Japan studio arson attack a ‘blow to animation industry’: commentator

TOKYO ( ) – A suspected arson attack on a Japanese animation studio in which 30 people are believed to have been kil,上海品茶论坛Caitlin,led and scores injured will be a major blow to the nation’s famed animation industry, a film commentator said.

Kyoto Animation, based in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, is known for popular series such as the “Sound! Euphonium”. Its “Free! Road to the Worl,上海品茶交友群Queena,d – The Dream” movie is due for release this mont,上海外卖品茶群Hal,h.

But the studio has an outsized impact on Japan’s noted animation industry that outstrips a list of the works it has produced, said Tokyo-based film commentator Yuichi Maeda.

“It’s one of the best and largest animation firms in Japan, and with that loss of life, many of the best hands at animation in the nation are likely to be dead,” Maeda said, his voice shaking. “It’s too painful to contemplate.”

“It has a huge presence in animation here. To have this many people die at once will be a huge blow to the Japanese animation industry.”

While some companies, such as Hayao Miyazaki’s “Studio Ghibli” were well known for the limpidness of their scenery and use of colors, or their detailed drawings, the strengths of Kyoto Animation, founded in 1981, stretched across the board.

“They really never did anything wrong. The animation was great, the story qua上海品茶工作室lity was really high. Overall, the balance was just amazing,” Miura said.

“…They do a huge variety of work, the stuff that everybody loves. They don’t make things that people hate,” Miura said. “This incident is just unimaginable.”

House Democrat seeks details of Treasury debt limit plans

WASHINGTON ( ) – A leading Democrat in Congress asked the U.S. Treasury on Tuesday to advise lawmakers about when it intends to seek an increase in the U.S. debt ceiling, an issue that could become part of the debate over President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Representative Richard Neal, who chairs the tax committee in the House of Representatives, requested details about the Trump administration’s debt limit plans in a Jan. 29 letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Treasury officials received Neal’s letter and were reviewing it, a spokeswoman said.

The current limit on U.,上海喝茶资源群Kaia,S. debt extends through March 1, and analysts say Congress will likely have to reinstate the ceiling at a level well above $20 trillion or risk a first-ever default that would damage U.S. credit. Treasury should be able to sustain government obligations for longer by taking various measures, while using cash on hand and incoming revenues.

“The United States must continue to pay all of its bills on time and in full. I look forward,上海品茶水磨Gabriel, to hearing from you about what adjustment in the debt limit is needed,” Neal said in the letter to Mnuchin.

Neal’s House Ways and Means Committee released the letter as the debt limit showed signs of becoming embroiled in the debate over Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which led to a 35-day shutdown of about one-quarter of the federal government.

Congress and Trump reopened the government last week with a measure that will expire on Feb. 15, to give negotiators time to work out an agreement.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has urged Trump to consider the possibility of making the debt limit part of ongoing negotiations over border security, according to CNN.

The idea was quickly rejected by Democrats, who have accused Trump of using federal workers furloughed by the shutdown as “hostages” in his bid to win congressional approval for his border wall.

“T上海品茶会所he debt ceiling. No more hostages!” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told reporters. “That’s not a good idea. We ought to be negotiating to get an,上海外卖品茶群Kaia, agreement.”

In his letter, Neal blamed Trump’s 2017 tax cuts for a significant drop in government revenue and warned that effects of the shutdown could cut revenue.

Cardinal’s trial puts French Church in glare of Catholic abuse scandal

LYON, France ( ) – The Roman Catholic archbishop of Lyon goes on trial on Monday charged with failing to act on his上海品茶微信torical allegations of sexual abuse of boy scouts by a priest in his diocese.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin is the highest-profile cleric to be caught up in the pedophile scandal inside the Catholic Church in France, and will stand trial alongside five others from his diocese.

While most of the recent focus in the Church’s global abuse crisis has been on Australia and Chile, Barbarin’s trial puts the spotlight on Europe’s senior clergy again, just as Pope Francis prepares to host a meeting of senior bishops from around the world in Rome next month to discuss the protection of minors.

Barbarin is accused of failing to report allegations of sexual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s by Father Bernard Preynat – a priest who has admitted sexual abuse, according to his lawyer, and is due to go on trial later this year.

The charges carry a potential three-year prison sentence and fines of up to about $50,000.

Barbarin told the newspaper Le Monde in August 2017 that he had never concealed allegations against Preynat, but acknowledged shortcomings in his handling of them.

“I myself realize that my response at the time was inadequate,” he said.

Barbarin’s lawyer, Jean-Felix Luciani, said he expected Barbarin to be acquitted.

“He’s accused of covering up for Preynat, whereas in fact it was Barbarin who triggered this whole process,” Luciani said. “You don’t repair one injustice with another.”


Barbarin told Le Monde in 2017 that he had previously opened an investigation of Preynat under church or canon law because a judicial investigation was moving so slowly.

Barbarin, who moved to the Lyon diocese in 2002, has said he became aware of Preynat’s activities in 2007. He eventually removed the priest from his post in 2015.

Barbarin told Le Monde that he had suspended two other priests and called in the judiciary “when I learned of allegations of recent abuses, in 2006 and 2014”. But faced with allegations of abuses said to have taken place 15 or 20 years earlier, he said he “knocked on doors” for advice, but received no satisfac,上海品茶论坛Kailani,tory answer.

Lyon prosecutors had previously investigated Barbarin but dropped the probe in the summer of 2016 without a detailed explanation. However, an association of alleged victims called Parole Liberee (“Freed Word”) used a provision of French law to compel the cardinal to stand trial.

Pope Francis has come under fire over the Church’s handling of the spreading sexual abuse crisis.

In September, researchers said they had found indications of sexual abuse in Germany by 1,670 Catholic clerics over the course of seven decades. On Friday, the Vatican said an Argentine bishop working in a top Vatican financial department was under preliminary investigation for sexual abuse.

Pope Francis himself met Barbarin in early 2016, and later told the Catholic newspaper La Croix that it would make no sense,上海外卖品茶群Hadleigh, for the cardinal to resign before any eventual trial.

“According to the information at my disposal, Cardinal Barbarin took the appropriate measures, he took things in hand. He is brave, creative, a missionar,上海品茶微信Radcliff,y,” Francis was quoted as saying.

French ministers aghast at support for boxer who fought police

PARIS,上海品茶水磨Nadine, ( ) – A former French boxing champion who surrendered to police after he was filmed raining blows on riot officers during a “yellow vest” protest has received tens of thousands of euros in public donations, infuriating government ministers.

A website set up to raise funds for the boxer Christophe Dettinger showed early on Tuesday that it had received pledges of more than 114,000 euros ($130,000) to help him.

Saturday’s assault by Dettinger on police blocking a bridge over the river Seine has come to symbolize the increasingly violent nature of the protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Some among the protesters have hailed Dettinger a hero, but senior officials took offense.

“Contributing to a fundraising kitty to support someone who attacked an officer is tantamount to being an accomplice to these grave acts of violence,” said Marlene Schiappa, junior minister for equality.

Labour Minister Muriel Penicaud called the campaign “incomprehensible”. “How can these people tell their children, the young, that violence is the answer?” she told CNews television.

Leetchi, an online fundraising platform and unit of Credit Mutuel Arkea bank, later on Tuesday said it was no longer disclosing how much had b,上海喝茶资源群Faith,een raised. It then closed the page to further cash contributions, though it said all citizens had the right to raise funds to defend themselves.

“We will of course be very vigilant over how this money is used,” Leetchi said in a statement.

“We will run checks to ensure it is only used to pay legal bills on presentation of a lawyer’s bill.”

Several Facebook pages entitled “Support for Christophe Dettinger” have been set up. One had more than 3,000 “likes”.


Dettinger turned himself in on Monday, saying he was trying to defend himself and other demonstrators, though he acknowledged: “I reacted badly”.

The boxer remains in police custody.

The twice national light-heavyweight champion was caught on camera jumping over the railings of a pedestrian bridge blocked by baton-wielding police before swinging blows at two officers, forcing them to retreat.

One was floored briefl,上海品茶QQGabi,y, where Dettinger was seen kicking out at him, but the policeman managed to get up and retreat. Punches also connected with an officer’s head, footage showed.

Nicknamed the “Gypsy of Massy”, the 1.92m (6ft 4in) tall boxer was taking part in an eighth Saturday of anti-gov上海品茶微信ernment protests that have undermined Macron’s authority.

“Good luck to you, hero of the people!” wrote one supporter, Karim Slimani, on Dettinger’s fundraising website page.

The “yellow vests” movement – named after the fluorescent jackets all French motorists have to carry in their vehicles – started in mid-November as a protest against a fuel tax but have since grown into a broader backlash against the government.

Photoshop gaffe embarrasses Australian prime minister with two left…

SYDNEY ( ) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was left red-faced on Wedn上海品茶微信esday after a family photograph, doctored by his staff, inadvertently left him with two left feet – an embarrassing image as he tries to end missteps months before an election.

The ne,上海品茶微信Kaiden,w image of Morrison with his wife and two children was meant to be his new official photograph for his personal website. However, his staff, keen to remove the prime minister’s scruffy shoes, Photoshopped him with two left feet.

The mistake was widely mocked on social media.

A spokesman for the prime minister said the picture was changed by staff without Morrison’s knowledge or authorization.

Morrison took to Twitter in a bid to limit the damage, joking that staff could instead have improved his thinning hairline.

Analysts said the incident was a blow to the government’s re-election campaign, with Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition badly trailing the Labor opposition in opinion polls and on course for a heavy defeat in polls due by May.

“To be re-elected, Morrison needs everything to go right and ridicule is the absolute last thing he needs,” said Haydon Manning, professor of politics at ,上海品茶交友群Mabel,Flinders University in South Australia.

Morrison has yet to confirm the date of the election. He

became Australia’s sixth different leader in less than 10 years late last year and has seen his standing with voters hampered by a series of missteps.

Desperate to focus national attention on the h,上海品茶水磨Octavia,ealthy state of Australia’s economy, Morrison has moved to clear his legislative agenda of any more potential pitfalls.

He will accelerate his re-election campaign in April when his government delivers its annual budget, which many expect to include tax cuts.

Ted Cruz hit with ‘New York values’; Trump gets Giuliani backing

WAS,上海品茶论坛Landon,HINGTON ( ) – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is getting a taste of the “New York values” he derided in Iowa as Republicans turn to the next big U.S. presidential contest in the home state of front-runner Donald Trump.

The New York billionaire lost the Wisconsin Republican primary on Tuesday to Cruz ,上海品茶工作室Kailani,and is seeking to rebound in New York on April 19. He won the backing on Thursday of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was irked by Cruz’s values comments.

“It’s New York City. We’re family. I can make fun of New York but you can’t,” Giuliani, who led the city through the trauma of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, told the New York Post.

“I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” he said.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, running third in the Republican race, chimed in with an ad called “Values,” part of a seven-figure ad buy in New York and Pennsylvania, which votes on April 26.

“New Yorkers aren’t stupid and they certainly won’t fall for Ted Cruz’s lame soliloquies and flattery after he slammed their values,” said Kasich spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp.

Trump canceled a Friday trip to California to focus on New York. He turned on Cruz Wednesday night during his first rally in the state since the double-digit loss in Wisconsin.

“I’ve got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about New York values with scorn in his face, with hated, with hatred of New York,” Trump said, drawing a chorus of boos.

Cruz credited his Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses victory in part to his attacks on Trump’s “New York values.” He told ABC on Thursday the phrase referred to the state’s liberal Democrats.

Cruz took another hit in the Bronx, where a group of high school students protesting his stance on immigration threatened a walkout if their principal did not cancel his appearance.

“Most of us are immigrants or come from immigrant backgrounds. Ted Cruz goes against eve,上海品茶会所Nadine,rything our school stands for,” Destiny Domeneck, 16, told the New York Daily News.

School authorities complied, the newspaper reporte上海品茶会所d on Thursday.

Israel says U.S. blocks its sale of fighter jets to Croatia

ZAGREB ( ) – Israel will not be able to deliver to Croatia a dozen used F-16 fighter jets which Croatia decided to buy last year to modernize its air force, Croatia’s Defense Minister Damir Krsticevic said on Thursday.

“Israel has officially informed us that it cannot get an approval from the United States for delivery of the planes to Croatia,” Krsticevic told reporters after a meeting with an Israeli delegation in Zagreb.,上海妹子品茶微信Cadence,

Officials from both sides said Croatia held no responsibility for the deal falling through. They gave no comment on why the United States opposed the sale.

Croatian media reported the problem arose as the planes have been refitted with Israeli technology, depriving U.S. defense compani,上海品茶论坛Sabrina,es the chance to update and service the planes.

The U.S. State Department did not comment because it was on furlough.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said earlier this week that Zagreb would not accept any other deal but the original Israeli offer which it accepted last March.

“The agreement on buying the planes has not been signed, so there is no financial damage to our budget,” Plenkovic told a cabinet session on Thursday.

He added tha,上海品尝嫩茶Octavia,t Croatia was determined to continue with its plans of modernizing its air force. It is unclear at the moment whether Zagreb would now call another tender or turn to other bidders that competed in a previous tender.

The deal with Israel was supposed to be worth $500 million.

Israel had been in competition with several countries bidding for Zagreb’s business. Sweden’s SAAB was reported as being the most serious competitor, offering new Gripen planes, but at a much higher price.

Croatia joined the NATO alliance in 2009 and the EuropeanUnion in 2013. Its air force currently owns a squadron of outdated MIG-21 fighter jets, but just three pl上海品茶微信anes are operational at the moment.

Factbox: Britain’s Brexit vote – How many lawmakers are backing PM…

LONDON ( ) – Britain’s parliament is debating whether to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a decision which will define Britain’s departure from the European Union and set the course for the country’s economy.

The odds look stacked against M,上海喝茶资源群Hadrian,ay winning parliamentary approval for her deal, which has come under fire from all 上海品茶QQsides, including euroskeptics, supporters of the EU and the Northern Irish party propping up her minority Conservative government.

Below is a running tally of the number of lawmakers who have indicated during the first of five days of debate whether they will support the Brexit deal on Jan. 15.

Lawmakers are entitled to change their mind before the vote, and some who speak are yet to make a final decision on the deal.

There are a total of 650 lawmakers in parliament. Of those, around 100 are govern,上海妹子品茶微信Mace,ment ministers and Conservative Party enforcers, or whips, who are required to support the deal and so are not included in the tally.

May’s Conservative Party has 317 lawmakers. It governs with a working majority of 13 thanks to a deal with the 10 lawmakers of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party.

Lawmakers who have indicated they will support the deal: 29

Lawmakers who have indicated they will oppose the deal: 69(including 16 of May’s Conservative lawmakers,上海品茶群二维码Hal,)

U.S. oil baron Harold Hamm endorses Trump for president

HOUSTON ( ) – Harold Hamm, chief executive of shale oil producer Continental Resources Inc and Mitt Romney’s 2012 energy adviser, endorsed U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday, saying he has the “fortitude to make tough decisions.”

Hamm, who had previously donated to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, called the real estate mogul a “business leader’s candidate” 上海品茶QQwho has the will to right what he called a series of mistakes from politicians in Washington, including “burdensome government regulations.”

“The next president of the United States must have the co,上海品茶QQDallas,urage, determination and intelligence to disrupt politics as usual,” Hamm wrote in a public letter.

“Suc,上海外卖品茶群Gabi,h an honor to get the endorsement of Harold Hamm, one of the great men in the history of the oil and energy business,” Trump said in a statement to .

Known for his outspoken views on U.S. energy policy and other matters, Hamm once referred to OPEC leader Saudi Arabia as a “toothless tiger” in the face of growing U.S. oil output.

OPEC and Saudia Arabia eventually proved Hamm wrong by using its influence to keep prices low for more than 18 months and counting, exerting sharp pain on U.S. oil producers. Hamm’s Continental is expected to post a quarterly loss next month.

Hamm’s endorsement followed President Barack Obama’s meeting,上海品茶论坛Dakota, with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh this week.

By endorsing Trump, Hamm has parted ways with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate for the White House, who has vigorously opposed Trump’s candidacy.

France investigates Japan’s Olympics chief on suspicion of corruption

PARIS ( ) – The president of Japan’s Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, is under formal investigation in France for suspected corruption related to Japan’s successful bid for the 2020 Olympic Games, a French judicial source said on Friday.

French financial prosecutors investigating a multi-million dollar payment made by Japan’s bidding committee to a Singaporean,上海品茶419论坛Quay, consultancy questioned Takeda in Paris and he was placed under formal investigation on Dec. 10, the source told .

In Tokyo, Takeda said no improper actions such as bribery had taken place in connection with Tokyo’s bid, and that he had not been charged by French authorities.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said its ethics committee has opened a file on the case and would meet on Friday, adding that Takeda “continues to enjoy the full presumption of innocence.”

Under French law, a formal investigation means there is “serious or consistent evidence” implicating a suspect in a crime. It is one step closer to a trial, but such investigations can be dropped without going to court.

France says it must use fewer U.S. parts in its weapons systems

PARIS ( ) – France must cut its dependence on U.S. components in its weapons systems to minimize 上海品茶QQWashington’s ability to block its arms exports, its defense minister said on Thursday.

U.S. export control laws can be used to limit European weapons sales if even small components come from U.S. suppliers. That legislation was in place prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, but the industry has grown increasingly worried that his administration is acting to halt exports that might have been permitted in the past.

Washington has this year blocked the sale to Egypt of French-made SCALP cr,上海品茶会所Hal,uise missiles, which contain a U.S. part.

Without giving specific examples, Defence Minister Florence Parly said France needed to “gradually wean ourselves off our reliance on a certain number of American parts.”

“We have had trade difficulties linked to the prospects for exports. And we know that these difficulties are linked to strategic questions and often to problems of commercial rivalry,” she told a small group of journalists.

She was quizzed on the subject in July by parliament’s defense committee.

Asked at that time by one lawmaker about the blocked SC,上海品茶交友群Barbara,ALP sale, Parly said: “We are at the mercy of the Americans.”

Parly said Washington’s actions underlined the need to minimize dependence on U.S. parts in the Future Combat Air System (SCAF) project – Europe’s next-generation combat jet which France and Germany are taking the lead in developing.

France’s Dassault Aviation and European planemaker Airbus have signed a deal to work together on the jet, which is expected to be at the center of a broader weapons system capable of commanding a squadron of drones. ,上海品茶水磨Kade,

France’s air force uses Reaper drones, built by U.S. firm General Atomics, in its counter-terrorism operations against Islamist militants. Parly said France had needed U.S. congressional approval to arm the drones.

“Is that satisfactory? No. But we don’t have any choice,” she said.

Yemeni provincial official threatens to halt oil shipments from…

ADEN ( ) – A Yemeni provincial official threatened on Thursday to halt oil shipments from the southern Hadramout region if the internationally-recognized government doesn’t comply with demands of protesters against the deteriorating economic situation.

Hadramout Governor Salmeen al-Bahseeni,上海品尝嫩茶[随机符上海品茶工作室], made the threat in a speech broadcast by the regional radio station based in the provincial capital Mukalla.

Hadramout produces about 100,00,上海品茶交友群Larissa,0 barrels per day (bpd), accounting for about half of Yemen’s total oil production.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-backed southern Yemeni separatists control most southern provinces, including Hadramout, and have been at odds with the Saudi-based president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Yemen is a small producer with proven oil reserves of around 3 billion barrels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The country produced about 500,000 bpd before the civil war that broke out in 2014.

South Yemen has been rocked by violent protests in the last two weeks after the Yemeni rial lost more than half its value against the U.S. dollar since the start of a civil war in 2015.

Al-Bahseeni and other southern officials back the protesters and accuse Hadi’s government of mismanagem,上海品茶QQDalton,ent.

On July Fourth holiday, Obama urges immigration overhaul

WASHINGTON ( ) – President Barack Obama told Americans on the Independence Day holiday on Friday that welcoming immigrants to the United States is “central to our way of life” as he made an impassioned argument for a new immigration policy.

“We have to fix our immigration system, which is broken, and pass common-sense immigration reform,” Obama said at a Wh,上海品茶交友群Sabine,ite House ceremony for 25 foreign-born men and women who,上海品尝嫩茶Pamela, gained American citizenship for their service in the U.S. military.

Obama is struggling on two fronts in the immigration debate.

His drive for Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul this year collapsed when House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican in Washington, told him the House would not hold a vote.

Along the southern U.S. border in Texas, Obama’s administration is attempting to get a handle on the tens of thousands of children from Central America who have flooded into the country, straining resources and 上海品茶微信leading to Republican criticism that Obama is not doing enough to stop the surge.

The twin challenges have put Obama in a difficult position. While he has vowed to take executive actions on his own to make it easier for undocumented people to remain in the United States, he says most of the recent migrants will be sent home.

This has upset immigration advocacy groups who support him and see the new migrants as victims of gang violence in their home countries.

Obama’s remarks in the White House East Room underscored his message that the United States would be a weaker nation without immigrants.

“The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life,” Obama said. “It’s in our DNA. … We shouldn’t be making it harder for the best and brightest to come here.”

Obama is scheduled to visit Texas next week to participate in events to raise money for Democratic candidates in the November congressional elections. But he will resist Republican pressure to visit the border, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Friday.

At the White House ceremony, 25 people were sworn in as citizens. They came from 15,上海品茶微信Sabia, countries ranging from Australia to Guatemala to the Philippines to Ukraine.

Khamenei says war unlikely but urges boosting Iran’s defenses

DUBAI ( ) – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday war was unlikely but called on Iran’s armed forces to boost their defense capacities, according to his official website, as the country faces increased tension with the United States.

On Saturday, Iran announced plans to boost its ballistic and cruise missile capacity and acquire modern fighter planes and submarines to boost its defenses following the U.S. pullout from Tehran’s nuclear agreement with world powers.

“Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that based on political calculations there is no likelihood of a military war but added that the armed forces must be vigilant … and raise their personnel and equipment capacities,” the website quoted Khamenei

as telling commanders of Iran’s air defense forces.

“The Supreme Leader said …the air defense units were a very sensitive part of the armed forces and on the front line of confronting the enemy, and emphasized the need to increase their readiness and capabilities,” the website said in its report on the gathering, which was held to mark Iran’s Air Defence Day.

Saturday’s news of the military development plans came a day after Iran dismissed a French call for negotiations on Tehran’s future nuclear plans, its ballistic missile arsenal and its role in wars in Syria and Yemen.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last month the Islamic Republic’s military prowess was what deterred Washington from attacking it.

Separately, a senior Iranian diplomat met visiting UK Junior Foreign Minister Alistair Burt and urged swift European action on a planned package of economic measures to offset the U.S. pullout from the accord and the reimpositions of sanctions by Washington, the state news agency IRNA reported.

“The imposition of (U.S.) sanctions and pressures and the lack of rapid action by Europe to fulfill their commitments will have serious consequences,” Kamal Kharrazi, a former foreign minister who heads a top foreign policy council, told Burt, IRNA reported.

Iranian officials have said they would decide whether to quit the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers after studying the European package of economic measures that could help offset U.S. sanctions.

“European countries have not been able yet to take necessary measures to secure Iran’s interests under the nuclear agreement,” Kharrazi said.

“(Burt) said Britain’s position is different from that of the United States and we are looking for a European mechanism to make the nuclear accord successful,” IRNA reported.

In a meeting with senior parl,上海外卖品茶群Eason,iamentarian Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, Burt referred to the case of a British-Iranian dual national detained in Iran, IRNA reported.

“I th,上海品茶QQLarissa,ank Iran for its humanitarian act to grant Nazanin Zaghari furlough and her meeting with her family, and we hope that this approach will continue until the release and the pardon of such people,” Burt said, according to IRNA.

Britain is seeking the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a project manager with the Thomson Foundation. She was arrested in April 2016 at Tehran airport as she was heading back to Brita,上海品茶网Idaleen,in with her daughter, now aged four, after a family visit. She was released for three days last month.

Burt, on the first visit by a British minister since U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, earlier met Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday the talks with Burt had inv上海品茶会所olved “access to banking resources and the sale of oil”.

Iran has been seeking commitment from European signatories of the nuclear deal that it will be able to access the Western banking system and continue to sell oil despite U.S. sanctions.

In a statement before his visit, Burt said: “As long as Iran meets its commitments under the deal, we remain committed to it as we believe it is the best way to ensure a safe, secure future for the region.”

The exclusive new shop coming to Princes Quay Shopping Centre and when it will open

The date has been announced for the arrival of a major retailer opening a pop-up shop in Princes Quay shopping centre.

The exclusive Tommy Hilfiger pop-up shop promises to offer huge discounts when it opens its doors on the outlet floor on level three.

The city centre shopping mall has announced it will open on Thursday, August 1.

Since 1985,上海419论坛 Tommy Hilfiger has been modernising button-down shirts, chinos and other time-honoured classics, “celebrating ,上海品茶工作室Abraham,the essence of classic American cool, with a refreshing twist”.

The store, known for its preppy American style, will stock a wide selection of Tommy Hilfiger collections, including men’s and women’s sportswear, Hilfiger Denim and accessories.

Watch: What were the first shops at Princes Quay

The new store will follow on from the success of other pop-up shops such as Jack Wills which appeared in 2017 for two weeks.

It is not clear how long the pop-up store will be in place but it is likely to be a few weeks.

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Two shocking scandals the SNP can conceal beneath sea of Saltires – Brian Wilson

Thanks to an old-fashioned campaign led by the GMB and Unite unions, it seems some work has been secured for the Fife yards on the Neart na Gaoithe windfarm development. There should be no laps of honour.

As the unions point out, while eight jackets are likely to be fabricated in Fife, the other 45 will come from Indonesia “delivered by cheap foreign labour then shipped by diesel-burning barges to the Fife coast”.

The Scottish Government’s defence is that they are bound by EU procurem,上海品茶会所Mabel,ent rules which mean the French developer, EDF, can contract an Italian contractor, Saipem, to procure the infrastructure in Indonesia. That is one EU impediment/alibi we could do without.

More fundamentally, the investment has simply not been made in the yards – in spite of Methil being owned by Scottish Enterprise for the past decade – in full knowledge that the offshore wind boom was in the offing. Is that now going to change?

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READ MORE: Union fury at ‘paltry’ Scottish turbine deal

M爱上海419eanwhile on the other side of the country, it looks increasingly as if it will cost the Scottish Government the thick end of £100 million to resolve the fiasco at the Ferguson shipyard, resulting from what always looked like a political stunt, lacking in all due diligence.

That is serious money – £100 million which could have been spent on schools, hospitals or council services rathe,上海品茶QQBecky,r than doubling the cost of two long-delayed CalMac ferries. A fraction might even have been invested in the Fife yards.

Will any heads roll for either scandal? Almost certainly not for we live in a land of non-accountability. Just keep waving the flags and shouting about independence from Glasgow rooftops. Nobody will notice the rest.

Newcastle United’s search for a new winger – the names linked so far

The transfer window slams shut in just 12 days’ time and Newcastle United are running out of time to complete their summer business.

Steve Bruce is now a week-and-a-half into his new role as Magpies head coach and takes charge of his first match on British soil this afternoon against Preston.

He is running out of time to bring in new recruits, though, and despite the club record signing of Joelinton this week, Bruce is still keen to bring in four new players.

The 58-year-old wants another forward, a midfielder, a full-back and a winger this summer. In terms of wingers, a number of players have been linked with the Magpies since Bruce’s arrival.

Here are the wingers that have been linked with Newcastle so far.

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Bruce confirmed his interest in the £20million rated Nice winger on Wednesday and he is a target the Magpies will pursue.

The France under-21 international has also represented St Etienne, Monaco, Hannover and Bastia during his career and boasted the most successful dribbles of any player in the top five leagues in Europe last season.

There are question marks over his attitude and end product but aged 22, he has huge potentia爱上海419l to become a leading winger in the Premier League.

Newcastle are yet to make an acceptable offer and Saint-Maximin is in the Nice squad for their friendly against Cardiff this weekend.

This deal certainly remains one to watch.

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Newcastle are keen on the Hull winger and recently watched him during Hull’s 2-0 defeat to Amiens on Wednesday.

A figure in excess of £10million would be required to prise him from the Tigers, who have admitted “interest” in the midfielder this close season which hasn’t yet extended to a bid.

Newcastle have been examining how much the total package will be for Bowen, who was playing in the National League just five years ago.

Bowen was the subject of a £12million enquiry from Arsenal but a bid has yet to arrive from the Gunners.

Bruce signed the 22-year-old from Hereford during his time in charge of Hull and he scored 22 goals in 46 Championship appearances last season.

Read More Dwight McNeil

The Sun have suggested that Newcastle are eyeing a move fo,上海品茶工作室Jayce,r young Burnley star Dwight McNeil this summer.

The 19-year-old enjoyed a breakthrough campaign at Turf Moor last season and the Clarets have slapped a £30million valuation on the pacy winger.

Newcastle have reportedly made the transfer a ‘priority’ but want to pay about £15million for his services.

McNeil enjoyed a breakthrough s,上海品茶QQCarolina,eason with the Clarets last term, scoring three goals and registering five assists in 26 appearances.

Juventus and Tottenham are also said to be monitoring McNeil’s situation.

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Football Insider have claimed that Newcastle are plotting a move for the Liverpool youngster.

Aston Villa are also said to be keen on the Wales international, who scored 18 goals and registered six assists on loan at Derby County last season.

The report claims Newcastle are exploring either a permanent or a loan deal for the 22-year-old.

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Unibet ambassador Jamie Spencer talks through the King George and runs through his Saturday rides


THEY are calling it the English Arc – so it couldn’t be more apt than if the winner of the real thing for the last two yea,上海品茶会所Ramsey,rs doe,上海品茶微信Eliana,s the business at Ascot.

I’m at York this afternoon, but even most of the punters there will be watching when Enable goes for the King George VI over 200 miles away. I can see why John Gosden says it’s not a gimme, because with Crystal Ocean and Anthony Van Dyck in there, it certainly isn’t.

But she has won her last ten, she’s the best horse in training and it’s hard to find a chink in her armour.

She’s tactically very versatile, you can sit her wherever you like in a race and I’m sure she is a dream to ride. The only slight thing against her might be rattling fast ground.

This is really the first real test of a three-year-old against the best older horses, because Telecaster didn’t run his race in the Eclipse, and she has to give Anthony Van Dyck 8lbs.

But even though that one is a Derby winner, and Crystal Ocean has improved again from last year, you just can’t tip against Enable.

I’ve only ridden against her once – last time in the Eclipse – when Danceteria ran a cracker to finish fourth. Funnily enough I’m on him again this weekend, when he goes for a Group 1 in Munich tomorrow, and he should have a good chance.

It’s a busy weekend for me, because before that I’ve got four at York, and they should all give me a good spin. I’m on Tommy Taylor in the Get Knotted handicap, and he loves it here.

He’s been a bit disappointing this season, but because of that he’s rated 9lbs lower than when I rode him to finish fifth here last year. If he’s in the same mood, he’d go close.

Then I am on Savalas in the Skybet Dash, and it’s a similar story of a horse who has come down the ratings.

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He looked to be coming back to form last time, ran second in the big three-year-old handicap here a year ago, and seems to be on track for a decent run.

I rode Abstemious (3.45) in his one run so far and he’s a lovely big horse. He got a bit tired on his debut and I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t win today.

Then I finish with Mixboy (4.20) and this is a lot more realistic than the Ascot Stakes last time out.

He pulled up there, but everything is tickety boo again, he looks back on track and is the class horse in the race.

British Muslim Student Khadijah Mellah ready to race at Glorious Goodwood

Banned man caught driving

Blackburn Magistrates’ Court

A MAN got behind the wheel after receiving a distressed call from his pregnant partner despite being subject to two disqualifications.

Blackburn magistrates heard Salman Mohammed borrowed a car from a friend and went to collect his partner but was stopped by police who saw him using his mobile phone while driving.

Mohammed, 26, of Inkerman Street, Blackburn, plead,上海品茶会所Hart,ed guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance and while using a handheld phone.

He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with 15 days’ rehabilitation activity requirement and 100 hours unpaid work. He was o爱上海419rdered to pay £90 victim surcharge and £85 costs and six months were added to his existing disqualification,上海品茶微信Ojai,s.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mohammed was subject to two drink driving bans which she described as a significant aggravating feature.

Mohammed was seen by police driving at excessive speed and when they caught up with him they could clearly see he was using his mobile phone.

Zabair Afzal, defending, said Mohammed received a call from his pregnant partner and she was in a distressed state, complaining of sickness.

“Looking back he should have arranged transport for her by a taxi or a family member,” said Mr Afzal. “He apologises for not thinking with a clear mind at the time.”

Rule of law is as important as free speech to a free society – leader comment

Broadcaster Russia Today and EDL fo,上海品茶微信Kathleen,under Tommy Robinson complain their rights to free speech have been breached, but the rule of law is vital to a free society.

Free speech is one of the fundamental rights of a free society and is absolutely vital to democracy. If citizens are to vote on the issues of the day, they need to hear robust arguments from all sides.

But speech is not entirely free. Incitement to violence, for example, is a crime in most countries. The UK, accepted around the world as a free, democratic state, actually imposes fairly strict rules on speech, with laws on defamation and the reporting of court proceedings, as the founder of the far-right English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, recently found to his cost. He was given a nine-month prison sentence for committing contempt of court 上海龙凤419in a video posted on Facebook during a criminal trial.

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READ MORE: News channel RT fined £200k over breach of impartiality rules

In contrast, the US has strict constitutional protections of the right to free speech. But this noble aim has been abused in a most appalling way, such as the protests at the funerals of military personnel by the Westboro Baptist Church in which they “thank God for dead soldiers” or the foul lie by Alex Jones, of far-right conspiracy theory website Infowars, that the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook primary school, in which 20 young children and six adults were killed, did not happen and was invented by gun control advocates.

So there are good reasons why the UK has rules that require broadcasters to exercise a degree of impartiality – even if they may not get the balance between freedom and responsibility exactly right.

Russia Today (RT) – fined £200,000 by Ofcom for failing to be impartial over the Salisbury poisoning attack and the war in Syria – presumably knows the rules and, like any broadcaster, has to abide by them.

If it believes the rules are a breach of free speech, it has the right to make that case. It can also contest the fine.

But claiming the fine itself impinges on free speech is like Robinson’s claim he was jailed for journalism.

The rule of law – democratically decided in parliament after a robust debate – is just as important a right as free speech in any free society.

Sun ignites fuel in tanks, showing UK can’t cope with 38C heat – Stephen Jardine

Boris Johnson hardly mentioned climate change in his f,上海品茶工作室Bella,irst speech as Prime Minister, but the current hot weather is demonstrating that the UK is not designed for temperatures of up to 38 Celsius, writes Stephen Jardine.

Just when you thought that summer was set to elude us this year, suddenly it arrived.

This week Edinburgh basked in its hottest day on record as temperatures topped 31C on Thursday afternoon. Ice cream shops reported record sales and Lidl sold out of £90 swimming pools. On the radio every station seemed to be playing Chris Rea’s “On The Beach” or The Beatle’s “Here Comes The Sun”. For a few brief moments, we were at peak summer… and then it all went bad.

With the first complaints of it being too hot came more serious concerns. Cambridge recorded the hottest July day ever with temperatures reaching 38C, just over 100F. That led the NHS to issue specific advice to the elderly and parents of young babies. For everyone else, it was about trying to make the best of it.

Commuters faced serious delays as rail services struggled to cope with the high temperatures and line failures dogged the network. In offices without air-conditioning, cheap fans were the only alternative to stay cool.

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READ MORE: Boris Johnson supporters want no-d上海419论坛eal Brexit and less talk of climate change, survey finds

But all of this throws up a serious challenge. How are we going to cope in the years to come? This heatwave doesn’t prove global warming is going to make our planet burn but it does show we are not equipped to deal with a climate that is changing fast.

It has never been hotter across northern Europe and extreme weather events are becoming more common so we need to find long and short-term solutions. Environmental protestors disrupted new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s journey to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen but it was noticeable that the climate crisis barely featured in his first speech. It should have dominated it. If Brexit is a worry, climate change is a nightmare. It’s tempting to dismiss all this as scaremongering. We remember hot summer days as kids so stick a beer in the fridge, light the BBQ and sit back and relax. However that is to abdicate our responsibility to future generations. Across the world, the last four years have been the hottest ever recorded. Here in the UK, our way of life is just not designed for 30C-plus.

This week police were called to a lido in London when a crowd of 500 people tried to force their way in to cool down. In ,上海品茶会所Radley,Worcestershire, three people were taken to hospital after a blaze at a marina when the heat ignited fuel in tanks. And in London, an eerie clip on social media showed cardboard catching fire in the sunlight and swirling around on the pavement. It was a dystopian image of the shape of things to come.

Everyone has a part to play in this. Governments need to deliver carbon reduction targets and that means we need to look at how we live our lives and reduce our individual impact. Planners need to think about buildings and city spaces that will keep us cool and cut emissions. Transport networks need to be adjusted to cope with the rising mercury. Most importantly, we all need to recognise the challenge. The heatwave is not a jolly story with kids playing in fountains and taps aff on Portobello Beach. Instead, like droughts, wildfires and floods, it is a sign of the climate catastrophe facing us all.

‘A beautiful place with a very dark history’: sale of Manson murder house piques interest in LA

A Los Angeles mansion where Charles Manson and his followers tortured and murdered the former residents went up for sale this month, and attracted widespread interest from celebrity buyers.

“I was surprised at the lack of questions regarding ‘the event’,” said Robert Giambalvo, a real estate agent who has shown the Spanish-style $1.98m house to about two dozen prospective buyers this month – mostly people in the entertainment industry “whose name you would recognize”.

Their main reaction when viewing the property? “It’s so beautiful,” he said.

The sale has not yet been finalized, but Zak Bagans, the star of the reality show Ghost Adventures, told the Guardian he had long been looking for a home in the neighborhood and was buying the property. “There was a very, very strong energy in the house,” said Bagans, who visits “haun上海龙凤419ted” destinations on his show and investigates paranormal activity.

“I love to investigate spirits and places,” he continued. “This is a beautiful place with a very dark history.”

The “classic 1920s” home with “breathtaking, unobstructed front and back views” and “unparalleled privacy” in the Los Feliz neighborhood was the site 50 years prior of one of the most notorious acts of violence in serial killer history.

On the night of 10 August 1969, Manson and a number of his cult followers sneaked into 3311 Waverly Drive, the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, a middle-aged couple they had never met. Manson and Tex Watson, one of his “family” members, tied them up. By the end of the night, the LaBiancas were stabbed dozens of times, and Leno was left with a carving fork sticking out of his stomach.

The murderers scrawled “Rise” and “Death to pigs” in blood on the walls, one of them writing “Healter [sic] Skelter” on the door of the refrigerator, a reference to the Beatles song from the White Album that became the name for the white supremacist war he sought against black Americans.

The murder of the LaBiancas “set the city on fire”, said Bryanna Fox, associate professor of criminology at the University of South Florida. “They were literally in the wrong place, at the wrong time, which speaks to everybody. Now, everybody has to be afraid, because we can all be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The LaBianca case is not as well known as the gruesome killings of five people the previous night, most notably the actor Sharon Tate. Tate, who was eight and a half months pregnant, was stabbed 16 times and died while begging for the life of her child. Manson and his followers drove around the following night, looking for more victims and wound up on Waverly, a street where they had gone to a party months earlier.

The LaBiancas, however, were picked at random. They owned a grocery store chain and boutique and were the “kind of people who had no enemies”, one Manson historian wrote.

The house has since been sold multiple times, with the current owners living in the property for 21 years and putting it on the market as they prepare for retirement. During that time, the Manson story has remained a pop culture obsession, with a recent resurgence of true crime podcasts and three new films, including Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, out this week.

Unlike the Cielo Drive house, which was demolished in 1994, the Waverly Drive home “hasn’t been flipped and remodeled into a modern house”, Giambalvo said. “It’s mostly original.”

That fact is a draw, he said, noting details like the original pink tiles in the bathroom. The two-bedroom house has a pool and is surrounded by “lush greenery” on a 31,000-sq-ft lot, making it “so private and quiet, you can’t believe it”.

He advertised it as “truly one of a kind”, not because of the murders, but rather because the property has stunning views of downtown Los Angeles in the front and the San Gabriel Mountains in the rear.

“It’s so peaceful and serene and magical with the dual views. I’m wondering if that’s the reason people haven’t asked about [the murders], because it’s so amazing,” he added.

It can be a strange and challenging process to sell an infamous murder mansion.

“In my experience, iffy people buy those kinds of houses,” said Stephen Shapiro, chairman of Westside Estate Agency, a Los Angeles company that twice sold the Cielo Drive property where Tate was killed. A real estate investor who bought that house in 1988 went to jail the next year for a financial fraud case. Shapiro said he also sold another famous murder house to someone who later went to jail.

I could not imagine hanging a TV on the wall where [words] were written in someone else’s blood

At Cielo Drive, Shapiro’s agents would always disclose the bloody history, and “most people immediately backed off”. ,上海品茶QQNathaniel,Those who did show up “had a different kind of sensibility” or toured the property out of morbid curiosity and never planned to buy it.

Shapiro wasn’t directly involved in the sale and only visited once – and found himself unable to go inside.

“I’m not the type of person that relies on astrology … or believes in the occult or afterlife,” he said, “but I couldn’t go in the house. I got out of the car and I felt it in the motor court. I could feel evil.”

Giambalvo has not had a similar experience. On the contrary, he joked with the sellers that every time he visited, they had to leave him alone for five minutes, so he could stand in silence and enjoy the view. The company also disclosed the history to potential buyers, and if anyone were to ask him specifics about it, his plan was to say “research LaBianca house” and leave it at that.

He said he had priced it just below market value, but that appraisers struggled to tell him whether the history would be a detractor since “there is not a bank of information on famous murder homes in LA”.

Bagans, whose purchase of the property is now in escrow, declined to say what his plans were for the property or if he intended to do an,上海品茶微信Maggie,y formal paranormal investigations once he took over.

But, he added, “If I’m spending time there and come into contact with anything, that’s the world I live in”.

Criminology professor Fox said she was surprised the home hadn’t been demolished: “I could not imagine hanging a TV on the wall where [words] were written in someone else’s blood.”

But, she added, “with real estate, you only have to have one buyer”.

Nightmare for fliers as air traffic control problems and heatwave grounds aircraft

Travel disruption from the heatwave switched from trains to planes yesterday with air traffic control problems compounding delays for passengers.

At least 25 flights between Scotland and Heathrow and Gatwick were among those cancelled. Air traffic control company Nats reported a technical problem at its Swanwick centre in Hampshire, which controls airspace across the southern UK, shortly after noon. It restricted the rate at which aircraft could land at the airports.

At 3pm, the firm said it had “fixed the issue sufficiently to safely increase traffic flow rates” and expected an “improving picture through the rest of the day”.

European air traffic co-ordinating agency Eurocontrol said the problem was caused by an “issue with radar displays”.

That added to the woes at Heathrow and Gatwick as they were already asking passengers to check with airlines before travelling due to heatwave-related issues across Europe.

Scottish flights cancelled included 21 at Edinburgh, most to and from the two London airports.

Four British Airways and EasyJet flights between the airports and Glasgow were also grounded.

The Scotland-London east and west coast main lines re-opened after Network Rail engineers worked overnight to repair damage caused by high temperatures.

But Eurostar said passengers to and from Paris faced “severe disruption” due to overhead power line problems in the French capital.

Scotland recorded its hottest overnight temperature, of 20.9C at Achnagart, south east of Kyle of Lochalsh.

The Met Office said it was checking a provisional figure that could be a new UK temperature high of 38.7C.

It was recorded on Thursday Cambridge University Botanic Garden and is 0.2C higher than the record set in Kent in 2003.

The official top temperature that day – and a new J,上海品茶微信Edgar,uly record – was 38.1C, in Cambridge. Edinburgh set a new record of 31.6C.

However, temperatures are forecast to fall over the weekend, with a yellow – “be aware” – severe weather warning for heavy rain and flooding from 9am today to 3pm tomorrow.

The warning area has been extended to cover the Central Belt as well as western and southern Scotland, along with much of England away from the south west.

A Met Office sp,上海品茶会所Harris,okeswoman said: “An area of rain is expected to move 爱上海419slowly and erratically north westwards across parts of the UK on Saturday and Sunday.

“While some places within the warning area may see very little, others could see several hours of heavy rain.

“Accumulations of 40-60mm are possible, with perhaps as much as 80-100mm in places, especially over high ground.”

Video: Harvesting OSR on the hottest day of the year

The oilseed rape harvest at爱上海419 one Kent farm was drawing to a close on the second hottest day ever in Great Britain, with temperatures measuring 35 degrees Celsius at midday at Nonington Farms, near Dover.

After starting the OSR harvest two weeks ago, the final 80ha of 300ha was due to be finished this week, before moving onto the winter wheat harvest in around four days’ time.

Farm director James Loder-Symonds said lessons had been learnt from the many combine fires that occurred due to last summer’s drought.

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Watch the video and read the full report below.

Every machine on the farm now carries a fire extinguisher and a cultivator is kept near the combine at all times, with the combine blown through every morning, although the risk of fire will be higher when the team starts on the wheat next week.

Keeping the team hydrated had also been important this year, Mr Loder-Symonds said.

While the farm has experienced a few intermittent showers over the last week, these have done little to increase the moisture of the OSR crop, with moisture measuring 6.4% at midday after dropping from 8% when the combine started in the morning.

Luckily, Mr Loder-Symonds has been able to blend the crop in store to b,上海品茶微信Dani,ring moisture up to 7%.

Next season

Although cabbage stem flea beetle has yet to become as much of an issue in Kent as it already is further North, allowing Mr Loder-Symonds to yield an average of around 4t/ha on the better land, this coming season he is planning on taking proactive measures to keep the flea beetle under control.

“We are planning on trying companion cropping with the OSR this coming season, drilling it with 2kg/ha of berseem clover in the hope the beetle will eat that instead of the rapeseed.

See also: Tips on how to beat flea beetle when growing oilseed rape

“We want to use cultural controls as well as relying on chemicals as resistance is building and registration is becoming more difficult.

“We have lengthened the rotation to one in five, with has had a notable 0.3-0.4t/ha affect on our yields,”,上海品茶QQJaden, he says.

The farm’s rotation now consists of winter wheat, barley, OSR, 20ha of winter beans which are being grown on contract for fish food through grain marketeer Frontier, spring beans and spring naked oats.

The OSR will be established in early August if conditions are right, with establishment moving away from a system based on cultivating and then using a drill in favour of broadcasting the seed between the packer roller and the discs.

Mr Loder-Symonds hopes that an increased focus on sustainability and a wider rotation will enable the farm to achieve a LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Marque Accreditation which will add a premium of £15/t on to his OSR crops in the future.

He is also looking to trial pressing his own oil locally in the future.

It’s Manchester fanciest curryhouse – this is what the food’s like

In the triangle of big chains at the Corn Exchange, Mowgli has always stood out for all the right reasons. It’s consistent, vibrant, varied and welcoming, best known for its tiffin towers of chef’s choice curries.

This particular Indian street food concept was first founded in Liverpool in 2014 by former barrister Nisha Katona – since then, the chain has expanded faster than an unleavened bread dough in a bath of hot oil.

Sheffield, Birmingham, Oxford and Nottingham have all got a slice of the action, with a second site for Manchester recently flinging open its shiny new doors at Manchester’s University Green development.

The regeneration of the area has seen Brewdog, Takk, Friska and Five Guys make the trip to Oxford Road, tapping into the nearby population of university students and staff, as well as gig-goers on their way to the Academy.

Opening back in January, this new outpost of Mowgli comes with a giant white tree in the centre of the room, its branches dotted with thousands of soft white fairy lights.

More fairy lights wink from inside glass jars and wrought iron walls that surround diners. Many of the seats are swings. It looks like an Urban Outfitters interpretation of Narnia.

This upmarket addition to studentville is welcome – ten years ago, a student date night usually involved a ride on a Magic Bus to get to anything vaguely resembling romantic, unless you considered quad vods and a kebab an aphrodisiac.

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Even with school out for summer and the majority of students scattered back to their hometowns, there’s a decent crowd in the new restaurant on a Saturday evening.

Once we’ve finished awkwardly clunking swing seats (and bum cheeks) with our neighbours, we take a closer look at Mowgli’s drinks menu.

The cock,上海品茶QQSammy,tail offering is considered and carefully influenced by Indian cuisine. A dash of turmeric here, a hint of chilli there, infiltrating an otherwise expected list of martinis, margaritas and gin and tonics.

The turmeric sour (whisky, lemon, sugar, aquafaba and turmeric, £7.95) is potent and warming enough to zap any sniffles or niggles you might be harbouring.

The same medicinal properties can be found in the smoked cardamom old fashioned (whisky, apricot liqueur, smoked black cardamom and curry leaves, £7.95), which seems a little thin on first sip but the whisky soon elbows its way through to warm the cockles.

Mowgli’s portions are purposefully small, and the best way to tackle the food menu at Mowgli is to order as many dishes as possible and loosen your belt accordingly.

We begin with a ruby wrap (£7.25), a plate-sized roti bread covered in homemade chutneys, spinach, pomegranate and fingers of vibrant orange tandoori-grilled paneer. It’s ridiculously messy, the bread splitting apart as soon as any attempt to roll it is made, and a st,上海品茶工作室Ilya,ep too far to the sweet side – but the paneer is cooked to perfection, taking on a similar bite to halloumi.

Treacle tamarind fries (£5.75) are neat little cubes of potato that glisten in their syrupy brown coats. Sharp and sweet, they’re hugely lifted by the fresh coriander and chilli scattered on top, hitting the same moreish spot that Chinese spare ribs reach.

A main of Goan fish curry (£8.25) misses the mark. The fish needs to spend less time swimming in its curry sauce, which is listed on the menu as fiery and sweet but is more accurately described as umami and sharp, and has reduced the delicate white fish to chewy and bland shards.

Better is the Mother Butter Chicken (£7.95), a curry house classic that feels as though it’s coating every inch of your insides in warm, spicy butter like sinking into a hot bath.

The puri (£3 for two) are crisp and light, perfect for folding and using as shovels, though even they struggle to gather up the green ginger and rhubarb dahl (£4.95), which is watery, gritty and has puddles of oil forming on its surface.

A portion of gulab jamun (£4.50) for dessert is an unexpected highlight. Nutty, bullet-shaped dough balls drenched in syrup, they’re denser than your average doughnut and even more indulgent.

There’s a chocolate brownie (£4.50) too, its surface riddled with cracks and crevices. Nothing extraordinary, but happily devoured nonetheless.

Some extra thought into the ice cream dolloped on top of both desserts would elevate them into the big leagues – so much effort has gone into spiking the cocktail menu with spice that plain old vanilla feels a little… vanilla . Some chai or chilli would be a game-changer.

Service is friendly but bizarrely scatty – the kitchen seems to be operating at full throttle, with dishes flying out mere minutes after ordering, but the bar and front of house team are jetlagged.

We’re nearing the end of our starters before drinks arrive, and we wait even longer for a card reader to materialise so that we can pay the bill.

Mowgli has grown into a major player in the modern Indian restaurant game, rubbing shoulders with giants such as Dishoom and Bundobust.

But while the Corn Exchange restaurant delivers time after time, this new site is more sparkle than substance.

The CityLife team pride ourselves on honest, impartial reviews – we want you to know where your money is worth spending.

We don’t accept invitations or freebies in exchange fo上海龙凤419r reviews. We pay the bill ourselves and we don’t let the restaurants know we’re coming, to make sure we get the same treatment as any other customer.

We award marks out of five for food, service, surroundings and value – taking into account the style of establishment – and take an average to calculate the overall star rating.

How we scored it

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Service 2/5

Surroundings 5/5

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