More than 800 detained in Sudan protests: government

KHARTOUM ( ) – Sudan said on ,上海品茶419论坛Gabe,Monday it had detained more than 800 people since protests began nearly three weeks ago in the most persistent challenge to President Omar al-Bashir’s three-decade rule.

The figure, the first given by authorities since the unrest erupted, was,上海品茶工作室Daisy, far below th上海品茶QQe assessment of a leading human rights activist who said about 2,000 people were detained.

In a report to parliament, Interior,上海品茶微信Gabriel, Minister Ahmed Bilal Othman added that 381 demonstrations had taken place and 127 police officers were injured during the demonstrations triggered by price rises and shortages of cash. He said 14 police bases and more than 100 police cars had been burned around Sudan.

Authorities say 19 people, including two security officials, have died, while global rights group Amnesty International said on Dec. 24 it had credible reports 37 protesters had been killed by bullets from security forces.

Officers have been using live ammunition, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters, witnesses say.

Activist Barraq al-Nathir al-Warraq said on Friday that security forces had detained around 2,000 people, including political activists, journalists and civil society members.

Authorities have called for restraint in response to the protests, which they blame on unnamed infiltrators.

Sudan’s economy has struggled from the loss of three quarters of its oil output – its main source of foreign currency – since South Sudan seceded in 2011, keeping most oilfields.

Guatemala to shut down U.N. anti-corruption body early

UNITED NATIONS ( ) – Guatemala notified the United Nations it was terminating a U.N.-backed anti-graft commission on Tuesday, months ahead of schedule, accusing the body of abuses of power, and prompting a swift rebuke from the U.N. secretary-general.

The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, or CICIG, was set up over a decade ago with the authority to conduct independent investigations and work with the country’s prosecutors, bringing down the last president in 2015.

The CICIG also went after President Jimmy Morales, who said in August he would n上海品茶QQot renew the organization’s mandate, which was due to expire in September 2019. Days later, he banned CICIG head Ivan Velasquez, a hard-charging Colombian prosecutor, from re-entering the country.

Working with the then-attorney general, CICIG tried to prosecute Morales, a former comedian, in 2017 over alleged campaign finance violations. That move followed separate CICIG corruption probes into members of the president’s family.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel met with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York on Monday and handed him a letter informing him of the government’s intention to end the agreement that had established CICIG.

“It is regrettable that the Secretary-General, in a bid to maintain one person in the position, sacrificed the legitimacy of the commi,专门哟啪的微信群Hadrian,ssion,” Jovel told a news conference after the meeting, referring to Guterres’ decision to stand by Velasquez.

“Therefore we reported to the Secretary-General that within 24 hours the agreement (that was struck to create CICIG) will be terminated by the Guatemalan government,” she said.

Guterres “strongly rejects” the content of the letter, a spokesman for the secretary-general said in an emailed statement, adding that the United Nations expected Guatemala’s government to “fulfill its legal obligations under the agreement” until the CICIG mandate ends in September.

“The Secretary-General recalls the important contribution of CICIG to the fight against impunity in Guatemala,” it said.

Accompanied by prominent Guatemalans accused of ,上海外卖品茶群Caden,wrongdoing by the CICIG, Morales told a news conference in Guatemala City he had ordered prosecutors to start investigating allegations that the commission had acted outside the law and abused its power.

The foreign-led CICIG is unusual among U.N. bodies for its powers to bring cases to prosecutors, and many politicians in Guatemala consider,上海品茶419论坛Dahlia, it to be a violation of national sovereignty. Anti-corruption activists credit it with cleaning up government.

Last month, Guatemala’s government revoked visas and immunity for 11 CICIG investigators and two relatives.

Zimbabwe teachers divided on strike for U.S. dollar pay

HARARE ( ) – Zimbabwean teachers were divided at the start of an indefinite strike on Tuesday, with those in towns reporting for class while their rural colleagues largely heeded calls by unions to boyc,上海品茶419论坛Mabel,ott work ,上海品茶微信Jack,to press the government to pay U.S. dollar salaries.


The southern African nation is gripped by its worst shortage of dollars since a military coup ended nearly four decades of rule by Robert Mugabe in November 2017, leading to shortages of everything from fuel to medicines to soft drinks.

Teachers, like doctors who stopped work more than a month ago, say their salaries paid in electronic dollars are fast losing value compared to physical cash which they are demanding.

As the dollar crunch worsens and social unrest grows, Mnangagwa could find it harder to convince skeptical Zimbabweans that he is capable of reviving the economy after decades of missteps under his predecessor and mentor Mugabe.

At some schools around central Harare visited by , teachers were present and conducting classes.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association president Richard Gundane said a survey on Tuesday showed that urban teachers had reported for duty but most in rural areas did not go to work and pupils were turned away.

“We don’t w上海品茶微信ant to call it (strike) successful because we are not celebrating,” Gundane said, adding that teachers hoped promises by government to review salaries could end the impasse.

Gundane could not say how many of ZIMTA’s 44,000 members stayed at home but that more teachers would join the job boycott in the coming days if their demands were not quickly met.

Zimbabwe employs more than 100,000 teachers.

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe told a news conference that although teachers attended school, most were not teaching but could not provide statistics.

Raymond Majongwe, PTUZ secretary general said his members would work twice a week until the government met their demands.

“The issue of the demand to be paid in U.S. dollars is a reality and we are not going to flinch on that,” said Majongwe.

After a meeting with public sector unions on Monday, acting Labour Minister July Moyo promised to review their pay and allowances although no money was set aside for this in the 2019 budget presented in November. He did not give a timeline.

This would scupper government’s ambitious plan to cut the fiscal deficit by more than half to 5 percent of GDP this year and bring down the wage bill to 70 percent of the budget from more than 90 percent previously.

Vietnam says Facebook violated controversial cybersecurity law

HANOI ( ) – Facebook has violated Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law by allowing users to post anti-government comments on the platform, state media said on Wednesday, days after the controversial legislation took effect in the communist-ruled country.

Despite economic reforms and increasing openness to social change, Vietnam’s Communist Party retains tight media censorship and does not tolerate dissent.

“Facebook had reportedly not responded to a request to remove fanpages provoking activities against the state,” the official Vietnam News Agency said, citing the Ministry of Information and Communication.

In a statement, a Facebook spokeswoman said, “We have ,上海妹子品茶微信Nadine,a clear process for governments to report illegal content to us, and we review all these requests against our terms of service and local law.”

She did not elaborate.

The ministry said Facebook also allowed personal accounts to upload posts containing “slanderous” content, anti-government sentiment and defamation of individuals and organizations, the agency add,上海品茶工作室Lake,ed.

“This content had been found to seriously violate Vietnam’s Law on cybersecurity” and government regulations on the management, provision and use of internet services, it quoted the ministry as saying.

Global technology companies and rights groups have earlier said the cybersecurity law, which took effect on Jan. 1 and includes requirements for technology firms to set up local offices and store data locally, could undermin上海品茶微信e development and stifle innovation in Vietnam.

Company officials have privately expressed concerns that the new law could make it easier for the authorities to seize customer data and expose local employees to arrest.

Facebook had refused to provide information on “fraudulent accounts” to Vietnamese security agencies, the agency said in Wednesday’s report.

The information ministry is also considering taxing Facebook for advertising revenue from the platform.

The report cited a market research company as saying $235 million was spent on advertising on Facebook in Vietnam in 2018, but that Facebook was ignoring its tax obligations ther,上海品茶交友群Rae,e.

In November, Vietnam said it wanted half of social media users on domestic social networks by 2020 and plans to prevent “toxic information” on Facebook and Google.

North Korea’s Kim discusses expected summit with Trump in talks in…

BEIJING ( ) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed an expected U.S.-North Korea summit in talks in Beijing on Tuesday, Yonhap news agency said, days after Kim warned he may take an alternative path if the United States does not ease sanctio上海品茶会所ns.

Kim’s visit to China, confirmed by North Korean and Chinese state media, comes amid plans for a second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump aimed at denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s Yonhap, without identifying its sources, said the two leaders held talks for an hour in which they discussed the second U.S.-North Korea summit and strengthening bilateral ties.

The meeting was followed by a dinner hosted by Xi and his wife, Yonhap said.

Kim held three summits last year with Xi, his most important ally, before and after summits with Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Kim and Trump pledged to work towards denuclearization at their landmark June summit in Singapore, but the agreement was short on specifics. Negotiations have made little headway since.

Most House members sign letter backing Israel at U.N.

WASHINGTON ( ) – More than 90 percent of the U.S. House of Representatives has signed a letter urging President Barack Obama to use U.S. veto power to block any United Nations resolutions seen as biased against Israel, one of the letter’s lead sponsors said on Friday.

U.S. Representative Nita Lowey said 394 members of the 435-member House signed the letter that was sent to Obama on Thursday.

It was written as the Palestinian Authority renewed its drive to persuade the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements in Arab East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The United States vetoed a similar resolution in the Security Council five years ago.

With U.S. efforts to broker a two-sta,上海品茶会所Kailani,te solution in tatters since 2014, France has been lobbying countries to commit to a conference that would get Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations to end their conflict.

The congressional letter backed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but insisted that negotiations between the two sides are the only path to peace, not United Nations action or an international conference.

“The only way you can get there is if the two parties can be brought together and really go over all the issues,” Lowey said in a telephone interview.

Lowey is the top Democrat on the ,专门哟啪的微信群Barrett,House subcommittee that oversees U.S. diplomacy and上海品茶微信 foreign aid. Republican Representative Kay Granger, who chairs the subcommittee, also sponsored the letter.

Lowey said she,上海外卖品茶群Lark, had not yet had a response to the letter, but she hoped administration officials were carefully reading it.

Support for Israel is one of the few issues that has the support of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress.

Mexico prepares for arrival of next Central American migrant caravan

MEXICO CITY ( ) – Mexican authorities will meet with Central American officials to prepare for the arrival of a planned new caravan of migrants headed to the United States next week.

The head of Mexico’s immigration office, Tonatiuh Guillen, left on Wednesday on a trip to El Salvador and Honduras to meet with his counterparts and other authorities, said Interior Ministry spokesman Hector Gandini.

Mexico hopes to discourage a mass exodus from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and wan,上海品茶交友群Balthazar,ts Central Americans who decide to migrate north to do so in an ,上海品茶工作室Gabriel,orderly way and through legal ports of entry.

“The doors to Mexico are open to anyone who wants to enter in an orderly fashion,” Gandini told in a telephone interview. “But whoever wants 上海品茶微信to come in illegally will be deported.”

Previous Central American caravans became a flashpoint in the debate over U.S. immigration policy.

That was intensified by the recent deaths of two migrant children in American custody and a partial U.S. government shutdown over U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion in funding for a wall along the border with Mexico.

There are 12 legal ports of entry for Central Americans on Mexico’s southern border, but Mexican authorities have identified an additional 370 illegal points of entry on that frontier, Interior Minister Olga Sanchez said this week.

Mexico borders in the south with Guatemala and Belize.

The illegal entry points will be “monitored and controlled to avoid undocumented access of people to our territory,” Sanchez said.

Guatemala’s deputy foreign minister, Pablo Cesar Garcia, met with Mexican authorities on Tuesday to discuss the caravan and to “provide all the necessary support to the migrants,” said Guatemalan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marta Larra.

“In Honduras, they kill us,” read an appeal circulating on social media for people to assemble in the violent Honduran city of San Pedro Sula next Tuesday to start the long trek north to the United States.

While other social media posts invite people to leave from nearby Santa Barbara on J,上海外卖品茶群Daisy,an. 20, U.S. authorities hoped to dissuade Central Americans from making the journey.

“The risks of illegal immigration are serious. Don’t waste your time and money on a trip destined to fail. The road is long and very dangerous. Thousands of Hondurans who participated in the caravan came back sorry,” Heide Fulton, the U.S chargé d’affaires to Honduras, said on Twitter on Wednesday.

U.S. to host Iran-focused global meeting in Poland February 13-14

WASHINGTON ( ) – The United States plans to jointly host a global conference focused on the Middle East, particularly Iran, next month in Poland, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

The meeting will take place in Warsaw on Feb. 13-14, it said in a statement.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif dismissed the planned event as a “desperate anti-Iran ci,上海品尝嫩茶Jackson,rcus.”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News in an interview to air on Friday that the m上海品茶QQeeting would “focus on Middle East stability and peace and freedom and security here in this region, and that includes an important element of making sure that Iran is not a destabilizing influence.”

Pompeo, who is on an eight-day visit to the Middle East, said the meeting would “bring together dozens of countries from all around the world, from Asia, from Africa, from Western Hemisphere countries, Europe too, the Middle East of course.”

Pompeo has said during the tour that the United States is “redoubling” its efforts to put pressure on Iran and sought to convince allies that it is committed to fighting Islamic State despite President Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Trump last year withdrew the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear accord and moved to reimpose sanctions on Tehran. Other partners in the deal – including Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China – have sought to keep the agreement from unraveling, although in a shift earlier this week, the European Union moved to impose some sanctions on Iran.

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said in a statement that while his country supported the EU’s efforts to maintain the nuclear deal, the agreement “does not stop Iran from activities destabilizing the region” and he hoped the conference would bring closer the EU and U.S. positions.

He said more than 70 countries were invited to the conference, including all EU member,上海品茶QQGabe,s.

Writing on Twitter, Iran’s Zarif said, “Reminder to host/participants of anti-Iran conference: those who attended last U.S. anti-Iran show are either dead, disgraced, or marginalized. And Iran is stronger than ever.”

He went on to write that “while Iran saved Poles in WWII, it now hosts desperate anti-Iran circus.”

The U.S. State Department said there were strong shared interests in Middle East stability.

“The ministerial will address a range of critical issues including terrorism and extremism, missile development and proliferation, maritime trade and security, and threats posed by proxy groups across the region,” its statement said.

On his Middle East tour, Pompeo is trying to shore up support i,上海品茶群二维码Dallas,n the region on a number of fronts, from the U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria to the rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the killing of U.S.-based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Three killed as Ottawa bus crashes into bus shelter

OTTAWA ( ) – Three people were killed and nearly two dozen were injured on Friday when a double-decker bus struck a bus shelter in the Canadian capital of Ottawa during rush hour, city officials said.

Part ,上海品尝嫩茶[随,上海妹子品茶微信Sabine,机符],of the upper right上海品茶QQ side of the bus was shorn off in the collision, which happened shortly before 4 p.m. ET (2100 GMT) at a busy transit station in the west end of the city.

“It is with deep sadness that I report there were three confirmed casualties, two of which were on the bus and one that was on the platform,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told reporters at a news conference late on Friday.

Watson also said that 23 people were injured in the collision, some very seriously, and taken to hospital. The Ottawa Hospital confirmed on Twitter that it had received nine patients in critical condition from the crash.

Ottawa police chief Charles ,上海品茶水磨Fabi,Bordeleau said the bus driver was arrested at the scene and taken in for questioning, but he declined to provide further details.

“An investigation is now underway on the cause of the collision,” he told reporters.

Investigators were expected to be on the scene through the night, with frigid temperatures in Ottawa expected to dip down to minus 22 Celsius (minus 7.6 Fahrenheit) overnight.

“There’s no question that the weather adds complexity at the scene,” said Bordeleau. It was unclear if weather contributed to the crash.

Photos and video from the scene showed emergency responders treating a number of people on the ground, as others used ladders to unload passengers trapped on the bus’ upper level.

Bilal Gill, a passenger on the upper deck, told broadcaster CBC News that people at the front were pinned under their seats.

“There was definitely people pinned. And there was a bit of blood on the floor,” he said.

This the second major crash in recent years involving an Ottawa transit bus. A double-decker commuter bus crashed into a passenger train in September 2013, killing six people including the bus driver.

Pennsylvania governor won’t sign budget over lack of pension reform

HARRISBURG Penn,上海品茶会所Radcliff,. ( ) – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said on Monday that he would not for the moment sign a $29.1 billion budget enacted by the legislature because lawmakers had failed to include pension reform. Corbett, a Republican with sagging poll ratings who is up for re-election,上海品茶论坛Paisley, this year, wants 上海品茶QQto push new state employees onto a so-called “hybrid” pension plan.

Under his proposal, the first $50,000 of employee income would qualify for the existing, defined benefit pension plan, while anything above that would feed a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan. But for the second consecutive legislative session, Corbett failed to muster enough support to push through his idea. His proposal to privatize the state-run liquor system also fell short for a second year. “The budget I received tonight makes significant investments in our common priorities of education, jobs and human services,” Corbett said in a statement.

“It leaves pensions, one of the largest expenses to thecommonwealth and our school districts, on the table.” The state was facing a shortfall of at least $1.5 billion, according to some estimates. Pennsylvania has about $50 billion of unfunded long-term pension liabilities. To close the gap without raising taxes, the spending plan includes a controversial measure for one-time transfers of money from dedicated funds, such as one that helps volunteer fire companies purchase equipment.

Corbett has 10 days to sign or veto the bill or it becomes law without his signature.

His decision appeared to take lawmakers by surprise as he had earlier said only that he was considering the budget bill’s impact on Pennsylvanians.

Earlier on Monday, the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved a token pension reform plan moving themselves and other state elected officials – but not state employees or teachers -into a 401(k) plan. The bill now moves to the House.

Republican lawmakers had praised their budget for increasing overall education spending by $316 million while not raising taxes. Democrats, none of whom voted for the budget in either chamber, condemned the failure t,上海品尝嫩茶Idris,o tax shale gas extraction and the lack of more education funding.

U.S. says aware of reports of Iran’s detention of U.S. citizen

WASHINGTON ( ) – The U.S. State Department said on Tuesday it was aware of reports of the detention of a U.S. citizen held in Iran for more than six months, amid heightened tensions between the countries following the reimposition of U.S. sanctions.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Michael R. White, a 46-year-old U.S. Navy veteran, was seized while visiting Iran and has been held in jail since July on unspecified charges.

His mother, Joanne White, told the New York Times her son had visited Iran “five or six times” to meet his Iranian girlfri上海品茶会所end. He had bought a ticket to return from Iran, but never boarded his flight on July 27.

Asked about the reports, a U.S. State Department spokesman said: “We are aware of reports of the detention of a U.S. citizen in Iran.”

The spokesman declined to provide additional information, citing privacy considerations.

Iranian officials have not reacted to the reports, and were not immediately available for comment.

A former detainee in Iran, Ivar Farhadi, told the London-based IranWire website he had spoken to White when they were both at Vakilabad Prison in the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran.

The New York Times quoted White’s mother as saying her son, a California resident, suffers acute asthma and had undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment for a neck tumor.

Tension between Iran and the United States has risen significantly since last May, when U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from an international nuclear deal with Tehran and reimposed U.S. sa,上海品茶交友群Kade,nctions that had been lifted after a 2015 accord.

Several Americans have been detained in Iran in recent years and Trump warned in 2017 that Tehran would face “new and serious consequences” unless all unjustly held U.S. citizens were freed.

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared while visiting Iran’s Kish Island in 2007. In 2016, during President Barack Obama’s administration, senior U.S. officials said they believed Levinson had died in captivity.

On Jan. 12, a State Department spokesman said that characterization was inaccurate, adding: “The U.S. government continues to reiterate its call on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to locate Mr. ,上海品茶419论坛Tallulah,Levinson and return him home to his family.”

Iranian officials have repeatedly denied knowledge of Levinson’s disappearance or whereabouts.

In October 2015, Siamak Namazi, a businessman in his mid-40s with dual U.S.-Iranian citizenship, was detained as he visited family in Tehran. His 82-year-old father, Baquer Namazi, was also arrested in February 2016 and later convicted of espionage charges which he denied.

Xiyue Wang, a Chinese-born U.S. citizen and graduate student from Princeton University, was arrested,上海品茶工作室Mabel, in Iran in 2016. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail on spying charges that he denied.

U.S. diplomat says Eritrea human rights record is still a concern

WASHINGTON ( ) – The top U.S. diplomat for Africa welcomed a rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea ending two decades of hostility but said concerns over Eritrea’s human rights record hindered cooperation with Washington.

The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea re-opened crossing points on their shared border for the first time in 20 years on Tuesday, raising hopes of reduced tensions in the region.

Tibor Nagy, the U.S. State Department’s assistant secretary for Africa, told a congressional hearing on Wednesday that the United States had “deliberately engaged” with Eritrea in recent months but it was too soon to talk about lifting United Nations sanctions imposed in 2009, which accused it of supporting Islamist militants in Somalia. Eritrea denied the charge.

Among concerns that the United States had raised with Eritrea was the detention of U.S. embassy local staff and several Americans for what Nagy called politically-motivated reasons.

The United States also wanted a full explanation from Eritrea over past weapons purchases from North Korea highlighted in a U.N. report, said Nagy, without elaborating.

He said the jailing of religious and political prisoners and indefinite, obligatory national service, as w上海品茶微信ell as a tightly-controlled system of government were also a worry.

“Eritrea c,上海品茶群二维码Dallas,annot assume that by saying wonderful things and opening good relatio,上海品茶论坛Gabrielle,ns with the neighbors that will automatically lead to sanctions relief,” said Nagy, a former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia.

“There have to be concrete actions taken and we will remain very engaged and say things that may not always be popular but have to be said,” he added.

Eritrea has long dismissed accusations of human rights abuses by the U.N., including alleged extrajudicial killings and torture, as “totally unfounded and without merit.” ,上海品茶交友群Hal,

The U.N. imposed sanctions on Eritrea in 2009, backed by 13 of the 15 members of the U.N. Security Council. The sanctions included an arms embargo, travel restrictions and asset freezes for some of the country’s top officials.

But warming ties between Eritrea and Ethiopia this year and sweeping reforms by Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have reshaped the political landscape in the Horn of Africa.

Abiy’s ruling coalition has ended a state of emergency and released political prisoners, while also announcing plans to partially open up the economy to foreign investors.

In his boldest move, Abiy offered last month to make peace with Eritrea, 20 years after the neighbors started a border war that killed an estimated 80,000 people. Full-blown fighting ended by 2000, but their troops have faced off across their disputed frontier ever since.

“Up to now for the last 20-plus years Eritrea has used Ethiopia as an excuse to maintain what I would almost call a ‘fortress state’,” Nagy said. “With the opening of peace they really will no longer have a reason to do that.”

Manchester United transfer news LIVE Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku updates and Eric Bailly injury latest

Manchester United are continuing to recover from their long-haul flight back from Shanghai and will begin preparations for their next pre-season friendly against Kristiansund.

United have a 100% record so far this summer in Australia, Singapore and Shanghai, and will travel to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s native Norway to face Kristiansund on Tuesday.

Solskjaer will be without Eric Bailly, who was injured in the last friendly against Tottenham and was pictured arriving back in Manchester yesterday with a leg brace. United will be hoping for positive news on the knee injury in the coming days.

In terms of transfer news, Romelu Lukaku has reportedly flown to Belgium to hold talks with Inter Milan, while Real Madrid are ‘increasingly confident’ of signing Paul Pogba after Zinedine Zidane ‘requested’ that the club sanction his signing before the transfer window closes.

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United sent Lukaku transfer message

Romelu Lukaku has got the ability to thrive at Manchester United, but doesn’t fully suit Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s style of football, according a Class of ‘92 graduate.

Former United player Ben Thornley believes that Lukaku will succeed in a different team, amid transfer interest in the Belgian forward from Inter Milan.

“I think he proved上海419论坛 in his first season that he can score goals,” Thornley told Tribal Football on Lukaku.

“I’m not too sure that with the way that Ole Gunnar wants to play and certainly the way that he’s indicated that he might play from the pre-season games so far, is that with Lukaku’s stature it probably doesn’t fit the style of play that Solskjaer wants.”

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What Solskjaer has told Henderson about his Man United future

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has told Dean Henderson that he has the ability to make a first-team breakthrough at Manchester United.

The goalkeeper signed a new three-year deal on Friday, with the option for a further year, before heading out on loan to ,上海品茶工作室Queena,Sheffield United.

“He’s just told me to keep progressing and doing what,上海品茶会所Kale, you’re doing, and there’s no reason why you can’t make a breakthrough one day,” Henderson said after signing his deal.

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Solskjaer ‘tells Woodward’ to sign Maguire urgently

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reportedly told Ed Woodward to sign Harry Maguire ‘urgently’ following the pre-season tour to Australia and Asia.

United only conceded once on tour across four games, but were dealt a blow when Eric Bailly was taken off on a stretcher in the last friendly against Tottenham. Bailly was then pictured returning to Manchester Airport in a leg brace.

And Bailly’s injury has forced Solskjaer to make a decision on Maguire, with Sky Sports News reporting that he has told Woodward to complete the signing ‘as a matter of urgency’.

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Exclusive: Andy Carroll makes full recovery from ankle surgery and is keen on Newcastle United return

Andy Carroll has been given the green light to secure a new club by a specialist after making a full recovery after ankle surgery.

The former England international is on Steve Bruce’s radar and up for grabs on a free transfer following his decision to leave West Ham United at the end of last season.

Bruce is keen on bringing in Carroll but had initial concerns over his fitness, however, those fears have now been allayed somewhat.

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It is understood that Carroll has been working with a fitness coach and is now running again and taking part in his own private pre-season as he looks to secure a club.

The 30-year-,上海品茶工作室Tabitha,old, who left United for £35million to join Liverpool in 2011, has had some interesting offers this summer from clubs in Europe and Major League Soccer.

But an emotional return to his boyhood club still appeals to Carroll and it is believed he’d be keen to work with Bruce.

Carroll started running again this week and could be available for selection within a month if things continue to progress.

ChronicleLive reported Bruce’s interest last weekend but the Newcastle head coach knows that the deal could be done after deadline day and he is focused on bringing cash purchases at the moment.

Newcastle also have an interest in Liverpool’s Harry Wilson but the European champions have not made 爱上海419a decision on the Wrexham-born player’s future jus,上海品茶微信Jameson,t yet.

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Whether Jurgen Klopp decides to sell Wilson or opt for a season long loan for the player remains to be seen.

Wilson spent last season on loan at Derby County making 40 appearances and netting 15 goals.

There has also been interest in Wilson from Aston Villa.

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REVEALED: The shocking task the Queen expects from her guests at Balmoral Castle

The Queen expects her guests at Balmoral Castle to help out with one particular task (Image: GETTY)

The Monarch, who loves the private estate in the Scottish Highlands, goes on holiday there with The Royal Family every summer. The 93-year-old enjoys many outdoors activities while at the estate regardless of the weather. These include picnics, barbecues, brisk walks, fishing and horse riding, 9Honey reported.

But due to the lack of formality at the site, the Queen also gets stuck in doing everyday tasks like the washing up.

Royal expert, Victoria Arbiter, said her father Dickie, a royal aide, was summoned to help with the washing up.

Ms Arbiter recounted: “With his hands immersed in suds he quipped, ‘I’ll wash, you dry.’

“The Queen’s firm, but quiet voice replied, ‘I’ll wash, you dry.’ Picking up a tea towel, he did as he was told.”

READ MORE:How Meghan Markle ‘copied Diana to woo royals and cement her position’

The Queen enjoys many outdoors activities while at the estate regardless of the weather (Image: GETTY)

The Monarch loves the private estate in the Scottish Highlands (Image: GETTY)

The revelation comes after former Prime Minister Tony Blair recounted a similar situation.

During a visit, Mr Blair said Her Majesty would ask if he’s finished before stacking up plats and heading off to the sink.

The Queen had to delay her trip to Balmoral this year due to Boris Johnson’s election.

According to roy,上海品茶工作室Hal,al expert Kate Nicholl, she made the trip to Balmoral yesterday.

The Queen had to delay her trip to Balmoral this year (Image: GETTY)

Ms Nicholl told ITV’s Lorraine yesterday the Queen would depart for Balmoral soon after inviting Mr Johnson to form a Government.

According to her, she will remain there for another three months before she commences her royal duties.

She said: “She goes ,上海品茶微信Makaley,up to Aberdeenshire every summer爱上海 and she basically takes off from the middle of July until October when she starts royal duties again.

“But she has had to postpone it.”

LETTER: Whether climate change is true or not we should reduce pollution

YOUR letters page on July 11 showed a familiar spectrum of the opposition to the climate change argument, from the ‘it’s natural’ approach favoured by Trevor Farrer to the multiple doubts Clive Carroll tries to cast upon the extent of scientific consensus.

I do wonder why people are so exercised by this; climate change denial is a veritable cottage industry, and it cannot merely be because people object to paying a few bob extra on their fuel bills, or have a deep concern for scientific accuracy.

The determination with which certain sectors of the press push this agenda is particularly noteworthy.

Here’s the thing though: fossil fuels are a finite resource. We can run out of them quickly or slowly; personally, I’d go with ‘slowly’.

So even in the unlikely event that the deniers are right, there is still a problem, having the same answer. We can and should reduce the rate of resource depletion, and reduce pollution.

As a side benefit, just maybe, we might avoid providing the ’empirical evidence’ that Clive Carroll worryingly demands bef爱上海419ore he’ll accept that a 2 degree rise is a concern.

Focusing solely on climate change, to the exclusion of all other aspects of the matter, is a classic cas,上海品茶会所Bernard,e of not seeing the w,上海品茶微信Fanny,ood for the trees.

Allan Miller


Boxing tonight: TV channels, undercards, live streams, fight times and odds

Boxing has entered it’s post-season quiet spell, but that doesn’t mean there’s no action for fight fans.

The summer period is traditionally lacking in big fights with punters opting for the beach over the ring.

But there is a world title double header in Dallas this evening which is headlined by an intriguing 50-50 unification clash in the super-lightweight division.

Maurice Hooker, who holds the WBO title, ta上海龙凤419kes on fellow undefeated cha,上海品茶微信Lettie,mpion Jose Carlos Ramirez who is the WBC’s belt holder.

And on the undercard, Tevin Farmer defends his IBF super-feather,上海品茶工作室Danny,weight title against mandatory challenger Guillaume Frenois.

Here is everything you need to know about the fight card…

Maurice Hooker vs Jose Ramirez

Fight time

The main event is expected to start at 4am UK time.

TV channel

The fights will be shown on Sky Sports Action from 2am.

Live stream

The fight can be streamed on Sky Sports Action using the Sky Go app, or online.


Tevin Farmer vs Guillaume Frenois

Tramaine Williams vs Yenifel Vicente

Movladdin Biyarslanov vs Solon Staley

Joey Dawejko vs Rodney Hernandez

Nikita Ababiy vs Yunier Calzada

Austin Williams vs Jabrandon Harris

Darius Bagley vs Carlos Dixon

Stephen Acosta vs Joel Maldonado

Francisco Javier Martinez vs Michael Land


Hooker 5/4

Ramirez 5/6

Draw 20/1

Raheem Sterling interview: The inspirational man behind the Man City and England superstar

Something caught in Raheem Sterling’s throat.

The confident Manchester City man is one of the biggest names in world football who helped lead his side to the domestic treble last season, but as he leaned forward in his chair to talk to journalists about Damary Dawkins his voice started to give.

Dawkins was a 13-year-old boy from London of Afro-Caribbean descent diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia who was told he would not survive past Christmas last year unless a donor was found. As soon as he found out about it from his agent, Sterling stepped in.

Working together with blood cancer charity DKMS, Sterling helped to get a match and headed to the hospital just before the holidays to spend an poignant afternoon with Damary.

“The first time I met him was in a hospital and I get really emotional with things like that. I don’t deal with it too well,” Sterling told M.E.N Sport.

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“Sometimes you’re sat at home and complaining about your Sky or internet not working and you realise there are people out there in a far worse predicament than you are.

“There are moments now that even when I’m going through something really bad, I just feel that it’s not the worst because there are people that are dying pretty much every day and can’t do anything about it.”

After Damary sadly passed away in March, Sterling paid tribute to the youngster with a T-shirt underneath his England jersey in an international game and then covered the cost of the youngster’s funeral.

As he reflects in the solitude of a Hong Kong hotel room, it is clear how touched he has been by his story and character.

“When I see him, how happy and outgoing he was – he wasn’t shying away from anything or being down, he was just being himself – and that made me appreciate my life and everything that was going on with me,” he said.

“Give thanks to ev爱上海erything that’s been given to you. It’s just something that really touched me and I had to keep communicating with him. It wasn’t long but it was definitely something that will stay with me for a long time.”

Despite what some may think, the former Liverpool-man isn’t about the celebrity life.

In a bumpy few years following his move from Liverpool to City that attracted criticism, Sterling was targeted by certain parts of the media and society for everything from shopping in Greggs and Poundland to buying his mum a house.

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Those criticisms were enough for some to make up their mind about his character but slowly but surely the real Raheem is making his voice heard and he does not want his life to be defined exclusively by football.

“From being a kid I always wanted to play abroad but I’m happy at Manchester City,” he said. “Manchester is a lovely place, even though I live pretty much near Crewe. I love the little villages. I can go out, grab a bit of lunch and chill with my family without needing the city centre. We’re really happy up there.

“Once I’ve finished football that’s it, I’m done. I don’t want to be talking about it, when I get home i just want to chill out. Like on my holiday when I went away with my friends I just want to have regular jokes and if no-one spots me then my friends aren’t famous and no-one will spot them and get on to us but if you’re with three or four other footballers then there’s more attention than you need.

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“It’s not to say that there’s people that I don’t like or get on with but when you’re finished playing football you just want to get back to your normal life and live an enjoyable life. It’s like finishing work. I can’t have a glass of wine every night but you’ve got to work around it.”

While Sterling is a family man, it is clear football is also incredibly important in his life. Having started playing at the age of 10 he moved to Liverpool in 2010 before securing a transfer to City in 2015 under Manuel Pellegrini.

Things didn’t go quite to plan for the England international and by the end of his first campaign he was out of the team. And when things are going badly Sterling starts to take it personally.

Belief within himself, listening to others and eradicating what he calls ‘silly things’ out of his game have pushed him on to become one of the best in the world.

A big part of his improvement has been down to Pep Guardiola. The City boss has been a staunch defender of Sterling and even rang him before he took over at the Etihad to reassure him of his importance to the Blues after the player received stinging criticism at Euro 2016.

Leroy Sane and Bernardo Silva have both been signed since and there was a suggestion that the England international could go the other way in 2017 as Guardiola wanted to bring in Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to sharpen the team up in front of goal.

That deal didn’t happen, and for the last two years Sterling has been increasingly deadly in front of goal. Guardiola has a track record for improving the best players in the world, although it would be wrong to give all of the credit to the manager.

“Ah, I don’t know how to explain it…,” he started. “You see clips of him talking to you but it’s not like that every day.

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“It’s one incident where he’s speaking to me. He talks to us as a group and you take information on. You learn. If you don’t learn, you don’t play. It’s not like he’s sat there in a room with a pen and paper writing things down on what I should do.

“He’ll tell you: ‘I’ve been a professional before.’ He helps me along the way in terms of little details, doing things a little simpler and taking a lot more care. If you don’t want to improve your own game then, or don’t want to look at yourself, then there ,上海品茶微信Adalin,is nothing Pep can do to help you.

“I take a lot of positives from him, purely by the way he carries himself, the way he sets those high standards. It rubs off. That has improved me the most: the standards he sets. It makes sure I don’t fall from my standards.

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“You could say the coaching staff, but everyone at the training ground helps you. The manager, Mikel, everyone. But it’s down to yourself. If you don’t know what you need to improve on it’s never going to happen.

“I’ve been playing football since I was 10. I was a striker, moved to the wing and started doing silly things like stepovers and stuff like that. I started changing my game up, but went to Liverpool and started listening to people. You can over-think things and start believing things. That is what happened with me, I was believing what I was hearing and not doing what I know I can do and had been doing since I was a child. Have full confidence in yourself.

“There are things I know I could do in a game and I’ll say ‘no, I could’ve done that better,’ so I’ll get on the training field. Coming inside on my right foot is something I’ve been working on the whole of last season, even though I missed against West Ham the other day. I’ve been practising my penalties and if we get another one I’ll definitely take another one. This is what I’m doing every day and why I was so confident (against Wolves) but missed. There are little details.”

Sterling recorded 31 goals for club and country last season but he’s not resting on his laurels and is motivated to become even better. He has improved the amount of goals he scores, the type of goals he scores and the way he works within the team.

After mostly starring on the right wing, he was predominantly used on the left wing and could also start the season in the middle with Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero both returning late after their Copa America duty.

There is a growing sense that the 24-year-old can do anything he wants.

Off the pitch he has become an outstanding role model, both within sport and beyond. And just as people are beginning to see the man for who he is, Sterling has complete clarity on how his football will kick on.

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“Scoring more goals. It’s as simple as that. Scoring more goals, helping my team, winning more football matches. That’s the way I want to go, scoring and assisting goals to win football matches – not just scoring goals to score goals but scoring goals to actually do things to cement your team winning a trophy or lifting a title.

“It was a good season for me, as with a lot of the boys, but it’s trying to get better as a player.

“We’re all at an age where we all want to keep getting better. There isn’t any player who thinks they’re at their best. That is what drives us on to go onto do big things.”

Michelle Williams says Fosse/Verdon will tell troubled married couple’s true story

During the golden age of Hollywood, he was a visionary film-maker and choreographer, while she was one of the greatest dancers of all time – as depicted in new BBC drama, Fosse/Verdon.

Their unique creative partnership changed the face of entertainment history for ever, but at a terrible cost to their own marriage.

This sensational all-singing, all-dancing biographical mini-series tells the story of genius director Bob Fosse and his flame-haired hoofer wife Gwen Verdon – portrayed with oodles of razzle-dazzle by A-list actors Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams.

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The Fosse/Verdon artistic collaborations yielded movie classics including Cabaret and All That Jazz.

However, behind the scenes of their shared success, Fosse was a love rat with mental health issues and suicidal tendencies.

‘Bob Fosse was charismatic, cool and a genius,’ says Sam, who won an Oscar for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

‘But he was also really messed up, haunted and a very complicated dude.

‘Bob and Gwen were like co-dependent twins and it was a meeting of great minds.

‘She really helped him a great deal with his career and life.’

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In the first episode, it’s 1966 and the critics have slated Fosse’s debut feature, Sweet Charity, which ran $2,上海品茶会所Leif,0million over budget.

He’s already contemplating jumping off the balcony of his New York apartment, but manages to talk his way into directing a new project called Cabaret.

Fosse moves to Munich as the production, starring Liza Minnelli, gets under way.

In the German city, he seduces a younger woman hired to be his translator, then begs his wife to help bring Cabaret’s dance routines to life.

Gwen uses her skills in costume and make-up 爱上海to find the perfect gorilla outfit for the number If You Could See Her.

But the cracks are already starting to appear in the cou,上海品茶QQNewton,ple’s marriage.

Spanning five decades, the story jumps back and forth as Bob and Gwen experience both triumphs and tragedies.

Later in the series, we see Fosse winning great acclaim while his wife slowly fades into the background.

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‘Gwen was written out of their story, but this show attempts to rectify that,’ says Michelle, who also danced up a storm in The Greatest Showman.

‘I’m excited that people can now look back at Gwen’s legacy and discover what an unparalleled dancer she was, as well as a loving, compassionate wife and mother.’

– Fosse/Verdon, Friday, 9pm and 9.50pm, BBC2

‘My reason for living was no longer here’ – man’s fiancé killed himself just days after family told him his homosexuality had to be ‘cured’

It is five years since Matt Ogston’s life was turned upside-down.

Before July 2014 he had been on a 13-year love affair with his then-fiancé Dr Nazim Mahmood.

Nazim’s sexuality had just been uncovered by his strict Muslim family and they told him he had to see a psychiatrist to cure him of his homosexuality.

Sadly, just days later he decided to take his own life, reports Birmingham Live.

The couple had met in a Birmingham nightclub in November 2001 when Nazim, known as Naz, came and sat down next to Matt.

They quickly fell in love and set up home in Moseley but one thing clouded their happiness. Nazim feared his family would not accept their relationship.

Wanting freedom and the anonymity of a new life in a big city, they moved to London, quickly formed a circle of friends and, in time, became engaged.

But still Naz kept his sexuality a secret from his relatives back home until the truth emerged during a trip back to Birmingham for Eid celebrations in July 2014.

Within days, he had taken his own life. He was just 34.

Now Matt runs the Naz and Matt Foundation in his fiance’s memory to help families learn to accept their children and see that being gay is not a choice.

He said some were still being pressed into forced ma爱上海rriages with members of the opposite sex, with families hoping it would “cure” their kids of being gay.

Matt recalled: “I first met Naz on a night out in Birmingham. I was sitting there and I heard this soft voice say: ‘Excuse me, can I sit here please?”

“In that moment my life changed because he’d arrived. He was the one I was looking for.

“We got quickly got talking and we fell in love.

“We just wanted to be together but to live our lives and be ourselves we had to move to London because living in Birmingham was just too scary.

“We couldn’t walk down the street together, we couldn’t even have our blinds open in the living room.

“Naz would say that if his parents drove past and saw us holding hands or doing something any other couple might do, they would be on the doorstep demanding we broke up because it wasn’t acceptable in their family to have a gay son.”

Nazim was raised by a strict Muslim family and he knew they would not accept his sexuality, Matt said.

He was questioned by relatives about when he was going to find a wife and pretended Matt was just a friend at family events, his partner said.

Matt said: “We had to do everything in our power to protect our relationship which is why running away to London was the only way forward for us.

“We didn’t know anyone there but we wanted to find freedom in the bright lights, the big city with adventure ahead where we could be ourselves.

“When we were in London we could be ourselves but every so many weeks we’d travel back to Birmingham and he would see his family.

“That was where he would have to pretend to be the perfect Muslim son they wanted him to be.

“Then, when we got back to London, he would be grumpy because he’d been through a lot emotionally as he was having to hide his identity.”

On their tenth anniversary, the pair decided they would throw a party to thank friends for their support – and Matt decided he was going to propose.

He continued: “I got down on one knee in the DJ booth and asked him to marry me and he said yes.

“But, if we were to get married he would have to come out because he wanted his mum at the wedding.

“We knew that might never happen because he feared what his family would do if they found out.”

Despite knowing they may never marry, Matt didn’t mind.

Just being engaged to the love of his life and getting to share that moment with all of their friends was enough.

However, in July 2014, Naz’s family discovered his sexuality when he was visiting them during Eid celebrations.

Matt said: “His sexuality was brought up and challenged, which made him break down in tears.

“They told him he needed to see a psychiatrist to be cured because they saw being gay as a disease but it’s not.

“Just as somebody is born straight, we were born gay. The only choice we have is to accept ourselves for how we are born and the way that God made us.

“This is a journey we all have to go on, hoping one day our parents accept us too.

“Quite often when we come out, many of us in the community face rejection, particularly when there is a strong, conservative, religious interpretation.

“That confrontation left Naz deeply upset and in the days following we talked about what happened and tried to make sense of it all.”

Matt tried desperately to console his distraught partner but just two days later, their love story came to a tragic end.

On July 30, 2014, Matt received phone calls begging him to leave work and go home with no explanation of what was happening.

He said: “I got home and I saw police cars and blue flashing lights.

“I was bundled into one of the cars when I tried to get into our home and that’s when I saw a red blanket on the floor.

“That’s when I realised that my fiancé and soul mate was gone, and when the police said the words I desperately didn’t want them to say. I broke down.

“My reason for living was no longer here. In the weeks afterwards, it didn’t get any easier.”

Matt later changed his legal name to Matt Mahmood-Ogston even though they were not married.

He said: “Naz once asked me to promise him that, if anything happened to him, I would never forget him.

“When Naz passed away I wanted to make sure that I, and the rest of the world, would never forget.

“I changed my name to include Naz’s name so, whenever,上海品茶微信Jasper, I write my name in full, his name will always be there next to mine.”

Where is Matt now?

Matt set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in his fiance’s memory to help families learn to accept their children and see that being gay is not a choice.

He said: “The work I’ve now done setting up the Naz and Matt Foundation, which I set up in his memory, hundreds of people have come forward with similar stories.

“I felt I had to create the foundation because a community and a conservative religious family did not understand what it means to be born gay.

“They saw it as a disease that needed to be got rid of; something incompatible with their interpretation ,上海品茶QQCameron,of their religion.

The Naz and Matt Foundation was set up in 2014 in memory of Dr Nazim Mahmood. It is a charity that aims to empower and support the LGBTQ+ community, their friends and family to work towards resolving challenges linked to sexuality or gender identity, particularly in cases where there is a strong religious influence.

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You can request help from the organisation via email – hello@nazandmattfoundation.org or visit their website.

“I hear from men and women who fear their parents will disown or emotionally or physically abuse them if they find out they’re gay.

“In some cases they force them to marry a member of the opposite sex in a belief it will somehow ‘cure’ them of being gay.

“It’s made me realise that this was never an isolated incident.

“This is a wider issue that needs to be tackled in communities from all around the UK.

“There is a very strong religious interpretation that some families from any faith have that tells them that they can’t accept someone from being gay, this is what happens.

“It leads to suicides and it’s not acceptable. That’s why we need to challenge these views because

“I don’t want anything to happen to their children. We just want acceptance for their children for how they were born.

“There’s no one to blame, there’s nothing wrong with them.

“The true beauty of a relationship with your child is loving them unconditionally and that’s all we ask.”

Transfer news LIVE: Arsenal move for Pepe, Man Utd cling on to Pogba, City in talks to sell Sane, Spurs latest

Follow the latest updates live from the transfer window as we bring you all the done deal, rumours and news throughout the summer. Gareth Bale is nearing a move to China that will see him earn an incredible £1m a week with Jiangsu Suning, but the departure could allow Real Madrid to press on with their move for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

But one player potentially leaving Old Trafford may not actually depart this summer, with Inter Milan’s move for Romelu Lukaku said to be on the rocks. Arsenal meanwhile are being strongly linked with a huge offer for Nicolas Pepe, though the Lille winger has interested a number of clubs across Europe.

Manchester City meanwhile could be on the verge of losing Leroy Sane, with the Germany international wanted by Bayern Munich – who have reportedly opened talks with the Premier League champions over a summer move. Follow the live news below.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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Welcome to The Independent’s transfer live blog, where we’ll keep you updated on the latest news and rumours from across Europe and beyond throughout the summer window.

The summer transfer window closes at 5pm on Thursday 8 August for all Premier League and Championship clubs, with the rest of Europe having until 11pm CET on Monday 2 September to complete their summer transfer business.

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Two dead and eight athletes among 16 injured in Korean nightclub balcony collapse at world swimming championships

TWO died and eight athletes are among 16 people injured after a South Korean nightclub balcony collapsed this morning as the country hosts the world swimming championships.

British Swimming confirmed none of their competitors were involved in the tragic accident in Gwangju.

In a statement, the organisation said: “British Swimming would like to pass on sincere condolences to all those involved in a crush incident at a local venue in Gwangju last night.

“We can also confirm that no members of the British aquatics team were present or involved in the incident.”

Revellers were pinned underneath the upper deck when it fell in the early hours of this morning.

Hundreds were at the nightcl上海419论坛ub in the southern South Korean city when the collapse happened next to the athletes’ village.

Two South Korean men died after being rushed to hospital while 16 others were injured, police said.

According to a police account, those injured in the collapse at the Coyote Ugly club include 10 foreigners – eight who were in Gwangju to take part in the swimming championships.

Kim Young-don, chief of the Gwangju Seobu Fire Station, told a briefing there were about 370 people in the club at the time.

“We deem that the second level … seems to have collapsed because there were too many people on it,” he said. “The second level is a small space, it’s not a space where a lot of people can be.”

Among the athletes were three Americans, two New Zealanders, one Dutch, one Italian and one Brazilian, a police officer said.

He said most had minor injuries but an American female water polo player required surgery.

Christopher Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo, said: “This is an awful tragedy. Players from our men’s and women’s teams were celebrating the wome,上海品茶微信Olek,n’s world championship victory when the collapse occurred at a public club.

“Our hearts go out to the victims of the crash and their families.”

New Zealand men’s and women’s water polo teams were also at the nightclub – the men’s captain, Matt Small, described a chaotic scene and said that his team tried to help the injured.

He said: “(It was) business as usual and then it literally collapsed beneath our feet.

“None of the boys are hurt or injured though so that’s good. But everyone’s a bit shaken up at the moment.

“We did what we could but we couldn’t really do too much. Some of them were pretty dire cases.

“We were more so just concerned about everyone else, we were trying to do a number count and make sure all the boys were there.”

Gwangju, about 205 miles south of the capital Seoul, has been hosting the championships, which feature swimming, water polo and diving, over the past fortnight. The meet finishes on Sunday.


THE MEG COMMANDMENTS Meghan & Harry’s neighbours can’t speak to royals or ask to see Archie

KILLED ‘OVER CAR’ Daughter screamed in agony ‘as dad burned her to death in row over car’

KILLER MUM ‘Materialistic’ Brit mum drowned her twins after losing lavish Qatar lifestyle

CHEEKY STROLL Woman spotted walking naked through East London during summer heatwave

OH, CROP IT! Hilarious pics show how a bit of creative cropping can go a long way

ROAD TO RECOVERY Brit paralysed on Benidorm water slide talks for first time since injury

Cops reportedly detained one of the nightclub’s co-owners and summoned three other club officials to investigate whether the collapsed balcony was an unauthorised structure.

The local organizing committee for the world swimming champs said eight of the athletes attending the event were injured, but not seriously.

A committee statement added seven of them had already returned to the athletes’ village after minor treatments at hospitals, with one player suffering a leg laceration and needing stitches.

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NCA harvesting EU crime databases owing to risk of no-deal Brexit

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is harvesting information from EU databases, including 54,000 files covering criminals, terrorists and missing persons, in an attempt to mitigate the heightened risks of a no-deal Brexit, according to a leaked document.

The report, seen by the ,上海品茶工作室Karen,Guardian, suggests EU alerts have been transferred to the Police National Computer (PNC) to give UK forces access after 31 October but that key strands of British policing remain “in jeopardy” because of the growing danger of a no-deal exit since Theresa May’s resigned as prime minister.

On Friday, her successor, Boris Johnson, announced 上海419论坛plans to recruit 20,000 police officers “to tackle the scourge of crime”. Johnson has made strengthening attempts to fight criminality a plank of his administration.

But the report, commissioned by the International Crime Coordination Centre (ICCC), a Brexit-focused unit of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, warns that the “internationalisation” of criminality is making it increasingly difficult for law enforcement agencies to be effective on their own.

“Undoubtedly, uncertainty about the UK’s future relationship with the EU has increased, due to the resignation of the PM and the ensuing leadership contest,” the report by the former NCA deputy director general David Armond says.

“All Brexit scenarios are now back on the table, including exiting the EU with or without a deal, a further extension to the process and a second referendum. A no-deal Brexit at the end of October is now a possibility, which means that the priority for ICCC, the [International Crime Bureau] and police forces should be to focus on the mitigation of increased risks due to the loss of access to SIS II alerts.” SIS II is the Schengen Information System database.

Once the UK leaves the EU, police forces will not have access to European arrest warrants, European investigation orders or the Schengen Information System II, which allows officers to enter and consult alerts on persons or objects.

The report notes that the NCA “ably assisted by [the Criminal Records Office], has transferred the details of 54,000 alerts from the EU on to the PNC and the Warnings Index”.

A spokesman for the NCA declined to comment on the “leaked document” but denied that alerts on the SIS II database had been transferred directly into UK systems as part of Brexit preparations, a potentially illegal act.

EU member states are instead being encouraged to share SIS II alerts with Interpol from where the information could still be legally accessed by the UK once the country is out of the bloc, it was said.

The report further suggests that UK forces have “cut and pasted” copies of SIS II alerts in order to send them to Interpol. The NCA declined to comment.

The EU has long been privately concerned about the handling of their SIS II database by UK law enforcement agencies. This week, the European security commissioner, Sir Julian King, refused to confirm the existence of a classified EU report which is said to have made allegatio,上海品茶会所Edwin,ns of illegal copying. “Those are meant to be confidential discussions that we have with the individual member states,” King said.

The Home Office has made available £5.6m to a Brexit contingency unit because of the dangers involved in a cliff-edge loss of access to EU security and criminal databases. Ormand’s report warns that “a key feature of crime, particularly serious organised crime, is that the perpetrators, the victims and the commodity are in different jurisdictions across the globe.

“Money movements are increasingly difficult to track and funds perpetrated through fraud via internet scams can be moved through multiple accounts and beyond the reach of law enforcement in seconds with a few keyboard clicks.

“Increasingly, traditional means of investigation are being thwarted by technology (eg telephone interception and conventional surveillance). Organised criminals exploit our borders and judicial differences and increasingly relocate from jurisdictions where law enforcement capabilities are strong to reduce the chance of detection.

“An increasing percentage of crime is cross-border and cross-jurisdictional and ever more complex to investigate and detect.

“Increased migration into the UK, allied to cheaper international travel has naturally led to an increase in foreign national offenders being detected … This all leads to the obvious conclusion that the maintenance of comprehensive and effective police cooperation across the globe is essential if we are to respond to current and future threats.”

An NCA spokesman said: “As part of the NCA’s Brexit planning, we have placed all EU Interpol notices and diffusions [sent to the UK] on to PNC and border systems.

“This activity strengthens the UK border and inland in the event of the loss of SIS. There has been no transfer of EU SIS data into UK systems as part of the NCA’s activities to prepare for EU exit.

“The UK has the right to use the data in this way and this has been completed with the assistance of Interpol secretariat general in Lyon.

“In addition, the NCA have been tasked with circulating UK police data on the Interpol system. This data covers travelling sex offenders, missing persons and persons who are wanted for judicial or police purposes. This data will still be available to all EU member states in the event of the loss of UK data on SIS.”

Winning Premier League is Raheem Sterling’s first priority

Leeds [UK], July 27 (ANI): Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling said he was happy that his former club Liverpool won the Champions League, but his focus is only on lifting the Premier League title again.

“I was really happy for Liverpool, happy for some of the players I know to lift the Champions League. What we’ve done last season – every day, week in, week out – was exceptional. The Champions League is massive for us as a club but our most important thing is winning the Premier League. That’s our main objective going into this season,” Goal.com quoted Sterling as saying.

Manchester City, last season, won the Premier League with 98 points, just one point ahead of second-placed Liverpool.

“The Premier League is your bread and butter. The Champions League is the nicer-looking one, the most,上海品茶会所Camden, pr上海419论坛estigious as people say, but every weekend you put in a shift. You’re going to tough places… you’re off to Crystal Palace, Burnley, it’s tough, you,上海品茶微信Irma, know. You put so much time into it. That’s why we cherish it,” he said.

If the club manages to clinch the Premier League title next season, it will be their third consecutive Premier League title.

However, Sterling feels that the club will have to make strenuous efforts as it will be harder than last season.

“It’ll be harder than last season. To do this three times in a row is a massive challenge for us. Liverpool, all these big clubs, will try to take titles off us. But there isn’t any player here who thinks they’re at their best. There are no egos in our changing room, no player who thinks he’s Pele or Maradona,” Sterling said. (ANI)

Man ‘struggling’ on Universal Credit stole £116 worth of items from Benton Asda

A man who stole £116 worth of items from a supermarket was struggling to survive on Universal Credit, a court heard.

Alan Cunningham went into the Asda store in Benton and tried to make off with a range of products including razor blades, gin, vodka and T-shirts.

However, he was caught and charged with theft.

The 39-year-old, of St Peter’s Road, Byker, Newcastle, admitted the offence when he appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

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Prosecutor Ami Dodd said the incident took place on May 14.

She added: “He went into the store and was seen on CCTV selecting many different items like gin, razors and T-shirts, removing tags and putting them in the trolley.

“He leaves the store without making any attempt to pay.”

It was also said that Cunningham received two conditional discharges earlier this year, both were for theft from a Tesco store in North Shields.

His solicitor Adrian Ions told magistrates the shoplifting was not sophisticated and the d上海龙凤419efendant co-operated with police when he was caught, making full admissions to the offence.

Mr Ions added: “He was struggling with day-to-day living. He’s in receipt of Universal Credit.

“Mr Cunningham is left with £190 per month, £6.30 per day. With the best will in the world, you are going to struggle to survive. That’s £2 for every meal.”

Speaking about the offence, he added: “He would have sold the items and would use that money to buy food.

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“He is not a serial shoplifter. He is not doing thi,上海品茶工作室Olsen,s on a professional basis.

“In the two months since this incident, he has tried to ease his situation. He had drug problems in the past. He was referred to Plummer Court, he is putting his life back in order.”

M,上海品茶微信Tatum,agistrates asked for probation reports to be prepared before sentencing and adjourned the case until August 2.

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