Obama says journalists partly to blame for tone of presidential race

WASHINGTON ( ) – President Barack Obama on Monday laid some of the blame for the tone of the presidential campaign on political journalism that has been pinched by shrinking newsroom budgets and cheapened by a focus on retweets and likes on social media.

In a speech to a journalism awards dinner, Obama urged journalists to ask tougher questions of the candidates vying to be president. He v上海品茶QQoiced dismay over the vulgar rhetoric, violence at rallies and unrealistic campaign pledges that have,专门哟啪的微信群Queena, continually grabbed headlines, in a thinly veiled reference to Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

“The number one question I’m getting as I travel around the world or talk to world leaders right now is, ‘What is happening in America?’ about our politics,” Obama said, describing international alarm over whether the United States will continue to function effectively.

“It’s not because around the world people have not seen crazy politics. It is that they understand America is the place where you can’t afford completely crazy politics,” he said.

“When our elected officials and our political campaigns become entirely untethered to reason and facts and analysis, when it doesn’t matter what’s true and what’s not, that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations,” Obama said.

He said the media landscape has changed since his first presidential campaign in 2008, when “there was a price if you said one thing and then did something completely different.

“The question is, in the current media environment, is that still true? Does that still hold?” he said.

He said news organizations have a responsibility to dig deeper despite the faster pace of “this smartphone age” and steep financial pressures in the news business.

Voters “would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability, especiall,上海品茶工作室Sabina,y when polit,上海品茶交友群Caitlin,icians issue unworkable plans or make promises they can’t keep,” Obama said.

The New York Times earlier this month reported that Trump has so far earned almost $1.9 billion worth of media coverage, compared with $313 million for the next closest Republican challenger, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and $746 million for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Email privacy bill unanimously passes U.S. House

WASHINGTON ( ) – The U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday to require law enforcement authorities to get a search warrant before asking technology companies to hand over old emails.

The bill’s prospects in the Senate remain unclear, though the 419-0 vote in the House was likely to put pressure on the upper chamber to approve it.

Under the Email Pr上海品茶QQivacy Act, which updates a decades-old law, authorities would have to get a warrant to access emails or other digital communications more than 180 days old. At present, agencies such as the U.S. Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission only need a subpoena to seek such data from a service provider.

Supporters of the legislation say it is needed to update the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). Technology companies and privacy advocates say that statute was written before the rise of the Internet and so is outdated.

The issue of law enforcement access to ,上海品茶工作室Paisley,private electronic communications has been at the center of an international debate.

This was reflected in the Justice Department’s high-profile pursuit of a court order earlier this year to force Apple Inc (AAPL.O) to help unlock an en,上海喝茶资源群Barrett,crypted iPhone linked to one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters.

Separately, Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) earlier this month filed lawsuit in federal court against the Justice Department, alleging the government is using ECPA in a way that violates the U.S. Constitution.

The company argued ECPA is too often used to prevent the company from notifying its users, sometimes indefinitely, when investigat,上海品茶论坛Barbara,ors pry into emails and other data stored on remote servers.

More than a quarter of senators have endorsed similar legislation in the upper chamber to the House bill, including No. 2 Republican John Cornyn.

But it was unclear if Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who holds jurisdiction over the legislation, intends to move it forward during an election year.

The Iowa Republican will review the House bill, consult with stakeholders and his committee “and decide where to go from there,” a spokeswoman told in an email.

Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Lee, the Democratic and Republican authors of the Senate bill, praised the House vote in a statement as “an historic step toward updating our privacy laws for the digital age” and urged quick consideration.

Islamic State commander killed in Afghanistan, U.S. forces say

KABUL ( ) – A senior commander of the Islamic State militant group was killed in Afghanistan in a raid, U.S. Forces Afghanistan said on Saturday.

Khetab Emir was killed in the raid on Ja,上海品茶工作室Oakley,n 10 in the eastern area of Nangarhar province, said Lt. Ubon Mendie, a spokesman for the U.S. forces based in Afghanistan.

Emir, who was known by multiple names, facilitated high-profile attacks and supplied Islamic State fighters with weapons and materials to make explosives, Mendie said in a statem上海品茶工作室ent.

“His removal helps protect innocent Afghans from future Islamic State violence and weakens their presence in Nangarhar,” Mendie said.

Islamic State fighters have developed a stronghold in the province on Afghanistan’s eastern border with Pakistan and have become one of the country’s most dange,专门哟啪的微信群Barney,rous militant groups.

The hardline militant group’s local affiliate, known as Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) after an old name for the region that includes Afghanistan, has been active since 2015, fighting the Taliban as well as Afghan and foreign forces.

The fight against Islamic State and other militant groups including Al Qaeda and the Taliban is at the heart of the U.S. led counterterrorism mission being conducted alongside the NATO-led Resolute Support operation aimed at train,上海品茶微信Cadence,ing and advising Afghan security forces.

Australia to force local governments to induct citizens on national…

SYDNEY ( ) – Australia’s federal government has ordered local governments to hold naturalization ceremonies for new citizens on Australia Day amid controversy over the holiday, which some claim is offensive to its indigenous people.

The government is proposing th,上海品茶QQLance,at all local government bodies in Australia, typically referred to as councils, must hold induction ceremonies for new citizens on the Australia Day holiday on Jan. 26 and the Australian Citizenship Day holiday on Sept. 17 or have their authorization revoked, Immigration Minister David Coleman said in an emailed statement on Sunday.

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first British fleet to Sydney Cove where the British flag was raised on the continent marking the start of colonization.

Aborigines trace their lineage on the island c上海品茶工作室ontinent back 50,000 years and for them, the date marks the start of the loss of their cultural heritage and suffering under discriminatory policies.

The holiday has become controversial with pressure by activists to change the date from what they call “Invasion Day”.

The country’s 700,000 or so indigenous people tra,专门哟啪的微信群Eason,ck near the bottom of its 25 million citizens in almost every economic and social indicator.

Several local councils have stopped holding citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day because of concerns the date is insulting to Aborigines.

At a press conference tel,上海品茶论坛Lark,evised by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday, Immigration Minister Coleman said more than 100 of the country’s 537 councils do not hold citizenship ceremonies on the Australia Day holiday.

However, Australian Local Government Association President David O’Loughlin said councils hold multiple citizenship ceremonies throughout the year and the majority of those who skip Australia Day do so for practical reasons.

“It’s a very expensive undertaking to do a public event on a public holiday,” he told on Sunday. “About two or three only moved the day for ideological reasons.”

The proposed changes to the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code are planned for introduction by the first half of 2019, the minister’s statement said. Coleman plans to write to the councils and receive feedback on the changes, the statement said.

Jury selection set for trial of former Connecticut governor Rowland

NEW HAVEN Conn. ( ) – Jury selection begins Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Connecticut for the trial of former Governor John Rowland on charges of violating campaign laws by seeking back-room consulting jobs on two Republican congressional campaigns.

Rowland, 57, who was forced to resign as governor a de,上海品茶水磨Fabiana,cade ago for corruption, pleaded not guilty in April to seven criminal counts in the latest case. The charges included conspiracy and falsifying records that accuse him of trying to conceal payments from two congressional campaigns he worked on as a consultant from 2009 through 2012.

Prospective jurors will report Tuesday to court to begin the jury selection process and are scheduled to return next week, said Thomas Carson, a spokesman for federal prosecutors in New Haven, Connecticut. ,上海品茶会所Barrett,

The trial is set to begin Sept. 3.

Rowland’s lawyers argued in motions last month that the campaign finance restrictions cited by prosecutors are unconstitutional in light of a recent U.S. Supreme Court r,上海品茶网Fabi,uling that struck down limits on how much individuals can donate in an election cycle.

They also asked jurors be barred from hearing about Rowland’s earlier conviction when he was forced from office after pleading guilty to accepting gifts and work at his home from contractors who were awarded lucrative state contracts. He served 10 ten months in prison in 2006 on those charges.

The latest case against Rowland involves former Republican congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley and her husband, Brian Foley, who prosecutors say agreed to pay Rowland $35,000 under what they described as an illegal contract when he worked as a political consultant during the 2012 campaign.

Prosecutors said the contract called for Rowland to be paid for non-existent work at nursing homes operated by Brian Foley, and that the payments to Rowland amounted to illegal contributions by Brian Foley to his wife’s campaign.

The couple ha上海品茶QQs pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

Federal prosecutors also accuse Rowland of previously attempting to work as a paid, but secret consultant on the GOP congressional campaign of Mark Greenberg in 2009.

Wilson-Foley and Greenberg both lost their congressional bids.

Defense lawyer Reid Weingarten argued in court documents that Rowland is guilty of no crime in connection with Greenberg because the document was never signed.

Weingarten also contended that the contracts Rowland did sign do not violate campaign finance laws.

UK PM’s Brexit plans opposed by 80 rebels in her party: former…

LONDON ( ) – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party faces a “catastrophic split” if she persists with her proposals on Brexit, which 80 or more of her lawmakers are prepared to vote against, a former junior m,上海品茶网Dakota,inister said.

Such public criticism, a day after former foreign minister Boris Johnson described her Brexit plans as “a suicide vest” wrapped around the British constitution, indicates how hard it could be for May to get any Brexit deal approved.

Steve Baker, a former junior Brexit minister who resigned over May’s so-called Chequers proposals on Brexit, told the Press Association that May faced a massive problem at the Sept. 30-Oct. 3 party conference.

If 80 of May’s 315 lawmakers voted against a Brexit deal based on her proposals, the fate of the government and exit process would depend on the opposition Labour Party, because she would not command the 320 votes needed to dominate parliament.

“If we come out of conference with her hoping to get Chequers through on the back of Labour votes, I think the EU negotiators would probably understand that if that were done, the Tory party would suffer the catastrophic split which thus far we have managed to avoid,” Baker was quoted as saying.

Other Conservatives have given much more modest estimates of the number of lawmakers who oppos上海品茶工作室e her plans. While some Brexiteers are unhappy with her premiership, they see May as their best immediate hope of ensuring the UK leave,上海品茶QQTallulah,s the EU.

Does the best restaurant in Hull live up to the hype? We tried it to find out

It is the top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor and has been called a “hidden gem.”

Nibble in Hull Marina is holding the number one spot on TripAdvisor, beating off the city’s 488 other restaurants, cafes and other eateries.

Out of 250 people to have reviewed Nibble, 200 described it as “excellent”. A total of 38 described it as,上海品茶工作室Talon, “very good”.

After hearing about the wonderful reviews of Nibble, we decided to try it out to see if it was everything that it was cracked up to be – and we were not disappointed.

A friend and I went for lunch at Nibble in the week on a hot, sunny day and we took advantage of the seating outside near to the CD4I building and made ourselves comfortable.

It was not long before a friendly member of staff came out and gave us a menu each and took our drinks orders.

We went for an espresso each to perk ourselves up and a fizzy drink and had a look through what food was on offer, while taking in the view of Hull Minster and Humber Street nearby.

There were plenty of breakfast and lunchtime options on the menu, including an array of egg dishes, as well as breakfast burgers and sandwiches, but there was not much else for lunch on the main menu other than sandwiches and burgers.

Read More Food Reviews 2019

The specials were displayed inside which included a few more options than sandwiches for lunch. We were told what was on offer, and I decided to go for the steak and eggs special, with my friend ordering eggs Benedict, with the addition of salami.

There was not much of a wait at all before our food came out, but we did accidentally confuse the staff by retreating to another table in the shade rather than the sun, as the heat got a bit too much for us.

The food was delicious – my steak was medium rare and cooked to perfection, and came with tomatoes and spinach, with the poached eggs served on a bread bun bed. There was also a drizzling of spicy sauce and green pesto, which was a tasty accompaniment to the dish.

My friend really enjoyed her eggs and said that the avocado and salami went really well together, and that the bread was also nice.

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The only downside to sitting outside was the constant barrage of small black flies landing on our faces and arms while we ate, which was a bit annoying, but nothing could be done to help it as I suppose it comes with the territory, and there was the option to sit inside.

A couple of bigger flies also seemed to take an active interest in my friend, who did not act cool at all and did almost a full lap of the outdoor seating area to try and get away. At least she worked off some of her lunch I suppose.

After having a look at the homemade desserts that were on offer, we could not leave without sampling some. It took a while to decide on what we wanted as everything looked so nice, but in the end we went for a cherry bakewell slice and a jammy dodger blondie.

Find the latest food hygiene ratings near you

They were both scrumptious but very filling, and we just about ate our treats which were well worth the calories.

I can definitely see why Nibble has such a high rating on TripAdvisor based on my experience there, and I’ll definitely be back to try out other options on the menu, and to grab a coffee and cake again when I’m in the area.

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MP demands seagulls are ‘fed contraceptives’ after pet chihuahua snatched

An,上海品茶工作室Nicole, MP has called on the government to feed the seagulls contraceptives after reports of pets being abducted and beach-goers attacked by the sea birds.

A chihuahua called Gizmo was snatched away by a gull last week from its owner’s garden in Devon and people have come under attack by the ferocious birds.

John Woodcock, the Independent MP for Barrow and Furness, who had previously called for a national seagull summit to tackle the problem, also said Brexit could help to remove protections for the birds, allowing more direct action to be taken.

Mr Woodcock said: “The seagull issue has been a menace for years. Putting contraceptives in food has been effective in some areas.

“An alternative is replacing their eggs with fakes.”

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The latest figures show that the number of gulls in Britain has quadrupled in the first 15 years of this century.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds stated that all seven breeds of gull in the UK are subject to ‘conservative concern’ despite an increase in population.

But Mr Woodcock believed the charity was being overprotective and suggested them to put their efforts on the breeds that are struggling to live in the wild.

He said: “Let local communities take action against the fat, aggressive urban sods that dive bomb us, crap on our cars, steal food out of our hands and terrorise our pets.”

All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which made it illegal to kill or injure any gull or damage its nest.

BBC Science Focus suggested that there has been no change in that ‘they have always been very aggressive’.

The fear of gulls is not limited to the UK only but residents in Australia worried that drug-resistant bugs from the gulls could cause infections in people.

The germs can be transferred through the contact with the bird’s excrement, which is commonly seen in public spaces.

The RSPB has responded to Mr Woodcock’s ‘contraceptives’ proposal and said “the most effective measures to discouraging gulls nesting in urban areas is to reduce access to food and the attractiveness of nest sites.”

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The four-year-old Gizmo was picked up by a seagull from the home garden where owner Rebecca Hill’s partner witnessed the brazen act.

Ms Hill and other neighbours have been searching in the gardens and roads surrounding the home in爱上海419 a bid to find Gizmo.

A pensioner claimed he was trapped in his home for six days after seagulls repeatedl,上海品茶微信Magda,y attacked him and his wife.

Roy Pickard, 77, needed treatment in hospital for cuts to the back of his head after the birds swooped to protect their young outside his home in Knott End, near Morecambe Bay, Lancashire.

Matt Chapman looks ahead to a thrilling King George with Frankie Dettori and Enable the hot favourites


AS an Arsenal fan, Frankie Dettori is not used to footballing celebrations, but expect the kind of chanting Tottenham fans often enjoy at White Hart Lane should Enable blitz her rivals at Ascot today.

John Gosden’s mare returns in a sizzling renewal of the Group 1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, live on ITV.

Incredibly, Enable, the dual Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe heroine, is not officially the most talented horse in the race.

That title goes to current best horse on the planet and Prince of Wales’s Stakes hero Crystal Ocean, currently with a mark of 127 compared to Enable’s 125.

However, those that saw the latter spit out the former at Kempton last term would spit their cornflakes out at the thought of Crystal Ocean being superior. Ratings are a funny old thing.

Enable and Crystal Ocean head the eleven-runner line-up. But there’s much more to this King George than just the main players.

The mid-summer highlight has often been graced by a clash of generations. Class three-year-olds like Shergar, Dancing Brave, Reference Point, Nashwan, Generous, Galileo, Alamshar and Nathaniel all scored since the 1980s, while older victors number stars like Time Charter, Swain, Montjeu, Azamour and Hurricane Run.

The Classic generation is once again represented, with the Derby hero Anthony Van Dyck getting 11lb from Crystal Ocean. With cheek pieces on first time he could well get in the mix.

Then there is Defoe, who was gelded at the start if the campaign and after a couple of dodgy efforts for Roger Varian has not looked back, scoring at Epsom in the Coronation Cup and the Hardwicke at the Royal fixture.

Andre Fabre’s French challenger Waldgeist is talented but seemingly better at home than abroad, while the 2017 Japan Cup victor Cheval Grand will enjoy quick conditions.

Dettori really does hold the key.

The Italian is unbeaten in ten rides on Enable, but also has an excellent record on Crystal Ocean, having been on board his main rival at Ascot last time.

It’s not just Enable that Dettori has beaten Crystal Ocean with either, as he destroyed Sir Michael Stoute’s big gun when on board Cracksman in the 2018 Qipco Champion Stakes.

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KING OR QUEEN? Racecard, verdict, tips and all you need for Saturday’s King George at Ascot

My feeling is that a peak form Enable has more speed than Crystal Ocean and more stamina as well, so if both bring their A-game I can’t imagine the mare not coming out on top.

I expect Enable to score.

But as far as betting is concerned I’ll have a few quid each-way on Anthony Van Dyck for Aidan O’Brien.

A National Stakes runner-up and Dewhurst third as a juvenile, Anthony Van Dyck has always had class and came into his own stepped up in trip this term, landing the Lingfield Derby trial before the main event at Epsom.

After that Classic success he went to the Curragh for a shambles of a renewal of the Irish Derby, and was never placed to challenger the ridiculous winner Sovereign, who got an easy time of things up front. Getting the weight Anthony Van Dyk might be a joker in the pack.

I would hazard a guess that Waldgeist annoys Andre Fabre.

The son of Galileo has on the odd occasion suggested he has brilliance, including when slamming the disappointing Study Of Man in the Ganay. But then Waldgeist never got involved in the Prince of Wales’s Stakes and previously was beaten in a Cumberland Lodge at 4-7.

He’s talented, but hard to predict. Fast ground might not be ideal either.

A furious pace looks assured, with likely leader Hunting Horn cheek-pieced and Norway capable of pushing the gallop as well.

That will suit Japanese raider Cheval Grand. He had excuses in the 2016 Japan Cup when his trainer felt the preparation was rushed and the entire was drawn 17/17.

Fresh from 48-day absence a year later, and with Hugh Bowman taking over in the saddle, he came home strongly to surge to the front deep inside the final furlong. It gave his handler Yasuo Tomomichi his first win in the race.

Do not totally ignore the old boy, although his form with Old Persian in Meydan suggests he has something to find.

All in all this is a terrific clash and a race not to be missed. Enable has not been at her brilliant best in three runs now. But she has had excuses and without doubt is the horse 爱上海to beat. Can Anthony Van Dyck make use of his allowance? Find out later today!

The Sun Racing Team look ahead to the King George and the best of the rest on Saturday

Hull’s Stars in Their Eyes winner Ian Moor on his new life away from the spotlight

It was 20 years ago that his rendition of Lady in Red catapulted him to stardom and made him a household name.

For the next seven years it was a whirlwind of television interviews, concert gigs and studio recordings.

But now life has slowed down for Stars in Their Eyes winner Ian Moor who has embraced a return to a more ‘normal’ lifestyle.

Today he enjoys life as a lab technician at a secondary school near Bingley in West Yorkshire living with his fiancée and two dogs. His parents still live in Willerby.

To some, it may sound like a sad fall from grace but Ian does not see it that way at all.

“I gave up being a professional singer in 2006 as I struggled to find the top range due to a couple of medical issues including asthma,” he said.

“I am now a science lab technician and have been for 12 years at a couple of schools in West Yorkshire.

“What happened back then is now a generation ago, it was another life.

“I am still remembered by lots of people but I never really mention it now. It is not part of my life anymore.

“One guy I have become friends with after bowling with him was taken aback when he found out. He had no idea.”

Not only did Ian win Stars in Their Eyes, hosted by Matthew Kelly, but he went on to clinch the title of Champion of Champions.

He all but abandoned the performing life for a number of years but has started to embrace it again recently, albeit at a far more low-key level.

“I have done a few gigs here and there and I am a member of the Society of Mice which is a Hull organisation which performs for charity,” he said.

“But just last week I did my first proper gig for 12 years as a favour to a friend I go bowling with. It went pretty well although I struggled in a couple of areas.

“People told me afterwards I should do more and perhaps I will do some other small performances.”

For Ian, that whirlwind period of fame feels far removed nowadays as a 45-year-old.

“It doesn’t feel like 20 years ago and a lot has happened in that time,” he said.

“The first three or four years after I appeared on Stars in Their Eyes was bonkers.

“I did a lot of cool stuff. I made a studio album, toured the country and made several television appearances.

Read More

“But now I just do t,上海品茶QQKathleen,he odd things. At Guiseley School where I work I was a judge in our inaugural Got Talent show and I have been asked to judge other talent shows too.”

Before appearing on Stars in Their Eyes, Ian was a lab technician in the private sector, working in Bankside.

While performing the odd gig, Ian did not think of a career as a singer but that soon changed.

“I was doing a charity gig for the Society of Mice and one of the members said I sounded just like Chris De Burgh,” he said.

“Stars in Their Eyes was the only talent show back then and I sent off a tape. I didn’t expect anything from it.

“I got a call inviting me to audition in Leeds in front of a couple of researchers. I then got called to a second audition in Manchester and knew it was getting serious. Before I knew it I was on the show.

“It was all very surreal. It was not how I grew up. While I had been singing since I was seven I never had any real ambition to make a career out of it or seek fame.”

Appearing on the show proved a positive experience for Ian despite the pitfalls fame can bring.

“Before Stars in Their Eyes I didn’t have much confidence but after I knew I could do it,” he said.

“I had performed at the highest level and if some people didn’t like it then it didn’t matter to me.

“You can’t please everyone but I achieved a lot during that time.

“In many ways it was not really me but when I went on stage I became a different character. I could do what needed to be done.”

Read More

While some of those who have tasted fame are desperate to cling on to it, that was never the case for Ian.

“To be honest, that life was never really for me,” he said, “and I just enjoyed it while it lasted. When it all ended it did not hurt.

“I never dreamed it would ever get that big so it was all a bonus to me.

“I am very happy with what I do now although the showman in me still comes out now and again.”

Ian has strong views on the explosion of reality television shows but insists Stars in Their Eyes was a talent show and not a reality programme.

Read More

“Reality television is about as far from reality as you can get,” he said. “Stars in Their Eyes was never a reality show.

“BGT and the X Factor are still talent shows but it is also much more about the person themselves now.

“I do not fundamentally agree with the way these shows are presented. They are a bit of a con.

“On Stars in Their Eyes, while you were performing as someone else, what you saw was what you got.

“But I did apply for X Factor when it first came out in 2004 but I never got through. A lot of very good singers I knew also applied but none of us were successful.

“These shows have changed and evolved. We laugh at these people and we get to know and take an interest in their lives.”

Life could have been very different for Ian if he had maintained his fame and grown but it was not meant to be.

“After a while it was clear my singing career was coming to an end as I struggled with my voice,” he said.

Read More

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me in the end like it doesn’t for hundreds of thousands of others.

“I don’t know if I would have been able to handle it if I had reached major stardom. Some people say it would never change them but you can never be sure.

“That said, I am very proud of what I achieved. It was never an ambition of mine to become a star.”

Rather than regret, Ian looks back fondly on his time in the spotlight.

“I ended up recording an album and I have some fantastic memories,” he said.

“One of the first shows I did after Stars in Their Eyes was a concert gig in Leeds. I met a girl there after the show and I am still with her all these years later and we are engaged.”

Ian did produce an album in 2001 called Naturally which broke into the top 40, peaking at number 38.

“The highlight during that time was recording my album,” he said. “I have vivid memories from that time.

“The year before I was invited down to the larg,上海品茶会所Iona,e studio in London for a day to watch Chris de Burgh record. It was an amazing experience.

“But a year later I was back at the same studio recording my very own album. It was bonkers.

“I remember doing a version of Don McLean’s Vincent and we did it in just one take.

“I did plenty of television shows. I met Sir David Frost and Lloyd Grossman when I featured on Through the Keyhole and I was the closing act on the Gerry Kelly Show in Belfast. Status Quo performed as well but I ended up higher up on the bill!

“I also dueted with Chris de Burgh a couple of times including on the Grand Show of Stars in Th爱上海419eir eyes.

“But I has plenty of knock backs before and you will always get for more of those than successes.”

So, what advice does Ian have for wannabe stars in Hull?

“Don’t take criticism too seriously,” he said. “But take on board constructive criticism and always listen to those closest to you. They will give an honest opinion.

“I don’t regret anything from my singing days but I enjoy what I do now. I have my fiancée and my two dogs. I like the freedom of this life now.”

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Brexit: ‘Emergency budget’ raises no-deal fears

One of Boris Johnson’s closest allies has sto,上海品茶QQSabrina,ked fears of a no-deal Brexit by suggesting there will be an emergency budget in the autumn.

Kit Malthouse, who has bee,上海上海419论坛品茶工作室Patrice,n named policing minister, twice said during media appearances on Thursday that the Chancellor would deliver an emergency budget.

The claim was immediately denied by Whitehall officials and Downing Street, who said no emergency budget was “planned”.

A budget would be needed if the government was to use up £26 billion of ‘fiscal headroom’ and borrow to invest in the economy and stave off a possible recession in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Malthouse, who served as the Prime Minister’s deputy during Mr Johnson’s time as London Mayor, toured TV studios yesterday to announced plans to recruit 20,000 new police officers in England over the next three years.

Asked how the £1.1bn police pledge would be paid for, Mr Malthouse told Sky News that borrowing would have to increase, adding: “The Prime Minister has also announced there’s going to be an emergency budget in the autumn which will be designed to stimulate the economy.

“What you hope is that a more strongly growing economy will produce greater tax revenue which we can pay for some of the things we want to do.”

And a spokesman for the Treasury responded: “As usual, the Chancellor will announce the timings of any fiscal event.”

Mr Johnson made an estimated £30bn of spending pledges during the Tory leadership campaign.

Lads go for ‘quiet night out’ but end up going on 27-hour Ibiza bender

LADS ON TOUR: Callum (left) and Ross went on the epic 27 bender after a quiet night out (Pic: ROSS TYSON/ GRIMSBY LIVE)

“I tried to get to sleep but I had too mu爱上海ch adrenaline to go to sleep”

Ross Tyson

Pals Ross Tyson, 21, and Callum Cook, 22, had headed out for a few drinks in Cleethorpes, Lincs, before having a sudden change of plan.

As the duo knocked back their drinks, Ross saw a post about Ibiza Rocks on social media – which is when the madness began.

Agricultural contractor Ross said: “I saw a post about Ibiza Rocks on Instagram so I replied ‘what about going to Ibiza Instead and Callum replied back ‘Yeah, why not’.”

The lads had been drinking at The King’s Head in Tealby, and booked the tickets at 11.30pm for a 6.45am the following morning for a flight out of Leeds Bradford Airport.

Durham farm saves with grassland focus and regular weighing

Measuring and recording grass growth and weighing livestock more frequently has opened up cost-saving opportunities on an upland grazing farm.

David and Joyce Monkhouse of Low Houselop Farm, Tow Law, County Durham, are now looking at marketing cattle younger and grazing smaller paddock sizes where possible.

Originally from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, Mr Monkhouse moved from a county council tenancy in 2007, starting with 50 cows and 250 shearlings at Low Houselop.

The farm has bred hard-working stock. Last year the herd achieved a £472 gross profit margin per cow, putting the farm comfortably in the top 25% of all suckler herds on Farmbench, the AHDB’s costings programme.

A deer enterprise was added in 2017 to diversify income streams, and in September 2017 Low Houselop became anAHDB Strategic Farm.

“I grew up thinking about cost of production,” explains Mr Monkhouse. “Topping the mart is great if you can do it, but it’s about the costs that get you there that matter.

“Every year I learn and I am certainly not perfect. We have our successes and failures every year – it’s just about trying to improve.”

See also: How to assess cow efficiency with liveweight measurement

Rotational grazing

Pasture runs up to the fell boundary and ranges from about 860ft to over 1,000ft in the Durham Pennines.

Field si爱上海419zes vary but are typically about 4-8ha. And, with the property not having mains water, the farm has struggled to rotational graze the cattle and sheep and subdivide pasture into paddocks.

However, a grazing trial (carried out as part of the farm’s involvement with the AHDB Strategic Farm project) has compared a 7.3ha block of pasture that was subdivided with a two-field 9.7ha block that was set-stocked last summer.

The land runs next to a natural water course and all paddocks in the field were supplied with water by dividing it up into long, thin sections running down to the stream.

The rotationally grazed field averaged covers of 3,340kg/ha DM, compared with 2,100kg/ha DM and 2,820kg/ha DM in the larger block.

This equates to being able to graze five more cows per hectare if grazing for seven days at a time on each hectare, explains veterinary nutritionist Debby Brown of Dugdale Nutrition, who is managing the Strategic Farm project with the Monkhouses.

By growing an extra 520kg/ha DM of grass each day, and with cows eating 16kg DM daily (2.5% of a 640kg cow’s bodyweight), the gains could lead to a shorter winter, less supplementary feeding in the shoulder months or possibly slightly higher stocking rates.

“Not everything works here,” explains Mr Monkhouse. “Calving at two and a really tight calving block don’t suit me, but dividing the paddocks up definitely does.”

Extra grass grown ,上海品茶微信Irma,as a result of rotational grazing has allowed the number of ewes and lambs per acre to increase from five to eight.

Grass was measured with a plate meter whenever animals entered and left a paddock. Figures were stored on a programme called Pasture Management Software.

Weighing at weaning

David Monkhouse

The Strategic Farm project also involved weighing calves and cows and calculating the weight of the calf as a percentage of the dam’s weight at weaning (cow efficiency).

Previously, Mr Monkhouse didn’t weigh cattle, but the project showed that adding weigh bars to a handling system (at a cost of £1,500-£2,000) can show how hard cows are working.

The trial has revealed the superior efficiency of the cross-bred cows.

The herd is mainly based around Limousin suckler cows and Shorthorn/Limousin-cross cows, with pure Limousin cows also bred to a Parthenaise bull to produce fast-growing calves.

The cross-breds are slightly smaller and slightly more efficient (see table). They had a great year in 2017, when they reared 100% (calves weaned per cow put to the bull).

Mr Monkhouse says: “The Limousin and Shorthorn cross is clearly a good combination. I don’t know why there aren’t more Shorthorn breeders crossing a few for sale, I really like them.”

Going forward, this information will be used to find the cows that are the most efficient and look to retain heifers from them, thus improving the weaning efficiency of the herd.

Herd performance

Key performance indicator

Limousin-cross Shorthorn 2017/18

Limousin 2017/18

Limousin-cross Shorthorn 2018/19

Limousin 2018/19

Cow weight at weaning (kg)





Calf at weaning (200 days)





Daily liveweight gain (kg/day)





Weaning efficiency (%)





Weighing in the winter

The Monkhouses have started selling youngstock to a private buyer months earlier than previously, after looking at weight gains and the cost of achieving those gains.

Bull calves used to be sold in March and heifers in late spring. However, now bulls are sold in January and heifers in March, saving on 90 days of store ration.

Each day the store ration of soya, minerals and barley (£200/t) costs £1.60 a head for 8kg of ration/day, including the cost of a visit from a mill and mix machine.

There are also six to seven silage bales and straw bedding every week to account for, with Mr Monkhouse calculating a rough wintering cost of £2 a head/day.

Selling earlier is a trade-off between saving feed and labour costs and selli,上海品茶QQFelipe,ng smaller calves for less, he explains.

Mr Monkhouse is now considering selling bulls in December and heifers in January, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The numbers

89%Numbers of cows calved in the first nine weeks of calving

1.31kgAverage daily liveweight gain of the Shorthorn-cross calves for the past two summers – 1.12kg/week more than the Limousin calves

87%Calves born alive per cow bulled for 2018

System Calving: 1 March to the end of May. Bulls: Typically bought as yearlings so they can be grown naturally and acclimatise to the farm. A budget of £2,000-£3,000 typically secures good young bulls for the farm. Each bull sires 15-20 cows. Haylage: One crop is taken in July, typically analysing at 50-60% dry matter, 11-12 crude protein and 9.5-10 metabolisable energy Creep feeding: Calves are fed a 17% protein pellet from July, with rolled barley mixed in. Housing: Pneumonia vaccinations are started in September and cattle and youngstock are housed in November. Weaning: A few days after housing. Calves fed silage and creep feed, backs are clipped, all cattle are weighed and cows, heifers and bulls are drafted separately. Turnout: Usually happens in mid-May after all calves have been born and cows have had a magnesium bolus and a general purpose (copper, selenium, iodine) bolus.

Dillian Whyte: Deontay Wilder calls boxing a 'dirty game' after rival's drugs test scandal

Deontay Wilder has described Dillian Whyte’s alleged failed drugs test as further evidence that boxing is a ‘dirty game’ and has called on authorities to hand the Londoner a significant ban.

British heavyweight boxing was rocked this week when it was reported that Whyte, the mandatory challenger for Wilder’s WBC title, had tested positive for one or more banned substances in a test conducted by Ukad prior to the ‘Bodysnatcher’s’ victory over Oscar Rivas at the weekend.

Whyte has countered that he beat the Colombian fair and square after being cleared to fight and says he is disappointed by the ‘rubbish’ which has since emerged.

We’ll tell you what’s tru爱上海419e. You can form your own view.

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But Wilder, who visited the fabled Fitzroy Lodge boxing club to meet some of its young boxers on Friday, believes Whyte is bang to rights. He was also horrified that details of the drugs test were not disclosed to Rivas or his team prior to the fight.

The Jamaica-born 31-year-old has already served a two-year ban during his career but insists he only ingested the banned substances after drinking an over-the-counter energy drink called Jack3d.

And Wilder said: “It’s very wrong. Even if they had a tiny bit in your body, it shouldn’t be in your body, period. If it was only a tiny little bit, how much did you really have in your system? You were cycling and you probably miscalculated the cycling.

“These guys become very smart. You’ve got to remember this is his second offence. What is he going to blame it on this time? Energy drink!? I can’t wait to hear the excuse. Right now they’re just trying to build an excuse.

“It’s just disgusting that Rivas’ team not to know. I think it’s the worst time for this information to come out because we’ve had two deaths in boxing. This is an emotional sport so they’re connected to these deaths and these fighters. This is a reality check, we’re risking our lives.

“Sometimes I think ‘what are these fighters thinking putting these drugs in their body?’ There are side effects – like the rage and being angry all the time. I also know that when they take it they are trying to advance to the top. But don’t cheat your way to the top. Some people will do anything to support their family. This is a dirty game right here.

“If you look at a six-month ban, that’s just regular protocol. Most fighters fight from three to six months, that’s regular protocol. So banning someone for six months, that’s no justice.

“You’ve got to give them a stiffer ban and if they do it three times, then they should be banned for life. That’s how I look at it.”

Whyte is one of a number of leading heavyweights to have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and Wilder has been linked with offenders in the past.

A money-spinning clash with Alexander Povetkin fell out of bed back in 2017 due to the Russian testing positive for meldonium while Wilder last year beat Luis Ortiz, who failed a 2017 test for the banned diuretics chlorothiazide and hydrochlorothiazide.

But Wilder said: “I have nothing to prove. What I do has been consistent, over and over again, I’ve proved what I’m capable of doing without using PEDs. I’ve been tested over 20 times this year so, let the good times roll, I don’t have to worry about that.

“In my mind it doesn’t matter who my mandatory is to be honest. This is boxing, they may pull a trick out of the hat and nothing happens and he still is the mandatory. I can’t worry about what I can’t control. I have had many ups and downs in my career due to guys testing positive for PEDS. I’ve lost a lot of money about it so it’s a very touchy subject for me. But I also understand I can’t control these situations so anything I can’t control I don’t waste any energy on it.”

Wilder also predicted that Anthony Joshua will lose his planned rematch Andy Ruiz Jr unless he takes a warm-up bout first.

Joshua was relieved of his WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles by the unheralded Mexican-American at Madison Square Garden on 1 June when he was stopped in the seventh round of their bruising contest.

The London 2012 Olympic champion is set to exercise the rematch clause in their initial fight contract with the pair set to clash once more before 2019 is over.

But Wilder has backed Ruiz to cause the upset for a second time because Joshua still cannot work out why he lost.

“I feel he should get a warm-up,” Wilder said. “It’s going to be very hard for him now because he doesn’t even know why he lost.

“He doesn’t even know what shots hit him. He went back to his corner and said ‘what did I get hit with?’ That’s the wrong questions to ask. When you’re a champion, you’ve got to learn on the job.

“Throughout my whole career, I had to learn on the job, from the Olympics, professionally, I had to learn on the job.

“I can’t blame it on his experience because every time you see him, he’s working out. He’s got all these people with him. He should be at the top of his game and he shouldn’t be going back to his corner and saying, ‘what did I get hit with?’

“It’ll be a lot easier for me to beat him now. I’ve been saying it f,上海品茶工作室Geraldine,or a while, Joshua’s mindset is not as strong. He is not that strong, he doesn’t have confidence in himself. He says he started lifting weights because he did not have confidence in himself. He had low self-esteem.

“But looking the part and looking like you can do something does not mean you can do it.”

Train users in Derbyshire urged to ‘check before you travel’ on East Midlands Trains services

Railway passengers have been urged not to use some East Midlands T,上海品茶工作室Larson,rains services this weekend amid weather-related faults and a series of strike actions.

High temperatures have caused faults on the line connecting Nottingham and Sheffield to London St Pancras, leading to a reduced service on the line.

Repairs to the overhead equipment means some services will not run, and railway users have been urged to check all railway timetables before attempting to travel.

It is understood there will be no service between Nottingham and London St Pancras on Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28.

There will also be a reduced timetable on local East Midlands Trains services due to a series of RMT industrial strike actions, which will affect services in the East Midlands connecting Chesterfield and Matlock to Sheffield and Derby.

Replacement bus services will be organised for some services, and the train operator has urged residents to check its website HERE to find out 爱上海whether their route will be affected.Jake Kelly, managing director for East Midlands Trains said: “We’re sorry to everybody who has experienced disrupted journeys over the past two days.

“We are working very closely wit,上海品茶微信Macey,h Network Rail while they work to repair the overhead line equipment and fully reopen the railway, which will in turn allow us to reintroduce our full train service to and from London St Pancras.

“Whilst this work takes place, we do have a significantly reduced timetable in place on our London route over the weekend and our advice for customers is to avoid travelling on this route wherever possible and make alternative arrangements.

“Due to the RMT industrial action, there will also be some changes to services on our local routes on Saturday, with revised timetables and replacement coach operations in place on some lines. Full customer information and advice is available at eastmidlandtrains.co.uk.”

Passengers who have already bought tickets for services this weekend will be able to access refunds, and tickets will also be accepted on alternative lines.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reduced Manchester United dependency on the transfer market

As United returned to Manchester in the early hours of Friday morning after a gruelling couple of weeks on tour there was the unmistakable whiff of positivity in the air.

A pre-season trip to Australia, Singapore and China that began with uncertainty over Paul Pogba’s attendance has ended with four wins from four and enough positives to fill the luggage hold of the plane that carried a buoyant United back to home shores.

From the way the new arrivals Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James have settled in, to Pogba’s own performances and demeanour, via unprecedented success for the academy, this has been a successful tour. You could see why Solskjaer was grinning as he left Manchester Airport.

It is the Norwegian who should take the credit for the excitement that is building ahead of start of the new season. It is Solskjaer who has moved Pogba to the right of midfield, given Anthony Martial some freedom through the middle, developed a more modern, high-pressing style and given those academy stars their opportunities.

Drawing definitive conclusions from pre-season can be fraught with danger, but the signs are hugely encouraging. Which is just as well, because off the pitch it has been a much tougher summer at United.

As last season petered out and Solskjaer admitted United needed a “rebuild”, there was an expectation they would be active players in this transfer window. When he told fans not to expect sweeping changes to the squad in one summer, most hoped that was a bit of kidology, some transfer market mind games. They’d seen enough of this group of players in last season’s disappointments to believe wholesale change was the only hope.

So had we known then that with less than two weeks to go until the transfer window closes United would have made only two signings and sold none of last season’s under performers, there would have been an expectation that the club would be gripped by negativity, with desperation beginning to creep in.

But while the transfer activity, or lack of it, is certainly proving a frustration, the changes Solskjaer has managed to introduce in pre-season has quelled some of the dissent.

If the window was to close on August 8 without United making any more additions then there would be an understandable sense of a missed opportunity heading into the first weekend of the season, with more questions for Ed Woodward and the owners to answer. At this stage you’d ha,上海品茶会所Rainer,ve to categorise the transfer window as a disappointment, although it is too early for final conclusions to be drawn.

If a deal for Harry Maguire can be completed and a central midfielder signed then, added to the improvements witnessed in Australia and the Far East, there could be a real sense of anticipation for the opening weekend clash with Chelsea.

Although he has been in charge since December 19, United remain something of an unknown quantity under Solskjaer. Sensational for three months and then shambolic, the team that swept all before them fr,上海品茶微信Bart,om late December to mid-March were like a different side to the one that capitulated at the end of the season, culminating in the dismal final day defeat to Cardiff.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, although on the evidence of pre爱上海419-season you’d expect to see a United that resembles the side that Solskjaer quickly turned them into when he replaced Jose Mourinho, rather than the rabble that fell apart in the run-in. Fitness certainly played some part in that disintegration and that has notably improved this summer.

It might be overstating it to suggest that some of these United players will feel like new signings, but in the alterations that have been made to Pogba’s role and putting Martial through the middle there is the suggestion that Solskjaer has plans to inject some freshness into his side.

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Most of all it is the way they have played in pre-season that has bought about encouragement. United have pressed from the front, ferociously at times, looking to win the ball high up the pitch and playing with pace going forward. It has been entertaining to watch.

That is why there is some positivity around United with two weeks until the new season begins. If the excitement on the pitch can be matched in the transfer market between now and August 8 then Solskjaer’s side really could be in a good place for the start of the campaign.

Footage from the top of Waterworld’s new super slides released

Thrill-seekers have been given a glimpse of what new super-slides at Waterworld will be like as the opening date has been revealed.

A new video has emerged from the top of the 16.5 metre white-knuckle ride, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports .

It sees Waterworld owner Mo Chaudry talk about the attraction being the ‘highest and fastest’ of its kind in the UK.

There are also shots giving visitors an idea of just how brave they will have to be to climb to the start before the camera focuses on the entrance to one of the flumes.

Speaking to the camera, Mo 爱上海says: “This is the top of the top, it’s quite breezy up here, high winds and everything else.

“We believe these two rides will be the highest and the fastest ride in the UK. I’m quite proud – it’s right here in sunny Stoke-on-Trent.”

The ride has been built as part of a £10 million expansion at the Festival Park site.

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It is based inside a tower with multi-coloured tubes looming over the complex.

The finishing touches are now being added before the ride opens in early August to make the most of the long summer holidays.

It is slightly later than planned after a few hold-ups.

The three-storey extension will also include:

The entire project should be completed by the end of the year – to coincide with the attraction’s milestone 30th year.

During a tour of the Festival Park site, Mo said: “This is the biggest transformation in Waterworld’s history. The new extension is 75,000-sqft in size and it will be constructed in phases. We hope to have it all finished by the end of the year. Our 30th birthday is in October which is something to look forward to.”

He added: “This has been a massive job. There have been a lot of unexpected problems to overcome which mean we are way behind schedule and over budget. It has been very frustrating, but I always deliver on my promises.

“It has been a hard 12 to 18 months, but 2020 will be fantastic for Waterworld.

“I feel very proud that this is in the heart of North Staffordshire and we look ,上海品茶QQPauly,forward to welcoming all our hundreds of thousands of customers who can have an even greater time than they’ve had before.”

Waterworld currently attracts 350,000 visitors-a-year. It is hoped the new expansion will increase visitor numbers to around one million annually.

Newcastle-based Hulme Upright Architects and Leek-based building contractor Broadstaff Construction have been involved in the project from the start.

Broadstaff commercial,上海品茶微信Tara, director Andrew Broad said: “This is a massive scheme and a significant project for us. This is going to be a landmark building and it will be fantastic for us profile-wise. We are very pleased to be a part of it.”

Efteling is the theme park that parents say is better than Disney and it’s getting a new ride this year

EFTELING, the theme park in The Netherlands that parents say is better than Disney is getting a brand new ride this year.

It will be the 30th attraction to,上海品茶QQJaxton, open in the park since it debuted in 1952.

Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale The Six Swans, the new attraction will feature a large castle monument home to the King and a miniature ride.

The Six Swans tale sees a princess rescue her six brothers, who have been turned into swans by an evil witch, breaking the spell by spending six years in silence while sewing six shirts from flowers.

To follow the story, six swan boats will be open for both adults and children to sail around in the castle.

The new ride will be in The Fairytale Forest, one of the first attractions to have opened in Efteling, and is home to other fairy-tales including Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.

Parents claim the theme park, while less fluffy than Disney – as it features darker themes to the fairy-tale rides – is better.

Guests can stay at Efteling overnight, where there are themed hotel rooms and holiday homes – it’s worth doing as the park spans 494 acres.

Visitors should also download the theme park app, which features the ride waiting times.

The theme park doesn’t offer the option to pay for queue jumping, so guests will have to wait their turn like everyone else.

Thrill-seekers should head straight to Baron 1898, with a 120 foot face-down free-fall drop from around the park, or Symbolica, a haunted house trackless ride which opened in 2017.

Other new rides coming to the park soon include Max & Moritz, a dual track rollercoaster, with plans for it to open next year.

It will take over from the park’s bobsled rollercoaster Bobbaan, and is part of a 20-acre park expansion which is due to open by 2021.

To get to Efteling, it is 30 minutes from Eindhoven airport, or a three-hour drive from Calais.

DFDS currently have a deal which offers a four-night break in the theme park with return ferry admission for £194 per person.

Or you can buy a day-ticket to the park for €40 (£35.89), which is much cheaper than Disneyland Paris where day-tickets cost £59.81.

Discover the Wo爱上海rld of Wonders with Efteling Theme Park Resort

HOLIDAY HOODWINK Wowcher customer brands ‘mystery holiday’ a scam after trip is overbooked

SKY SECRETS Air hostess reveals naughtiest flight tales from boozy romps to rude celebs

PRICEY HOLS Brits face dearest summer holidays abroad for decades due to falling pound


HIKES AND BIKES Costa Brava is the ideal holiday for adrenaline junkies

SEAT GRAB Man cuffed to wheelchair and hauled off plane after ‘stealing window seat’

CHECK IN, CHECK IT OUT The Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa offers putts, pedicures & pools

Some of the weirdest theme parks can be found in the UK, from Diggerland to Chester Ice Cream Farm.

A brand new theme park is coming to Britain in 2020.

The new Gulliver’s Valley Resort will open in Yorkshire next year with 70 rides and attract,上海品茶微信Hadrian,ions.

Eden Hazard selects famous Real Madrid shirt number after ‘being refused No.7’

Having blessed the No.17 and No.10 shirts during his time at Chelsea , the Belgian ace has decided on a new shirt number when he begins his Real Madrid career.

With Luka Modric holding the No.10 jersey at Real, Hazard has been forced to seek an alternative and has settled on the No.23 shirt to begin his new chapter in the Spanish capital.

According to reports from Marca , Hazar,上海品茶QQJack,d’s reasoning for this choice comes through his love for basketball. Michael Jordan wore No.23 for Chicago Bulls, while LeBron James held this number for the Cleveland Cavaliers and now the Los Angeles Lakers.

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During Hazard’s unveiling as a Real Madrid player, there was a feeling that he might wear the infamous No.7 shirt. This would see him follow legends that went before him such as Raymond Kopa , Amancio Amaro, Juanito, Raul Gonzalez and Cristiano Ronaldo .

Since Ronaldo’s departure, Mariano Diaz ‘s had worn the No.7 shirt and insists he does n,上海品茶工作室Naomi,ot want to leave the club. This means he is reluctant to give up the number, instead showing determination to fight for a place in the 25-man squad.

The last big name to claim the No.23 shirt was Isco , when Mesut Ozil held the No.10 shirt, before the Spaniard decided he wanted the No.22 which he owned at Malaga.

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Hazard left Chelsea for Real Madrid to team up with another of his sporting idols, Zinedine Zidane . The player signed a five-year-deal and was officially unveiled at the Bernabeu in June.

Madrid are competing in the International Champions Cup this pre-season, kicking off their preparations against Bayern Munich in Texas next Saturday.

Inspired by heroes from the basketball court, Hazard will be hoping to become a hero in his own right and place himself in the same bracket as the legends who preceded him.

Lewis Capaldi makes iconic TRNSMT entrance in Chewbacca mask mocking bitter Noel Gallagher

Lewis Capaldi has hilariously trolled Noel Gallagher by swaggering onto the stage at TRNSMT dressed as Chewbacca.

In a second legendary festival entrance, the Bathgate singer used his slot to mock the Oasis star after he branded Capaldi ““f****** Chewbacca” and told him to “enjoy his 15 minutes”.

The 22-year-old strutted onto the stage draped in a Scotland flag wearing the Star Wars mask.

In an explicit rant to Variety magazine, Noel said: ” “F****** Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes. The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot.

“It’s the greatest day of his f***** life so far. He’s just thinking, “Wow!” Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but f***** hell! It is like a third world country, but for f***‘s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!”

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Lewis immediately retaliated, changing his Twitter profile picture to a photo of his own face photoshopped onto the famous Star Wars character.

He also changed his name to Chewis Capaldi on the social media site.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Record before his epic entrance Capaldi admitted he needs Noel to keep slagging him off for more inspirational stage entrances.

Laug,上海品茶会所Lark,hing, he said: “I think it’s hilarious Noel is taking the piss out of me and then Liam getting involved is mental a three way chat with them.

“I need him to slag me every show so I have an entrance like Chewbacca tonight.

“If he ever compliments me I’ll need to cancel the show.”

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Capaldi performed an iconic Glastonbury entrance using Noel’s “who is this Capaldi fella” interview before strolling on stage dressed as Gallagher himself and stripping down to reveal a T-shirt with his face in a love heart.

While Lewis has tried to keep it light and fun, Noel has become increasingly bitter and unfunny.

Capaldi also admitted he was feeling the pressure for tonight’s set.

He said: “For sure, I’m nervous for sure about this, it feels different this time though because last time I was on early on the Main Stage and I built it up in my head as my first ever main stage, but it felt no one was paying attention.

“Now I’m dri,上海品茶QQHayley,ving through Glasgow and there’s Scottish Beyoncé billboards everywhere.

“It doesn’t feel like I am headlining because George Ezra is on after me, I don’t know how many tickets were left to sell so I can’t say I sold it out. He takes the pressure off if I do terribly, he will be great and they’ll forget I was rubbish.’

“I wouldn’t say I’d love to headline but I wouldn’t turn down the cash. It’s all happened so fast it’s taken me by surprise. I’m nervous putting on one show then the manager is laid back saying it will sell out. You just never know. I’m like just keep it at one! I’m lucky.”

He was blown away by the Stormzy cover on Friday night but hadn’t thought of an appropriate song to return the favour – until we suggested it.

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“The Stormzy cover was amazing, I can’t cover him back – oh Blinded By Your Grace would be brilliant, I never thought of that. Maybe another fest. Good idea!

“I was in the crowd watching him at Glastonbury and he was amazing.

“Him covering me here, I’m not at that level and he’s doing that. It’s emotional.”

Stormzy set TRNSMT crowds wild when he burst into a rendition of ‘Someone You Loved’.

The rapper told fans Capaldi is a legend and ‘a f****** bad boy’.

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India to launch Moon rover to search for water at satellite's south pole

India is preparing to launch a spacecraft to the Moon, becoming the only the fourth country to make a soft landing on the surface.

The unmanned lander and rover are due to lift off within 24 hours and to touch down near the Moon’s unexplored south pole on 6 or 7 September, becoming the first ever spacecraft to land in that region.

After that the rover will analyse minerals, map rock formations on the surface and search for water.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

From 15p €0.18 $0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras.

The lunar south pole is especially interesting because a much larger portion of it is in shadow than the north pole, presenting a greater possibility of water.

Water is an essential ingredient for life, and finding it is part of science’s broader goal of determining whether there is life elsewhere in our solar system.

The $141m (£112m) Chandrayaan-2 mission will “boldly go where no country has ever gone before” the Indian Space Research Organization said.

Previously onlythe US, China and the former Soviet Union have made soft landings on the Moon.

India’s first lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, Sanskrit for “moon craft”, orbited the Moon in 2008 and helped confirm the presence of water.,上海品茶会所Madge,

In 2013-14, India put a satellite into orbit around Mars in the nation’s first interplanetary mission.

Some have questioned the expense in a country of 1.3 billion people with widespread poverty and one of the world’s highest child mortality rates.

But author and economic commentator Gurcharan Das said the cost of the second moonshot was small compared with India’s overall budget and that the project could have a multiplier effect on the economy.

With India poised to become the world’s fifth-largest economy, the nationalist government of prime minister Narendra Modi is eager to show off the country’s prowess in security and technology.

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Celeb chef Tom Kerridge to transform his body again in new weight loss TV show

Celebrity chef and super slimmer Tom Kerridge is returning to BBC2 with a new weight-loss series after seeing the scales “creeping back up”.

At his heaviest he weighed 30st, but when he turned 40 he ditched booze, followed the dopamine diet – focusing on healthy foods that release “happy hormones” – and lost an impressive 12 stone.

Five years on, dad-of-one Tom has decided to get fitter as well as slimmer, so his new show Lose Weight and Get Fit will foc,上海品茶会所Gael,us on exercise as well as healthy eating.

In the six-part series, which airs in January, he returns to his home city of Gloucester.

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The Michelin-starred chef and 11 volunteers are given two months to shed the pounds, get fit and transform their cooking and exercise habits.

Tom, who’s previously fronted Lose Weight For Good, said: “I lost a load of weight a few years ago but lately I’ve seen it creeping back up. We’ll all be weighed and have our fitness tested at the start and the end.

“I don’t know how much I weigh or how fit I am. The results could come as a bit of a wake-up call.”

Read More

The group range in age from their 20s to 60s and all have different motivations, such as reducing high blood pressure .

Read More Showbiz editor’s picks

BBC2 boss Patrick Holland said: “Tom is a special talent whose previous series inspired families across the UK.

“I’m delighted that he’s returning to BBC2 in the new year with this great new show about food and health”.

Today’s free horse racing tips: Steve Mullen’s top tips for Monday’s racing at Ayr, Wolverhampton, Windsor and Ripon




ARAIFJAN wouldn’t have to be anything out of the ordinary to get off the mark on debut.

Trainer David O’Meara has been having plenty of winners and he should relish this trip on breeding.

Balancing Act improved on her debut form when beaten less than two lengths at Thirsk last time out. She wouldn’t have to find much more to be a major player.

Precocity is nicely bred and showed some promise here on debut latest.


INFINITE GRACE ran well off this mark when a close second at Pontefract six days ago. Dropping back in distance shouldn’t be an issue as she has winning form over this trip and is clearly in good form.

Sneaky didn’t look the most resolute when second at Windsor latest but could be perked up by a change of jockey, with the capable Hollie Doyle taking over.

Dancinginthesand took a step forward when third at Carlisle last time and can’t be ruled out on handicap debut.


DIAMONIQUE left her challenge just a little too late when having to settle for second at Haydock last time out. This 5f trip suits and the opposition today may be a little weaker.

Merry Banter used up too much petrol getting to the front at Ayr last time but sustained her effort well to be beaten just over a length. The small field today should help with her blazing tactics.

Queens Gift was a game winner at Doncaster latest and will be competitive again.


ROUNDHAY PARK weaved his way through the traffic at Haydock last time so it was a good effort to be beaten just a head at the line. This 6f trip suits well and he’s won here before, which is a plus.

Arecibo had his winning run timed to perfection by Danny Tudhope when winning at Ayr latest. He’s on board again and has every chance of repeating the feat under a 5lb penalty.

Bossipop went close off this mark at Chester on Friday night and has place prospects again.


MUTAMADED was held up for a little too long when fourth at Carlisle last time but he was less than a length off the pace. He sees out this distance well and has strong claims off this mark.

Condundrum has been a model of consistency this season with two wins a,上海品茶微信Nash,nd a close second at Chester latest. He shapes as though stepping up to this distance could bring improvement.

Alright Sunshine has done little wrong since switching to the level and was beaten right on the line at Ayr last time. He’s another who could appreciate this trip.



COUNTRY will be a very short price but he was impressive when scoring at Redcar last time on just his second run. The one concern is that he hasn’t been se,上海品茶QQDahlia,en for 84 days but he should be a couple of steps ahead of these rivals.

Noble Prospector had some traffic problems when fourth at Ayr last time and is capable of better.


MYKLACHI is interesting upped in class after winning over this trip here before a solid fourth at Ayr last timeout. He looks on a fair mark and goes on any ground.

Jan De Heem was less than a length off the pace at Catterick latest and is a definite stayer who can pour it on.

Dew Pond was beaten on the nod at Catterick last time and a 1lb rise in the weights is fair.


1.35 Walk In Marrakesh

2.05 Scuzeme

2.40 Kodimoor

3.10 Be Proud

3.40 Inner Circle

4.10 Nicholas T

4.40 Pudding Chare

5.10 Four Kingdoms


5.30 Tavus

6.00 Hubert

6.30 Cool Sphere

7.00 Plunger

7.30 Iconic Knight

8.00 Sendeed

8.30 Showroom


5.40 Robeam

6.10 Milltown Star

6.40 Wild Edric

7.10 Raashdy

7.40 Excelled

8.10 Ebbisham

8.40 Mirabelle Plum

Love Island’s Tommy Fury is terrified as he goes horse riding with Molly-Mae Hague

From ‘dour’ Hugh Grant to an ‘intense’ Kate Middleton and Prince William, body language expert weighs in on this year’s Wimbledon couples

THIS year’s Wimbledon has seen plenty of action – and not just on the court.

Centre Court’s seating area has been packed with hordes of famous couples dressed in their best, ready to sip Pimm’s and take in every serve.

But while their eyes may have firmly been on the sport as they sat in the stands, a body language expert has revealed how their demeanour could reveal what’s really going on inside their relationships.

From Kate Middleton and Prince William to Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein, Judi James exclusively gives Fabulous Digital her verdict on the strongest and weakest couples.

So, who’s in love and who looks to have taken their eye off the ball?

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore “Comedy cute”

“This closed-lip PDA looks like a joke performed for the cameras, suggesting a matching sense of humour that might be quite childlike at times.

“His kiss is distracted here, meaning he seems to be looking away, which could suggest he’s enjoying the attention or publicity more than the kiss.”

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay “Smug marrieds”

“The snuggling, leaning in together body poses plus the shared, naughty-sexy smiles with eye-crinkling suggest high levels of physical attraction.

“Plus, the ability to make one another laugh from this long-term couple who present as though in the early days of love here.”

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall “Strongly sexual”

“This tactile, relaxed posing with each slumped in towards the other and his leg splay suggests a spontaneously, mutual sexual attraction that is easy-going and unforced.”

Phillipa Coan and Jude Law “Star and his fan”

“While Jude mugs to the front here, sharing his good looks with the crowd, Phillipa face-watches him to flatter him, wearing a supportive and approving smile.”

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire “Display PDA”

“Their wide and slightly over-congruent-looking smiles and the way he studies her face as she laughs make them look more like a perfect couple in a commercial than real life.

“Matching good looks make them visually compatible but the smiles make them look a bit camera-aware too.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William “Friends with benefits”

“The body distance and touch-free behaviour combined with the intense and mutual eye-gaze and wide, amused-looking smiles suggest strong ties of friendship as well as their bonds as a married couple.

“William’s wide grin suggests Kate enhances his life and lifts his mood.”

Anna Eberstein and Hugh Grant “Seriously dour”

“Hopefully an off-beat moment from this couple who sit using mirrored body language that suggests serious to the point of dour here.

“Their lips are tight, which suggests a lack of conversation, and their torso angles are matching although not leaning in towards each other.”

Mollie King and Stuart Broad “Adoration of a hero”

“While Stuart sits looking ahead in an uber-manly pose, Mollie leans to snuggle in with her head tilted back as though dying for a kiss.

“Whispering up at him she looks like a woman who has found the man of her dreams, making him look heroic as a result.”

Ali Astall and Declan Donnelly “Most popular”

“The pair look upbeat and sociable here, both grinning and so爱上海419cialising in different directions but sitting comfortably together as they do.

“They look relaxed and happy – everyone’s favourite couple to invite to their BBQ.”

Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling “Sweetly childlike”

“Ellie’s body language looks pseudo-infantile here as she smiles cutely and places one finger to her mouth to get his attention with a coy smile.

“He looks more reserved but suitably attentive.”

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews “Virtual strangers”

“You could sit an extra person in the sizeable gap between these two and with no touch or lean rituals or even eye contact you’d be forgiven for mistaking them as strangers here.

“Pippa smiles in a way to suggest the lack of PDA isn’t a problem here, suggesting two individual people comfortable doing their own thing.”

Bear and Shara Grylls “Thinking alike”

“The head-closeness is a strong feature here and it looks mutual and relaxed.

“By looking ahead but using this mirrored head tilt and touch the couple suggest bonds of trust and like-minded thinking.”

Dennis Jauch and Leona Lewis “Seriously fashionable”

“This couple look as though they have dressed to impress and co-ordinated their outfits but the lack of body language bonding or touch here sug,上海品茶工作室Beckett,gests the rapport was stronger with their styling.

“He frowns straight ahead while she looks down and away.

“Two strong wills uniting but not always seeing eye to eye?”

Reuben Selby and Maisie Williams “Who ate all the strawberries?”

“There’s a hint of Queen Bee behaviour from Maisie here as she sits looking ahead, savouring the last strawberry while Reuben stares into the empty bowl, perhaps wondering what happened to his share.

“Maisie looks happy, relaxed and confident here while Reuben looks happy enough to be sitting beside her.”

Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis “Confidantes”

“Leaning together with their body language making them look locked away from the rest of the world, Damien and Helen use confidential communicating gestures to suggest shared secrets.

“Their heads are close and she even part covers her mouth with her hand as they speak, making them look like tight best friends and confidantes as well as romantic partners,上海品茶QQKaiden,.”

Laura Louie andWoody Harrelson “Comfortable friends”

“Their body language suggests a mature, relaxed relationship where each can be themselves with the other.

“There is some torso touch here but no need for PDAs for the cameras from this comfortable-looking couple.”

Kitty and Michael McIntyre “Alpha male/besotted female”

“As Michael sits higher, looking protective and quite alpha here with his arms folded and his legs crossed, Kitty poses in surrendered female mode, leaning her head on his shoulder and with her hands clasped under her chin like a love-struck fan.”

Yesterday, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton ended their feud as they joined Pippa Middleton in the Royal Box for the Ladies’ final at Wimbledon.

We also told you how the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex “wanted to appear friendly” as they watched Serena Williams play, claims body language expert.

And the ‘Drop Shot’ is the Wimbledon-inspired sex position you need to score at home.

Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton look to have put feud to one side as they’re joined by Pippa in Royal box for Serena’s in Ladies’ final

Brad Pitt wins breakthrough in messy divorce as Angelina Jolie lets him have kids for the summer while she’s filming

BRAD PITT has won a major breakthrough in his messy divorce from Angelina Jolie, after she let him spend the summer with their six children while she works on a film.

The former couple, who have Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox an,上海品茶工作室Lauren,d Vivienne together, have been at war since they split in September 2016 — with most arguments being over the custody of their sizeable brood.

But I can reveal Angelina has finally relented and has granted Brad a lengthy stint with their kids.

It is the longest amount of time he’ll have spent with them since their messy break up.

A source said: “Angelina is going to be spending a lot of the summer filming Those Who Wish Me Dead, so she reached out to Brad and offered him the chance to look after the children. This is a massive step for them and the children, who have only had limited time with Brad since the break-up.

“It feels like a really positive move all round and Brad is over the moon.

“He’s invited his parents, Jane and William, to stay with them at his mansion in LA so they can have some proper family time together.”

Angelina’s olive branch comes just weeks after I revealed Brad had issued her with an ultimatum over their divorce.

The Hollywood actress had been accused of stalling the process in a bid to win Brad back. But he made it clear he wanted to move on and asked his lawyers to get a judge to impose a date on her.

The pair met while filming Mr And Mrs Smith in 2004 and married in August 2014.

After this massive step from Angelina, it seems she’s finally ready to put the past behind them and move on for the sake of their kids.

It can only be a positive move for everyone.


THE relentless schedule on her Ph,上海品茶微信Lassie,oenix World tour has seen Rita Ora jetting around the world since March 1. But if she’s feeling the strain, she certainly isn’t showing it.

The singer gave an electric performance as she headlined Efott Festival in Hungary over the weekend and she shared these cool behind-the-scenes snaps from her set on the stage. Rita looked effortlessly chic in a pair of patterned trousers which she paired with a sexy crop top.

She’s now got almost a month off before she resumes her concerts playing MEO Sudoeste in Portugal on August 10.

But rather than taking a bit of a time out, Rita is heading back into the studio to work on her next record.

Now, that’s dedication.


ED SHEERAN admitted he’s racked with guilt after missing out on countless birthdays and family celebrations because of his career.

The multi-award winning singer’s success saw him rake in more than half a billion pounds from his Divide World Tour and to date he’s sold over 150million records.

But because he’s spent most of the past five years on the road, he’s been left counting the losses in his personal life. Ed, who married childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn last year, said: “I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things.

“It wasn’t just when I wasn’t with Cherry. I missed every one of my friends’ birthday parties or events and New Years and stuff like that.

“But I think it is unhealthy feeling guilty for wanting success.”

To combat this, Ed decided to cancel any work on big dates – including Christmas and New Year’s Eve – so he can spend time with his loved ones. He added: “I can’t be bought now.”

Over the weekend, The Sun revealed how the Suffolk-born star was suffering with social anxiety because of his fame – leaving him ditching all but four of his mates and his mobile phone in a bid to cope with the pressure.

Cabello Shaw it’s true love

AFTER shrugging off talk of a romance, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have finally let the cat out of the bag – by having a cringe-worthy snog in public.

The pair were spied locking lips in a busy cafe in San Francisco and didn’t seem at all bothered about who saw them.

Shawn and Camila have known each other for years but the pair grew closer while working on their new single, Senorita.

Days after it was released, she split with British boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, and since then they have been inseparable.

In an interview with Clash Magazine, Camila said she knew Shawn was “that person for me” after admitting she had struggled to trust people in the past.

She said of their relationship: “It’s a really beautiful feeling to know that this person is always going to be in my life, we’re always going to love each other.

“It’s so rare to meet someone in this industry and find a person of that quality.

“I just trust him. And no matter the level of intensity that he has around his career or I have, he is just normal, and that is so rare and precious.”

Biz Bit

NICKI MINAJ hit back at claims she didn’t support other female artists, by tweeting, “Clown tingz. Keep my d**k out y’all mouth. Yesterday y’all started this clown convo. Don’t fkn mention me”, before swiftly deleting the post.


BROOKLYN BECKHAM and model girlfriend Hana Cross are trying to plaster over the cracks of their rocky relationship – with a puppy they’re treating like a child.

After snapping up pedigree Pomeranian, Soho, the pair created an Instagram account for the dog and have called themselves “mummy” and “daddy” in the profile description.

If that wasn’t bad enough, both have been staging shots with the dog and uploading them with some vomit-inducing captions. Since they started dating last December, Hana and Brooklyn’s relationship has had more twists than a rollercoaster.

They have had blazing rows at Cannes Film Festival and at Glastonbury – and Brooklyn’s dad David even pleaded with his son to cool off their romance.

But rather than heeding his advice, Brooklyn has bought them a four-legged friend. You couldn’t make it up. Remember kids, dogs aren’t just for Christmas – and nor do they exist to fix doomed romances.

Festival is in full Flo

I’VE got a lot of love for Florence Welch after she put on an amazing show at Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park.

She belted out some of her classic hits and also praised the festival’s organisers for its incredible female line up, which has included Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand.

Florence told the crowd: “I just wanted to s上海龙凤419ay thank you, not only for all of you who came here to support this whole event, but to the incredible women I work with behind the scenes every day, who help me put this whole show together.”

She added: “See, it’s not too bad guys! Maybe we should try it in other places. Welcome to the matriarchy, it’s fun.” Hear, hear.

Biz Bit

KELLY CLARKSON has urged Taylor Swift to re-record her songs – as the row with label boss Scooter Braun goes on after he upset Swift by buying her music back catalogue. Kelly said: “I’d buy all of the new versions just to prove a point.”


    Senorita – SHAWN MENDES, 4.08m Beautiful People –ED SHEERAN and KHALID, 3.2m Vossi Bop – STORMZY, 2.7m I Don’t Care – ED SHEERAN and JUSTIN BIEBER, 2.7m Someone You Loved – LEWIS CAPALDI, 2.5m Bad Guy – BILLIE EILISH, 2.5m Goodbyes – POST MALONE and YOUNG THUG, 2.4m Hold Me While You Wait – LEWIS CAPALDI, 2.2m Crown – STORMZY, 2.1m Thiago Silva – DAVE, 2.1m Piece Of Your Heart – MEDUZA, 2.1m Old Town Road (remix) – LIL NAS X, 2m Mad Love – MABEL, 2m Cross Me – ED SHEERAN and CHANCE THE RAPPER, 1.8m Wish You Well – SIGALA, 1.8m Ladbroke Grove – AJ TRACEY, 1.6m Never Really Over – KATY PERRY, 1.6m So High – MIST and FREDO, 1.6m Location – DAVE and BURNA BOY, 1.5m Summer Days – MARTIN GARRIX and MACKLEMORE, 1.5

Loose Women talk Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shock split

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