Bissaka became the first Palace player to move to Old Trafford since Zaha did so himself six years ago.

Zaha never managed to settle at United and returned to Selhurst Park in 2015 after a troubled spell at the club.

Although things never worked out for Zaha at United he had no hesitance in recommending the club to Wan-Bissaka.

“Pretty much” Wan-Bissaka said. “When he knew that I joined he just told me to play without fear.

“I have come here as a new signing he said ‘just play your game and do what I did last season.’

“He was happy for me. He said I deserved it and I should continue working hard and doing what I do.”

The 21-year-old has already made a positive impression at United and looked solid on his debut for the side at the weekend.

Wan-Bissaka helped to keep a clean sheet in the 2-0 win over Perth Glory at the Optus Stadium with an encouraging display which saw him complete 35 out of 37 passes he attempted and w爱上海419in all f,上海品茶会所Harper,ive of the tackles he contested.

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It was a welcome return to playing for Wan-Bissaka, who experienced a difficult summer with the England U-21 side, but he does not feel the transfer speculation was to blame for his poor international showing.

He added: “I was not focused on that really. I do not focus on speculation, I just keep my head down and keep doing it on the pitch.

“It is easy for me to block out, the main thing is just playing football.”

Best garden deals you can find on Amazon Prime Day

get green

AMAZON Prime Day is upon as and there’s tons of great garden deals to take advantage of.

So whether you need some more tools, garden furniture or an upgraded BBQ, it’s well worth checking out the offers that Amazon has in store in store.

What day is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day falls on Monday July 15 in 2019 and will run for 48 hours into Tuesday 16.

As well as a number of deals that will run for the full period, Amazon will also be releasing limited time ‘Lightning Deals’ so it’s worth checking back onto the site frequently.

What are the prime day outdoor deals?

There’s 30 per cent off hot tubs and pools from Lay-Z-Spa, Intex and more.

You can get 30 per cent off garden storage and gazebos.

There’s 30 per cent off Garden Furniture, Dining, Seating and Hammocks.

How much does Amazon postage cost?

Postage costs from Amazon can vary, but Prime members get free next-day delivery on the majority of things.

If not, free standard delivery is available on most orders over £20, or over £10 on orders of eligible books.

If you’ve never signed up to Prime before, you can get a free 30-day trial (including free next-day shipping) by clicking here; it’ll come in handy if you’re stocking up in the Prime Day sale.

MORTAR FOR LESS House prices fall amid signs that property is shifting to buyers’ market

COST CUTTING Britain ‘on the brink of recession’ as job ads suffer biggest fall in 9 years

PRIME TIME Amazon Prime Day is nearly here 爱上海419– here’s what you need to know


COWBOYS BOOTED Cowboy firms face major crackdown to stop customers being ripped off

SUN SAVERS Get ’em while it’s hot, bag some bargain clothes ready for your holiday

BATTERY PACKING These are the best portable gadgets for a high-tech, trouble-free holiday

If you want to find out what you should be buying before you spend your cash, check out,上海品茶微信Ida, Sun Selects.

It’s packed full of garden and outdoor recommendations, including the best BBQs, the best fire pits and the best patio heaters.

And if you want to make savings year-round, have a look at the offers available from Sun Vouchers.

Amazon Prime Day will be TWO days of de,上海品茶会所Kade,als and discounts on TVs, toys and furniture Just PublishedPopular Articles

Man’s Apple Watch saves his live by alerting him to deadly heart condition

A MAN’S life was saved when his Apple Watch alerted him to a deadly heart condition.

Student Jorge Cox, 22, told docs the device recorded resting heart rates of 130 beats per minute — well above expected figures of between 60 and 100bpm.

Further tests revealed he had been born with a leaky heart valve.

Jorge, a graduate from Blackpool and The Fylde College, who lives in Oldham, Manchester, is recovering from surgery to fix the problem.

He said: “The Apple Watch tells you if there is a spike in heart rate, but mine kept happening when I was lying down, watching TV or dozing which is unusual.

“It didn’t make much sense, but I put it down to the amount of coffee I was drinking to get through my exams.

“I only mentioned it in passing to a nurse who was prepping me for a tonsillectomy because she asked if I had any history of heart problems.


“‘She was amazing and made sure it was checked out straight away – thank god she did.”

Without the Apple watch Jorge maintains that he might not be alive to ‘tell the tale’ as doctors warned that he could have ‘dropped down dead’ at any time.

The surgery, which involved breaking his sternum, replaced Jorge’s leaky valve with a new one, giving him a new lease of life.

Medics explained that the condition was most likely a defect since birth and that he’d been ‘very lucky’ to have it finally diagnosed.

Jorge is now recovering well at home and his heart rate and rhythm have returned to normal.

HEAT IS ON 3-month heatwave to start with 27C scorcher this week with warm spell to OCTOBER

SMIRKING RAPISTS Sick sex attackers grin on CCTV after gang raping teenage girl in car park

ROYAL NAIL-BITER Kate’s rollercoaster of emotions as she watches Wimbledon final

LION PRINCE Royals Harry & Meg meet showbiz royalty Beyonce and Jay Z at Lion King premiere

NUDEFEST 500 descend on UK’s biggest naturist event for firewalking, silent disco and yoga

SEX ON THE BEACH Outrage as couple perform sex act in front of families on Hove beach

He said: ”I feel so blessed. Thank goodness I got an Apple watch, I’d be a walking death trap if I hadn’t.”

“My friends and family were almost more worried than me about it, they’ve admitted they thought they might not see me alive again.

‘The first few weeks recovery were the worse as I was in a huge amount of pain but it’s getting better every day.”

Boy cleared of murdering 17-year-old Manchester Grammar School pupil Yousef Makki who was stabbed in the heart with a flick knife

Finding out I was so ill was really scary, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I was terrified for my life.

Jorge, from Oldham, Gtr Manchester, is recovering from surgery to fix the problem.

He said: “I’ve so much respect for that tech. I feel so blessed. “It’s crazy to think I lived so long not knowing how ill I was.”

By Hattie Bishop Meet the man whose smart watch saved his life after it alerted him to a deadly heart condition – that he’d been unaware of since birth.

Meet the man who claims his life was SAVED by his Apple Watch after it helped to diagnose a deadly heart condition

Jorge Cox, 22, underwent five hours of open heart surgery in May 2019, at the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Manchester, after alerting medics to worrying heart rate readings from his fancy Apple watch.

The preforming arts student first realised something was wrong when the device recorded heart rate readings of over 130bpm whilst he was resting during September 2018.

Assuming the readings were to do with his caffeine intake during his stressful university course, he forgot all about it.

But after mentioning it to a nurse – who was checking him over before an unrelated throat procedure – at the Royal Oldham Hospital in November 2018, doctors ran tests and diagnosed him with Aortic Regurgitation – also known as a leaky heart valve.

The condition occurs when the heart’s aortic valve doesn’t close tightly and results in some of the blood pumped out of the organ’s main camber leaking back into it.

It can lead to sudden heart failure if not treated and medics told Jorge he could have ‘dropped down dead’ at any time.

Jorge, a graduate from Blackpool and The Fylde College, who lives in Oldham, Manchester, said: ”It all began when I kept getting these heart rhythm readings.

”Basically the Apple Watch tells you if there is a spike in heart rate, but mine kept happening when I was lying down, watching TV or dozing which is unusual.

“Your heart rate usually spikes if you’re doing something strenuous like excising or if you have lots of caffeine.

”It didn’t make much sense, but I put it down to the amount of coffee I was drinking to get through my exams.

”I’d always have at least one large iced coffee from Starbucks each day – sometimes more – to help with exam stress so assumed it was the caffeine from that.

”In fact, I only mentioned it in passing to a nurse who was prepping me for a tonsillectomy because she asked if I had any history of heart problems.

”She was amazing and made sure it was checked out straight away – thank god she did.

”Finding out I was so ill was really scary, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I was terrified for my life.” Jorge first acquired his Apple watch in November 2016 – when he paid for it himself on finance – and then upgraded to a Series Four model in January 2019.

Without the Apple watch Jorge maintains that he might not be alive to ‘tell the tale’ as doctors warned that he could have ‘dropped down dead’ at any time.

Looking back, the singer now believes that he’d ignored other symptoms after mistaking them for normal teen behaviours and school stress.

He said: ”In hindsight, I was always was exhausted, which I now know to be a symptom of the condition.

”I was tired because not enough blood was circulating fast enough, but I just assumed it was normal growing pains.

”All my friends were always knackered too and loved their lie ins but I now see that my fatigue was on another level.

”Even though I’m still recovering I still have 50 per cent more energy than I did before – it’s crazy to think I lived so long not knowing how ill I was.

”I also really have to thank my incredible surgeon too, I couldn’t be more grateful.

”Even through the recovery has been such a slog, I’m really glad this has happened, my career is going to be a breeze now I’ve got my heart fixed.” Jorge underwent the five hour operation at the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, as the NHS wasn’t able to offer a quick enough slot.

The surgery, which involved breaking his sternum, replaced Jorge’s leaky valve with a new one, giving him a new lease of life.

Medics explained that the condition was most likely a defect since birth and that he’d been ‘very lucky’ to have it finally diagnosed.

Jorge is now recovering well at home and his heart 上海419论坛rate and rhythm have returned to normal.

”I feel so blessed. Thank goodness I got an Apple watch, I’d be a walking death trap if I hadn’t,” he said.

”It just doesn’t bare thinking about.

”I have so much respect for that technology.

”I’ve always loved Apple products and now even more so!

”I’m so grateful to the nurse who made the time to get ,上海品茶微信Mackenzie,me properly checked out, I owe my life to her too.” Brave Jorge’s heart rate is now back to normal and he’s being supported through his recovery by his loving parents, Donna, 55, and Paul, 58.

His teacher boyfriend Shane, 23, has also been ‘a rock’ throughout the ordeal.

”My friends and family were almost more worried than me about it, it was really rubbish for them to have to watch me get wheeled away into a serious operation and they’ve admitted to me since they thought they might not see me alive again,” he said.

”I’m over the shock of it all now and just happy to be alive!

”The first few weeks recovery were the worse as I was in a huge amount of pain but it’s getting better everyday.

”I’m just so excited to get on with my career now – which I’ve had to put on hold while I ge,上海品茶会所Abel,t better – but I can’t wait to get back on stage with a renewed energy.” ENDS

Best alcohol deals on Amazon Prime Day

AMAZON Prime Day, the summer shopping bonanza, is upon us once again.

And the retail giant is offering up plenty of deals on alcohol if you want to buy your top tipple at a discount.

When does Amazon Prime Day start?

Prime Day begins on Monday July 15 and will run through until the 16th as the e-tailer offers up 48 hours of deals.

What alcohol deals are there on Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is the perfect time to buy a bottle of your favourite spirit at a discount.

Deals include: ,上海品茶会所Daphne,30 per cent off Tanqueray, Aviation and Malfy Gins.

Plus you can get 30 per cent off Jack Daniel’s, Laphroaig and Southern Comfort.

Haig Club Clubman 70 cl, £12.80, saving £3.20 – buy here South爱上海419ern Comfort Original, £15.50, saving £2.50 – buy here Plymouth Original Dry Gin, £18.99, saving £1.01 – buy here Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, £20, saving £7 – buy here Jura 10-year-old, £22.99, saving £7 – buy here How much does Amazon postage cost?

Postage costs from Amazon can vary, but Prime members get free next-day delivery on the majority of things.

If not, free standard delivery is available on most orders over £20, or over £10 on orders of eligible books.

If you’ve never signed up to Prime before, you can get a free 30-day trial (including free next-day shipping) by clicking here; it’ll come in handy if you’re stocking up in the Prime Day sale.

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PRIME TIME Amazon is selling an inflatable swimming pool with seats for a bargain price

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Check out Sun Selects if you want some product advice, whether you’re buying gadgets, homeware or fitness gear.

Amazon Prime Day will be TWO days of deals and discounts on TVs, toys and furniture Just PublishedPopular Articles

A third of Brits are swapping gyms and diets for dancing in the kitchen when it comes to getting fit, says survey


ALMOST a third of Brits now opt to get fit through dancing, a survey found.

Researchers discovered 16 per cent like to jig more than three times a week.

The most popular place to boogie is the kitchen but one in ten rate their moves as “dad dancer”.

And 16 per cent have “two left feet”, according to the figures from the Tesco Dance Beats campaign aiming to raise millions for Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.

Thousands of staff will attempt a world record at Wembley on Friday by dancing for 30 hours.

Campaign backer and former Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt, 37, said: “Come together to help beat cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.”


‘CANCER BY BO,上海品茶微信Randy,OB OP’ Mum sues surgeon after botched boob job ‘gave 爱上海419her breast cancer’

SPECIAL K Party drug Ketamine may be used to treat depression as docs say it works in hours

UNLUCKY IN LOVE Premature babies ,上海品茶会所Belle,are less likely to have sexual partners, study claims

BLINDNESS CURE Doctors restore patients’ sight with video camera and brain implant

EYE WATERING I almost went blind after parasite bored into my eye after I swam in contacts


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Donald Trump tells congresswomen to go back to ‘broken places’ they came from

Donald Trump has been accused of racism after telling a group of congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came”.

The US president made the remark earlier today aimed at the four women – despite all but one being born in the US.

In his shocking Twitter tirade, he claimed that they “came from countries whose governments are a complete and tota上海419论坛l catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world.”

The comment has been condemned by Democrats as “racist.”

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The shocking tweet read: “So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came? Then come back and show us how it is done.

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“These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

While he did not mention names, Mr Trump appeared to be referring to first-year Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

The group, known as “the squad”, have been very critical of Trump and also of the current Democratic leadership of the House.

Only Ms Omar, whose family left Somalia as refugees and arrived in Minneapolis in 1997, was born outside the United States.

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Ms Ocasio-Cortez, like Trump a native of New York City, responded on Twitter : “Mr. President, the country I ‘come from,’ and the country we all swear to, is the United States.

“You are angry because you can’t conceive of an America that includes us. You rely on a frightened America for your plunder.”

Ms Pressley shared a screenshot of Mr Trump’s tweet, adding: “THIS is what racism looks like. WE are what democracy looks like.”

While Ms Tlaib, congresswoman for Michigan’s 13th district, tweeted calling for Mr Trump’s impeachment.

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“Want a response to a lawless and complete failure of a president?,上海品茶工作室Ramona, He is the crisis. His dangerous ideology is the crisis. He needs to be impeached,” she wrote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, has fe,上海品茶QQEason,uded with the group in an increasingly bitter intra-party fight, but came to their defence along with other Democratic colleagues.

She wrote on Twitter: “When@realDonaldTrumptells four American Congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ has always been about making America white again.

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“Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power.

“Rather than attack Members of Congress, he should work with us for humane immigration policy that reflects American values.”

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin said on CBS’s Face the Nation: “Do I fit into the President’s category?” mentioning his family’s Lithuanian heritage.

“Thanks goodness,” he said of Ms Omar’s journey from refugee to one of only two Muslim women elected to Congress, along with Tlaib, a native of Detroit.

“That is what America holds as a dream. The president should not diminish it.”

Teenage son of Diana’s lady-in-waiting died in free-diving tragedy


THE teenage son of Princess Diana’s lady-in-waiting may have been tired before drowning as he attempted a “free-dive”, a coroner heard.

Scuba instructor Henry Byatt, 19, died relying on breath-holding underwater on Zakynthos, Greece, in August 2017.

He was working as a scuba diving instructor for Peligoni Club on the Greece island of Zakynthos when he died in August 2017. His mum, Diana’s pal Alexandra, acted as her lady-in-waiting from 1991 until 1997 and attended the hearing at Westminster coroner’s court.

Police have investigated the case extensively, but no criminal charges have been brought.

Senior Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox said the teenager was ‘very unwise’ when he decided to undertake a ‘free dive’ while on a break from work.

She said: “It was a voluntary activity on his part although it was during his working day.

“By the time Henry was recovered it’s quite clear from the evidence he was already deceased.

Free diving is a type of underwater swimming that relies on breath-holding rather than using proper scuba diving equipment such as oxygen tanks.

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A memorial page was set up online to pay tribute to the former Eastbourn,上海品茶工作室Mallory,e College student.

A statement from the East Sussex college said its community was “deeply saddened” by his death.

The full inquest will be in October.

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Premier League gossip: Manchester United’s £180m transfer, Delph to join Everton

The summer transfer window now only has a few weeks left to go as the new season fast approaches.

Teams in the Premier League are working hard to bring in new players ahead of the August deadline.

He,上海品茶工作室Edmund,re are the latest rumours from around the Premier League – and we’ve rated them as always.

Manchester United name Pogba asking price

Manchester United have set their asking price for Paul Pogba at £180million amid interest from Real Madrid.

The French international has made clear his intention to leave Old Trafford this summer with his agent Mino Raiola doing his talking for him.

Raiola told the press that the 26-year-old is looking to force a move away after United’s failure to make上海419论坛 the Champions League.

However United are determined to keep him at the club and the Daily Star reports that Madrid have now been told their valuation.

Pogba is currently in Australia for United’s pre-season tour with United looking to double the money they paid for Pogba three years ago.

Likelihood: I don’t see anyone paying that, basically.

Koscielny next move

Arsenal will not let Laurent Koscielny leave on a free transfer despite the captain’s refusal to travel on their pre-season tour.

The 33-year-old club captain has told the club he wants to quit to return to France for the final years of his contract.

He has one year left on his contract at the Emirates Stadium and Football London reports that the Gunners are looking for £8.8m.

Koscielny refused to join the club’s trip to America and now faces an uncertain future with Arsenal.

Likelihood: Arsenal are right to hold firm on this, given their previous reputation.

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Delph to join Everton

Fabian Delph is set to join Everton with an agreement close.

The Manchester City midfielder will head to Goodison Park for a fee of £8.5million which could rise to £10m with add-ons.

Delph, 29, has,上海品茶QQAbel, spent four years at the Etihad Stadium but was restricted to just 11 Premier League appearances last season.

He will now move on looking to pick up regular first-team football as he looks to extend his England international career.

Likelihood: That would be very good business for Everton.